Kate Spade Walk on Air EDT Review

Kate Spade Walk on Air EDT review.

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When I learned about Kate Spade's passing, I felt a bit sad; I mean, why should I be sad? I don't know her personally, but growing up using and loving Kate Spade products, I sort of felt that there's a part of me that was affected for a wee bit. I've always loved how 'happy' Kate Spade's designs and products are; just by looking at them, it made me happy more so using by using them. The world has indeed a great designer.

If there's one thing I learned from her untimely passing, it's that: 1. What you see is not what you get always. I am referring to depression. Happiness on the outside does not necessarily translate to being 'ok' so we always have to be sensitive when it comes to dealing with people. 2. You always have to look after each other. 3. The person may have transcended, but the legacy must live on. 

As for number 3, Kate Spade's legacy lives on in Walk on Air EDT. I now see her products in a different light after she has transcended; with Walk on Air's light, airy fragrance, I believe that more than giving you that 'light' feeling, she wants us to translate this feeling into something more tangible and meaningful, like helping others, being kind, and being more thoughtful.

Walk on Air EDT is a fragrance that celebrates the joy and confidence of the wearer. This casual, laid-back fragrance has top notes of Linden Blossom, Calabrian Bergamot, Maiden's hair fern, Solomon's seal, and Tunisian Neroli. The heart boasts of Lily, Magnolia, Egyptian Jasmine, and Narcissus. The base has Crinum Lily, White Iris, and Violet Leaf. If you've observed, the fragrance has floral notes through and through, which gives it that overall, light floral bouquet scent. The fragrance has this 'white scent' appeal, if you know what I'm saying and perfect for daytime wear. It has moderate wear time at about 3 hours max before you retouch. The cap is just too heavy though so I transfer the fragrance to my Travalo.

Walk On Air is like a white dress that you wear on a warm Sunday morning. It's like a stroll down the park with a smile on your face, and this smile is so infectious, others can't help but smile back to you too. It's an overall feel- good scent that uplifts and perfect for tropical weather too.

Go on, Walk on Air; live light and make life light for others too.


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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love the packaging! I never knew Kate Spade does perfume! This looks so good!!!

  2. Super bango po siguro niyan. At long lasting ang amoy.. Medyo pricey lang siya ang ganda ng brand kate spade akala ko bag lang ang kaye spade meron din pala silang perfume 😊😊

  3. A little bit pricey but I think its all worth when you use it,having a long lasting fragrance ..❤️😍ang cute ng packaging and the name to "Walk on Air "

  4. I also want floral scents over sweet scents...when i smell sweet perfume scents i tend to sneeze a lot...i hope this walk on air is mild-scented..i love kate spade too


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