Watsons Wants To Be Your Health Partner + Things I Learned at Watsons World Of Wellness

It was a rainy Saturday last weekend, but that didn't stop me from heading to a health symposium called Watsons World Of Wellness to make me more inspired to take care of my health better. I admit, my sleep, stress levels, and workout haven't been on point lately so I thought maybe this event might inspire me to get back on track.

Watsons World of Wellness is a symposium organized by Watsons Philippines to engage SMAC and WAP (Watsons Advantage Program) members to a day filled with learnings and discoveries about health, plus an array of activities with some of their leading health, wellness, and medicine merchants.

The symposium was graced by the ethereal Jodi Sta. Maria. The talks were led by physicians, professors, and esteemed members of the medical and retail field to help consumers get to know more about their health and the various ways to keep it in the pink.

In the symposium, I learned that:

1. The number of smokers in the Philippines last year had a 4,000,000 decrease; we're heading towards the right direction!
2. DALY means Disability Adjusted to Life years; this refers to the decrease of productive life years due to the disease.
3. Exercise is the best thing you can ever do each day; it will help keep you strong as you age, protect muscles from deteriorating while aging, and keeps you healthy overall!
4. You can get Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease even if you have not smoked in your life.
5. Your blood is highest in the morning.
6. For those with high blood, best to check yourself upon waking up.

Now that has been an enlightening discussion!

And when it comes to taking care of your health, eating right and taking supplements are also part of the journey. A lot of people think that supplements are expensive, but thank goodness for brands like Watsons Generics, you can complete your recommended vitamin and mineral intake per day without having to spend too much.

To get to know more about Watsons generics and Watsons Advantage Program, visit WATSONS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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  1. Good news that we have decreasing number of smokers. This is also this time that I have appreciated exercising. As much as possible, I exercise at least twice a week to strengthen my muscles. I feel so energized every time I exercise


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