The Balm Highlite N Con Tour Palette and Girls Getaway Trio: Sexy summer palettes!

The Balm Highlite N Con Tour Palette and Girls' Getaway Trio.

PRICE: Girls' Getaway- P1,395.00; Highlite N Con Tour- P1,895.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in Beauty Bar boutiques


From the queen of cheeky makeup, The Balm, comes Highlite N Con Tour and Girls Getaway Palette, complexion palettes that will give you that year- round sexy, summer glow.  Quite frankly, The Balm is one of the brands that for me has really good makeup palettes; it's just that locally, I don't think it's that known, but let me be a channel to tell everyone that this is one of the nicest makeup brands with the nicest makeup palettes out there!

The Balm Highlite N Con Tour and Girls' Getaway Trio are part of the brand's summer makeup collection.

Highlite N Con Tour is a contour/blush/highlight makeup palette that comes in various finishes and caters to various skin tones while Girls Getaway Trio is a collection of The Balm's three best- selling cheek products: Balm Springs, Balm Beach, and Balm Desert.

Highlite N Con Tour has the cutest palette concept!

Girls Getaway Trio ingredients

Highlite N Con Tour Palette ingredients

These are the swatches of Highlite N Con Tour; from left to right, it's: 500HZ, 250HZ, 125HZ, 64HZ, 3DB, 0DB, 10DB, 20DB

The powders are smooth, albeit a lil' chalky, especially for the matte powders, but they don't look like that at all on the cheeks and I find them fairly easy to blend. I also like the inclusion of matte highlighters because these are versatile enough to be used as setting powder for the under eyes. Oh, they're very pigmented too!

L-R: Balm Springs, Balm Beach, Balm Desert

Girls Getaway Trio, for me, is a more subtle complexion palette version of Highlite N Contour, but it does deliver enough color. It's a trio of blushes with one that can double as a contouring blush.

Use one color for a natural flush, two for dimension, and three for beautiful medley of cheek color that go from warm to light.

Texture is a little dry and I noticed that anything moist that touches the surface dries out the powder even more, which can result to dry, hard patches on top of them so my advice is use them dry and as much as possible, don't let anything wet come into contact with it.

Let's try out these ladies:

Girls Getaway Trio

I used all the shades in this palette. I like the subtle warmth and color I got on my cheeks; it's matte, but still has transparency.

Highlite N Con Tour products on my cheeks: 10DB, 0DB, 12HZ

This palette is a bit more pigmented, but gladly controllable. Smooth to touch, doesn't leave streaks, and finish is matte; powders are very buildable and shades suit a lot of skin tones.

These powders are quite long- lasting too, especially the colors in Highlite N Con Tour. 

Between the two, I prefer Highlite N Con Tour more because of the versatility and choices it offers. Girls Getaway Trio is cool, but it's for the "no blush" blush look kind of gal. I can actually see bringing any of the two with me when I travel, but I think I'll go for Highlite N Con Tour more just because contour and highlight= LYF.

What's your pick?


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  1. The Balm really has beautiful packaging!! And the shades are just to die for! So pretty 💕

  2. I love The Balm. I have Down Boy and Mary Lou Manizer, which I bought a year ago and haven't even hit the pan on. Planning to buy In the Balm of Your Hands Vol 2 for economical purposes, I think if I buy that I won't have to buy other face color products anymore!

  3. I like this Balm HighLite and Con Tour Palette. I love the swatches, and how the colors look good on you. Love your sample FOTD here too.

  4. The balm is the first who makes me realize that highlight is a bitch lol!

  5. I also like the Highlite N Con Tour more!! And the packaging is cool and eye catchy

  6. I love how pigmented the Highlite N Con Tour,ate Martha ❤ both looks you made is super pretty

  7. Ooooh its nice! I like the packaging of The Balm it reminds me of Happy Skin as well. The highlite n contour palette looks really really nice and buildable. :)

  8. I like more ung Girls Getaway Trio, ganda ng shades. Thanks for this post Ms M


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