TBJ TRAVELS MELBOURNE 4: Exploring the Suburbs: St. Kilda and Brighton Bathing Boxes + Itinerary

Melbourne's city center is beautiful and the same thing can also be said for its suburbs. The moment I arrived in the city, I immediately fell in love with the mingling of calm and crazy, and got swept off my feet too by the relaxing, hip vibe of the suburbs of St. Kilda. Let me take you around here today!

St. Kilda is a suburb by the beach and is 20-minutes away from the city by Tram. There are trams that go directly to St. Kilda so no need for any form of transport transfer. It is relatively chill compared to the city because it's mostly a residential community and it's by the beach-anything situated by the beach seems to automatically have a chill vibe!

St. Kilda is home to amazing fish and chips restaurants and some of the oldest architectural landmarks such as Palais Theatre, one of the few early 20th century buildings surviving in Australia. It was built in 1927 to serve theatrical shows and it still continues to do so up to today.

Luna Park is the oldest amusement park in Australia; it is the second Luna Park built outside the US and was built in Melbourne in 1912. In the 70's another Luna Park was built in Sydney. We planned to experience Luna Park during our visit, but alas, it was closed during weekdays during school season. Instead, we just took multiple photos by the awesome entrance!

About 20 minutes away from St. Kilda is the historical site of the Brighton Bathing Boxes, one of the most instagrammable places in Melbourne.

Brighton Bathing Boxes were built sometime in the 20s or 30s to serve as changing rooms for swimmers. During that time, revealing swimwear was a no-no and before being allowed to swim, people had to change into proper swimming attire in the boxes. The boxes line the entire Brighton beach and they have been restored and repainted by local artists. Most of the boxes are already owned by collectors obtained through auctions; the government slowly releases each bathing box into auctions to ensure proper preservation. 

The weather may be gray (and freezing!), but the Brighton Bathing boxes surely added that much needed color!

Brighton Bathing boxes location is best accessed by a cab; allot some cab transfer for this trip. It's worth it!

After an hour at Brighton, we took a cab back to St. Kilda and ended the day with a quick stroll at St. Kilda's esplanade.

Surprisingly, the husband and I enjoyed St. Kilda and Brighton beach! It wasn't as lively as the city and there aren't plenty of things to do aside from strolling and eating (except for summer when you can swim), but it offers a nice break from the busyness of the city.

Tomorrow, let's go to the Great Ocean Road, which is arguably the most visited natural scenery in Victoria!

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