Lush Hair Care Review: Unbelievably soft and magically light hair!

Lush H'suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment, Jason and The Argan Oil Shampoo Bar, and Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume.

PRICE: Hair Treatment- P800+; Conditioner- P800+; Shampoo Bar- P425
FROM: Lush, Alabang Town Center
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Lush stores

Lush Hsuan Wen Hua happy happy joy joy conditioner jason and the argan oil shampoo bar

I decided to splurge on hair care last Christmas as one of my holiday gifts for myself. My hair was looking like crap and it's in dire need of a salon visit, but alas, it was impossible given my holiday schedule. The quickest fix would be an at home hair treat and I went for Lush because I've always been curious with their hair care products.

I went home with the following products: H'suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment, Jason and The Argan Oil shampoo bar, and Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume.

This is probably the most natural set of hair care products my hair has ever seen and you know what? I love how my hair's feeling right now!

Lush Hsuan Wen Hua happy happy joy joy conditioner jason and the argan oil shampoo bar
I'm actually convincing myself to incorporate more shampoo bars in the future because I acknowledge that trash problem our world is facing and I'd like to somehow contribute in my small ways. Jason and The Argan Oil is a shampoo bar with a high concentration of Argan Oil, making it ideal for dry, coarse hair. It's ideal for curly hair as well because Argan Oil provides natural taming benefits.

This one smells so good! It's a tropical floral- scented shampoo bar laced with Rose fragrance. It lathers up very well; it does leave hair a bit dry right after rinsing because it doesn't contain synthetic softeners, but I noticed that it makes combing easier a couple of minutes after rinsing; I guess the Argan Oil extract needs a bit of time to seep in and work its magic on my locks.

Lush Hsuan Wen Hua happy happy joy joy conditioner jason and the argan oil shampoo bar
Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Perfume ingredients
Happy Happy Joy Joy is a conditioner---NOT. I was looking for a conditioner and the SA told me that this is the closest they have; I actually thought it is a conditioner, but in reality, it's a conditioning HAIR PERFUME; it functions primarily as a hair perfume with conditioning properties.

I wanted to hate this product because it is not conditioning in any way; it's made with runny, superbly light almond milk which does not condition my hair in any way, but man, it smells AMAZING! It's a concoction of orange flower, neroli, and rose extracts and it instantly puts you in a good mood! The scent lasts the whole day and is pretty strong, but I don't find it offensive! I actually love the fragrance and I couldn't stop myself from sniffing my hair when I use it. That said, I forgive the non- conditioning bit!

Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair perfume is perfect for those with oily and normal hair; not for dry hair types, but if you want something that will effectively keep your hair smelling amazing the whole day and keep the smoke out of your hair, get this. You can also mix this with unscented conditioners to get the best of both worlds: fragrance and softness.

Lush Hsuan Wen Hua happy happy joy joy conditioner jason and the argan oil shampoo bar
H'Suan Wen Hua is one of the few hair masks Lush offers. It's made with Balsamic Vinegar, avocado oil, and fresh eggs to give hair a moist feel, to get rid of build- up, and to clarify the scalp. It smells a bit funky because of Balsamic Vinegar, but I'd rather use this than put natural vinegar on my hair and risk offending my husband with the odor LOL.

This is a very runny cream; I normally put this on my scalp to clear build- up and apply some on the rest of my hair because eggs are good for the hair because it gives it a fluffy feel. It's also not softening at all, but I could let that pass because my hair feels truly refreshed after using it.

I must admit, I had a hard time liking the three the first time I used them because they do not provide the super soft, silky, and super tamed feel that I get from commercial hair care products; it's a complete anti- thesis of everything that I've gotten used to in hair care, but I stuck with it. 

I used it for three weeks straight and one morning, I noticed that my hair looked thicker, felt fluffier, and in general, has more life and character to it. I also noticed that my curls would last longer since there's no silicone in the products that affect the longevity of curls. I love it! It's a totally new experience for me and my hair, and I realized, if commercial hair products give you control and shine, natural hair products give you softness and freedom. There's no good and bad between the two though; it's just a matter of what you prefer and I like both!

This Lush hair care lot is expensive though, but if I'll go back for any of these, it would be Happy Happy Joy Joy and Jason and the Argan Oil!

Have you tired Lush's hair care products already? What are your favorites?


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