Vaseline Lip Therapy Is A Lip Saver!

Vaseline Lip Therapy review.

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I've never experienced winter so for my 30th, I decided to make that wish come true. I learned that winter begins around late May in Australia so I decided to celebrate my birthday there along with Randy and I's honeymoon. What luck! Australia is my favorite country (next to my own, of course!) and it was already winter by my birthday; so I celebrated my birthday during winter in one of my most favorite places in the world; what a perfect birthday gift from the universe!

Winter is such a nice long as you're dressed properly for it! The husband described it best when he said that you don't get tired easily when walking in winter because you don't sweat! I also loved dressing up for winter!

As nice as winter is, it made my skin misbehave big time due to the sudden change in temperature. Melbourne's temperature could get pretty harsh as it drops to 7 to 5 degrees on most days. My face was flaky and dry, and my lips were cracking up like crazy.

So I put Vaseline Lip Therapy to the test. Vaseline Lip Therapy is gaining momentum online now, thanks to beauty groups with members talking about and raving about this product, particularly the Rosy Lips variant.

Vaseline Lip Therapy contains petroleum jelly, the brand's hero product. Depending on the variant, there are other ingredients included such as cocoa butter, plant oils, seed oils, and emollient waxes to keep lips protected, soft, and moisturized.

There are four variants available:

- Creme Brulee
- Rosy Lips
- Original
- Cocoa Butter

I used Rosy Lips and the husband used Original. First of all, I find the tub packaging so adorable; it's a mini tub of Vaseline! However, neat freaks will find the packaging a bit unhygienic. The cap is not attached to the jar so careful not to lose it!

Rosy Lips has a subtle rose fragrance, Cocoa Butter has a chocolate-y one, Creme Brulee has vanilla, and Original is unscented. It's basically like Vaseline petroleum jelly, but minus too much slip and glossiness. 

Here are my observations:

- It sits on the lips comfortably and doesn't bleed nor slide around.
- Rosy Lips yields a teeny hint of rosy tint; it may or may not be visible, depending on the pigmentation of your lips so don't believe ads by unauthorized retailers posting a photo of very rosy, almost lipstick- like finish of Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips on the lips because I can say that it is not true.
- Keeps lips moisturized for hours! I did not have to retouch it all the time!
- Very affordable
- Packaging is travel- friendly

I wasn't expecting it at all, but dang, this thing kept my lips protected and feeling normal in my entire OZ trip; that's 18 days of harsh cold weather and this product held up! I'm very happy with it because it's effective and so affordable at P125 only! I'll surely repurchase when I run out!


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Will definitely purchase one after finishing my carmex

  2. The cocoa butter seems yummy and nourishing at the same time.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Ever since vaseline is really a good product and got also lot of lots to use
    From the head to toe it never fails that they got this cutee thing to help and maytain our lips more even moisturize..

  4. I have this in Rosy lips and it really works for me as well. Mine had super minimal pigment lang din. My sister introduced this produxt to me and I'm so happy she did! I can't wait to try the other variants! Super cute din ng packaging!

  5. I've been a user of Vaseline petroleum jelly when my kids are still babies even up to now I use them if I have dry feet. Good thing there is this cute sizes that is intended for our lips plus it has variants. I'm definitely getting one.


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