HOW TO: Remove Matte Lipstick Properly

Hi guys! In this mini tutorial, I'm going to show you how to remove matte lipstick the right way. It's very easy, although it requires a little effort as opposed to the swipe-and-rub technique, but I guarantee everyone that this is better because it helps prevent creating micro tears on your lips, and keeps it in its tip-top shape.

Before anything else, what's the swipe-and-rub technique? It's not a general term--it's just my fancy (and shorter) way of calling the common way we remove matte lipstick: You get a clean, dry sheet of facial tissue and rub it vigorously on your lips to remove matte lipstick. Little did people know that this technique can result to dry, flaky, and wounded lips! Regardless if it's the softest tissue in town, tissue, in general, is made up of scratchy tree fibers that can inflict micro tears on your lips. Wet tissue is a safer bet, although the damp surface doesn't really lessen the friction between the sheet of tissue and your lips.

If you love wearing matte lipstick, then this technique would be very useful to you. :)

Here are the two things you'll only need:

1. Creamy lipbalm or petroleum jelly
2. Tissue

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I have used MAC's Ruby Woo, which for me, is the most persistent matte lipstick in the world. :D

STEP 1: Apply creamy lipbalm or petroleum jelly liberally onto your lips. The sticky, thick consistency of these products lessen the amount of friction caused by rubbing. Let it stay for a bit for it to melt the hard wax that binds matte lipstick to your lips. I like using Carmex because it yields a minty sensation that soothes my lips as I scrub it.

STEP 2: Grab a sheet of dry tissue, place it in between your lips, and press your lips gently and firmly on it. Do it repetitively until a huge chunk of the lipstick has come off.

STEP 3: Using the clean parts of the tissue, gently swipe it across your lips in a downward motion to remove lipstick that has settled into fine lines. If the lipstick won't come off, apply another sheer layer of lipbalm/petroleum jelly then swipe again until you remove those persistent stains. It is important that you use a downward rubbing motion because this technique follows the natural, vertical formation of your lip lines, whereas horizontal rubbing is completely against it, thus creating microscopic tears on your lips.

VOILA! Clean lips. I still have mini lipstick patches though. I just scrub it afterwards to be sure that no trace of lipstick is left on my lips.

There you have it! Let me know how this technique works for you. Do you know other ways to remove matte lipstick properly? Please share them here! :)

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  1. Wah Thanks for this post. Before I hate to use matte lipsticks because they are really hard to remove. I'll definitely try this!

  2. Great tip Martha! :) Question though, is it easier to just use an eye and lip remover? Or is that inefficient on Matte lippies?

  3. Great tip Ms. Martha some lippies are really stubborn :)

  4. i didn't know carmex can remove help remove lipsticks :D thank you so much for sharing :)

  5. Thank you so much for this technique Ms. Martha! Dami ko talaga natutunan sayo :))))

  6. Great technique! Normally I just keep rubbing and rubbing until it's gone, or I use a makeup remover. I'll try this din. Hehe

  7. thanks for sharing this technique! i just rub ny lips to remove a matte lipstick

  8. I do the dry tissue-rubbing thing :P It's a good thing I saw this post though - especially since I'm wearing Mac Camden Chic today! Thanks for this!

  9. This is also my way of removing matte lipsticks. But I sometimes use wet tissue when I'm feeling lazy. Lol

  10. great tip! :) very obvious but I'm sure a lot of us neglect this part. and just rub rub rub. Thanks for reminding us to take care of our pouts Martha.. We owe you one!

  11. Thanks girls!

    Jaja: hello and welcome to tbj! :) It's okay but for me, I don't like using them because they leave a bitter after taste. On matte lippies, it's better to use thicker makeup removers because it gives the hard and dry wax texture some slip, thus letting you remove it effortlessly. :p

    tina: you're welcome tina! and thank you for dropping by tbj! :)

  12. Thank you very much for the tip.... I have very dry lips but i love matte lipsticks and i always find it hard to remove...but this tip will do....again thanks


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