Gifts :)

These awesome gifts make me feel that Christmas is already here! :D Just want to share some of the stuff I've received this week:

 Huge package from Galderma. What could be inside?

 WHOA! Massive Cetaphil loot! Super thanks Cetaphil Philippines! I also spot new Cetaphil products here: Daily Moisturizer w/ SPF 15, Oily Skin Cleanser, and Hydration lotion (with Macadamia Oil and Shea Butter). Can't wait to use them!

 A preview of Stila Holiday 2012. Thank you Rustan's Philippines!

 Thank you for making my brows happy, Benefit Philippines. I've read a lot of good stuff about the Speed Brow Gel. Will put it on a roadtest tomorrow. :)

And finally, this: A cute iPhone sticker set given to me by Jane of Mercury Case PH through Sophie of Beautynomics. It's called Mercury Color Film.

 What it is: A sticker for iPhone that acts as a protective film and mirror at the same time!

 Comes with a nice velour cleansing cloth and a stiff cardboard to push out bubbles trapped in between the sticker and screen.

 This comes really handy especially to me, who likes retouching her lipstick often. It's a vain girl's protective sticker. LOL!

I chose mint green because I'm digging the color nowadays. It also comes in a rainbow of colors.

 Back part

So lovely, eh? If you're interested, please visit MERCURY CASE PHILIPPINES on Facebook. :)

That's it! :)

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. yay cant wait for your review on the brow gel :)

  2. lucky girl!!! :)

  3. Whoaaa! Ang daming Cetaphil :D Ang daming brow something na nauuso ngayon, nakakalito na tuloy which is which. Hehehe

  4. cetaphil is really generous to bloggers :D

  5. wow lots of goodies! so lucky! Can't wait for the reviews of the items :D

  6. wwwwwoooowww! dami daming cetaphil!!!! cute ng stila holiday ah

  7. wow naman! ang swete mo girl! ang raming blessing na dumating sayo!
    looking forward for your reviews!

  8. super like the cetaphil....doesn't harm sensitive's indeed a very early xmas for you ms.martha.^_^

  9. I want that iphone case!!! :))) ask ko lang Ms. Martha kung hindi ba sya nakaka damage ng fone i mean once you decide na palitan, hind ba ma sscratch yung mismong fone pag tinanggal na? :)

  10. In love with your iPhone case!!:)

  11. In love with your iPhone case!!:)

  12. Carmis Capris: Hi there and welcome to tbj! Thank you dear! :)

    Claire: Yes! It's xmas indeed. Thanks! :)

    Jakie: Thanks! :)

    Gen-Zel: Thanks dear! :)

    Harmony: Yes. VERY generous! :D

    Kath: Check out my TOP 5 Brow products. I've pretty much covered all the brow products. :)

    Jenny: thank you! :) Yes, will review it soon! :)

    Andy: Thanks! :)

    Jean: Thank you! :)

    Sincere: Hi there! nice question. According to the person who gave it to me, no. :)

    Purple Clandestine: Yes! Same here! That's why I felt so happy upon receiving it :)

  13. Mahihimatay na ako sa Stilla collection. Hahaha! It looks lovely.

    I've been hearing about the Benefit Brow set a lot. It's good daw. I can't wait for the review!


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