3 Nasty Makeup Habits+Practice Good Makeup Hygiene With Nippon Esthetic

You don't have to be a makeup artist or a skin expert to know the value of Personal Hygiene. I know, it sounds like a common, boring advice you'll hear from Momma but truth be told, we are NOT completely Hygienic: Every single day, we unconsciously do a bevy of skin- sabotaging practices. They may be small but if given ample time, these habits will eventually damage our skin BIG TIME.

Below is a list of 3 common nasty makeup habits. If you're doing one or all of them, then start changing them now.

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- Way back in college, most of my peers in the theatre used to ask me if they could test my makeups. Thinking that it was a good way to build and retain friendships, I gave them all the right to play with my makeups. Lo and behold, I had a serious breakout. And when I've stopped using makeup for a while, the pimple outbreak has subsided. I have concluded that this is one of the causes. Some (if not all) of them have great skin but it doesn't matter--it is an undeniable fact that people have dirt and bacteria on their skin surface and one by one, they're all transferred onto my makeups. And poor, unfortunate me--I took all the beating.

Borrowing and sharing makeup is not a friendly gesture--It is downright unhygienic. Besides, when you share makeups, you're unconsciously speeding up the deterioration of their shelf life by allowing bacteria to accumulate on them. Now you know how serious this habit can get, the next time a friend borrows your makeup, decline politely and explain how it can harm the both of you and I'm sure she'll understand. After all, friends are supposed to understand each other, right?


- This is one great habit that I picked up from my mom. When I was younger, I'd always see her wiping the makeup testers with a clean sheet of facial tissue before trying them on. I asked her why and she simply said "It's called hygiene, my dear." Since then, I always make it a point to do the same thing whenever I spot a makeup product that I want to try. It makes sense because when you wipe the top part, a fresher layer is revealed ergo you don't have to worry about transferring a handful of (Heaven forbid) infectious bacteria onto your skin because the new layer is cleaner.


- Case in point: Eye, Lip, and Face makeup sticks. I know some people who are fans of this product because it's so versatile, quick and easy to use, and more affordable than buying three entirely different makeups. C'mon, what's not to love about it? The problem is not the product, but the person using the product. Some people I know use this product on their cheeks, lips, and eyes DIRECTLY and WITHOUT CLEANING the makeup after using it on a particular part. It's like transferring bacteria- laden saliva onto your cheeks and lids, and dirty surface sebum onto your lips. God has given you ten fingers, so use them one by one to hygienically apply makeup onto these parts. (But make sure they're squeaky clean!)

For me, the best way to practice hygiene is by using makeup disposables. I don't recommend that you use them everyday (because it's costly) but only during moments where your personal hygiene is bound to be compromised. I'd like to believe that there are people who strive to be hygienic, but the reason why most of them give up on hygienic habits is because most disposables in the market are useless: The sponge wedges crumble easily, Q-tips are scratchy, and cotton pads are not sturdy. This is why Nippon Esthetic has finally decided to step out of the shadow and provide quality hygiene solutions to everybody by going retail.

Nippon Esthetic Solutions PRO is the best kept secret of top brands and malls in the country. It offers a vast range of innovative, high- quality, and affordable makeup disposables for professional and personal makeup use.

Here are a few of their products:

 NIPPON COSMETIC WEDGE SPONGES (32 pcs- P180.00; 62 pcs- P300.00)
MOMENT: You want to test foundation or powder product in the mall

- These sponges have a buttery texture, are flexible, and odor- free. I bring one in my makeup kit in case I spot something that I want to try in the mall be it blush, foundation, or powder. It's very sturdy too: I've been using the same wedge for over 3 weeks now and it's not yet crumbly, and its shape is still the same. I've washed it for like 4 times already and it's still alive!

MOMENT (FOR MAKEUP ARTISTS): You've accidentally smudged your client's eyeliner.

- A makeup artist had accidentally smudged my eyeliner and he used a huge, round rubber sponge to remove it. It's the same sponge he has used on my face, neck, and even my lips. Guess what? The smudge got worse because he had totally forgotten that he dipped the sponge in water, and it caused my concealer and eyeshadow to cake. And to make matters worse, he resorted to using his nicotine- coated fingers to remedy the huge smudge. Que horror!

