The 60 Guests of TBJ 9th Mega Anniversary + Surprise!

This is it!

First of all, I would sincerely like to thank everyone who have participated in the giveaway. I had a hard time choosing that's why I only announced it now because all the answers are so good! I wish I could pick you all!

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the effort, participants. This will not be possible without your support for the blog and the brands who have helped materialize this giveaway. 

Below, I am announcing the 60 guests of TBJ 9th Mega Anniversary Meet and Greet, plus a surprise!


1. Donna Dayandante
2. Janet Dazo
3. Christine Ann Benedicto
4. Detsy Uy
5. Dhes Daroya
6. Baby Jane Reveral
7. Ann Cabuenas
8. Jennifer Potian
9. Joan Santander
10. Abigail Trogo
11. Levi Escondo
12. Crizzy Santiago
13. Laarni Oña
14. Pol Salamante
15. Kim Ira Asiado
16. Mich Ereño
17. Reyn Castro
18. Jolly Teanila
19. Lis Baga
20. Love Geronimo
21. Kyla Cipriano
22. Keith Nocus
23. Jennifer Zaragoza
24. Christine Galope
25. Nastassia Nido
26. Nikki Depay
27. Monica Ballesta
28. Crissy Rillo
29. Sheena Cantor
30. Claire Tungol
31. Jeanneth Obregon
32. Russel Roque
33. Jemma Protacio
34. Ana Benetua
35. Lyza Niquit
36. Misi Roxas
37. Ruby De Ocampo
38. Thea Jamila
39. Grace Gile
40. Kristine Grape
41. Annalyn Francisco
42. Arleen Oboguin
43. Pam Andrada
44. Lovell Compoc
45. Charisse Aromin
46. Stephanie Mae Sor
47. Jorgina Cioco
48. Rhaina Escueta
49. Rowena Francisco
50. Abegaill Los Baños
51. Mhyk Javier
52. Giannina Arceo
53. Angelia Cuna Namindang
54. Anne Zabala
55. Dianna Montuerto
56. Reena Reyes
57. Elaine Cordova
58. Eddieli Bungay
59. Monalisa Bio
60. Rita Sebastian

What's the surprise? I decided to expand the list to accommodate 5 more participants. Here are the five:

61. Ana Quimco- Briones
62. Ma. Theresa Martinez
63. Erika Gimenez
64. Kristine Padernal
65. Mikaela Salamante

Congratulations, ladies! Well- deserved! Please wait for my email for instructions, confirm to the email, and make sure to follow all instructions to avoid forfeiture of your reservation. :)

To all those who weren't drafted, don't worry because the slots are not yet guaranteed until they have completed the payment. If initial winners fail to comply with rules, I will draft new winner/s. I'll be announcing on my Facebook fan page if all the slots have been claimed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Words cannot express how thankful I am for everyone. :)

P.S. There will be a Team Bahay version of TBJ 9th Mega Anniversary. I'll be giving away the same bags on my FB fan page and Instagram so stay tuned for that. :)

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