Okay, I already sound b*tchy here. My only point is: Just because a client doesn't speak, it doesn't mean he/she is not complaining about the service. And just because the client is not voicing out his/her complaint, it doesn't mean that an MUA may already settle for mediocrity! For me, it's pretty impressive if a makeup artist shows concern to his/her client by trying to render the best service possible--like using clean tools to remedy makeup errors. It just goes to show that the makeup artist has truly taken his/her craft to heart. And always remember MUAs: A happy client means more clients for you!

The Micro Precision Tips are PRO tools, and they can be used for nail art or even for personal use.

 Pointed tip- great for correcting eyeliner smudges; can be used to clean excess nail polish on cuticles without touching the nails.

 Rounded tip- great for smudging eyeliners

MOMENT: You've had enough of linty cotton pads

- Cotton pads are some of my highly consumed disposables. I normally empty a pack of 100 less-than-stellar cotton pads in as little as 1 month. Why? Because the previous brand I used to buy would literally fall apart after one stroke and it leaves unwanted cotton lint on my face, hence I had to use 3-4 pads in one sitting. But when I've started using Nippon's Cotton Quilts, I don't have to murder countless trees anymore. From 3-4 pads, I'm now down to 1.

 The faces of the Cotton Quilts are literally joined by a cotton thread to ensure that it will last longer during usage. It's also lint- free because its material is combed cotton.

MOMENT: When your skin is compromised

- Sometimes, you can't have everything go your way. There are times when your skin will undergo some unhygienic moments like in photo shoots: You can't act like a star and demand that the makeup artists use fresh makeups and tools on you. You have to use whatever is available--just like everybody else. So make sure that you have these moist sponges with you to keep your skin clean. Its soft texture is gentle on your skin and the holes on it allow your skin to breathe. It removes dirt, grime, and makeup effectively. It can be used before or after makeup.

So now you know that Nippon Esthetic Solutions PRO is already available to all of us, there's no excuse for you not to practice sound hygiene habits. You only get one skin in your lifetime, so be sure to treat it with love and care.

Here are the other products of Nippon Esthetic Solutions Pro:

Nippon Disposable Mascara Wand Brush 50s (P225)
These disposable mascara wand brushes are built for individual use. Using this brush for mascara prevents eye infections and promotes sanitation for makeup artists.

Nippon Disposable Lip Gloss Applicator 50s (P225)
It easily absorbs just the right amount of lip product and gloss. It easily glides on the lips for a quick touch up!

Nippon Disposable Lip Brush in Goat Hair 50s (P225)
These disposable lip brushes in goat hair prevent lip infections, bacteria contamination that may be passed on from using the same lip brush without cleaning.

Nippon Cosmetic Cotton Cloth 100s (P250)
This lint-free 8”x 8” cotton cloth is created for the face—to wipe of water, to use during a makeover or trial makeup, or simply to wipe any of your tools when disinfecting with cleaners.

Nippon 25 pc Sponge Slice 2s (P50)
This 25 sponge slice is the same sponge as the versatile wedge. But this time, it’s perfect for color matching or when you do simple touch ups. It’s convenient size allows flawless application with hygienic benefits.

Nippon Dual Cotton Tips 100s (P30)
Created for flawless eye area makeup application, this versatile product makes it easy for touch ups and cream based applications. Pointed and round ends.

Nippon Steel Spatula (P120)
This stainless steel spatula mixes foundation shades easier. It also makes application of false eyelashes speedy!

Parian Spirit Professional Brush Cleaner
A quick dry professional brush cleaner that is easy to tote around on location. It instantly dries brushes after each use. Citrus in scent, it cleans, conditions and disinfects. Strong enough to use even for wigs and adhesives. Also Available Glass Canister for easy deep cleansing of brushes. 16 oz/8oz/ 2oz. Exclusively distributed by Nippon Esthetic Solutions. 32oz P1,500.00 16oz P800.00 8oz P600.00 2oz spray P340.00 Glass Can P340.00

Nippon Esthetics Solutions PRO products are available at Studio SnR, Unit 301, Millenium Place, 17 Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For inquiries, please call 584-5988 or email admin@nipponesthetic.com

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