Beauty Battles: Best Multipurpose Balm

Hello guys! I hope you're all having a fabulous Tuesday. Don't you just love the weather? It's slightly warm and breezy. This is how our weather should be--always!

Anyway, I thought of comparing two of the most well- loved multipurpose balms on this planet: Rosebud Salve and Lucas Papaw. Both are tried and tested, made from hundred- year old secret preparations, and super popular in their own right.

Thoughts: I actually love both because fundamentally, they're effective but of course, there's something the other can't do and vice versa. In the tradition of my blog's Beauty Battles, one product can only prevail so read on and find out which balm has won me over. :)

 ROSEBUD SALVE (Proudly made in the USA)
Ingredients: White Petroleum, Aromol, (the trade secret of Rosebud Salve. It is the ingredient that gives it its iconic Rose scent) Cottonseed Oil

LUCAS PAPAW (Proudly made in Australia)
Ingredients: Fermented Papaw, pharmaceutical grade Petroleum Jelly, Potassium Sorbate

Witness the battle after the jump!


Both products are lightweight and travel- friendly. Rosebud Salve is in a cute vintage can. However, this is quite unhygienic as you'd have to dip your fingers in the tub to grab some product and it is inevitable that you will contaminate the fresh batch. There are also known issues with Rosebud Salve's tin can packaging such as: The tin can turns rusty overtime; The cover can get stuck. On the other hand, Lucas Papaw comes in a better packaging: the squeeze- type tube lets you get the right amount of product and without touching the fresh portions.


Both products do not explicitly say what they're made of, which is a bummer to us consumers because we don't really know if something in them might cause our skin to react. As stated on the earlier part of this post, Rosebud Salve has more ingredients than Lucas Papaw. The former also has a perfume ingredient, and it may enhance dryness. I like Lucas Papaw better because it is unscented and it has lesser chemicals.


Both are quite useful because they can heal just about any minor skin accident, although Lucas Papaw is the superior one because it can alleviate burns, (e.g. stove top burns, candle burns) wounds, and insect bites. Rosebud Salve cannot be used on open wounds due to its fragrance content.


Rosebud Salve's consistency is a little watery--it is more lightweight than Lucas Papaw, melts into my lips easily, and best used on hot and humid days. It can even be used on top of lipstick as an alternative to lipgloss because it yields a blushing pink color and an outstanding shine. It moisturizes your lips like a champ seconds after skin contact, but the moisturizing barrier evaporates pretty quickly. I am suspecting that the fragrance ingredient, Aromol, is the culprit behind this. You have to reapply Rosebud Salve often to replenish the soft and moist barrier. I've used it religiously before and I loved how it can solve dryness in a flash, albeit the effect was temporary--When I've stopped using it for a while, the dryness came back.

Lucas Papaw's consistency is very thick and goopy: If you apply more than two layers, it could be bothersome. Absorption time takes forever. In fact, I even feel that it's only sitting on top of my lips and it doesn't get absorbed into my skin. It is best used when the weather is extremely cold because the thick barrier it yields can protect your lips from cracking in the biting cold weather. It will take minutes for you to feel that Lucas Papaw is taming down the dry areas on your lips but when it has finally settled, it gives long lasting moisture and you don't have to reapply it often during wear. I've used it for three weeks straight, and I've stopped my usage for a week and amazingly, the dryness is still bearable-- It's still there, but it isn't as crazy as before.


Both can actually remedy drier areas on your skin such as your elbows and knees, but Rosebud Salve is the better one because its texture is more tolerable. As I've said, Lucas Papaw cannot be absorbed by the skin quickly.


I'm basing the win on the all around-ness (yeah I totally made up this word) of the product and how they have palliated the dryness on my lips. Between the two, I feel that Lucas Papaw has given me better relief and the dryness on my lips has gotten better ever since I started using it. I'm also loving it on my insect bites. It also depends on your needs and desires from a product: If you want something with a lighter texture, go for Rosebud Salve. If you don't mind the heavy feel as long as its unscented, go for Lucas Papaw.

But there can only be one champ...

The winner for this edition of Beauty Battles is:


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. oh I can't leave without balm... :) been a loyal user of Carmex and after reading this review..hhmm thinking of changing..

    Lucas Papaw is so convincing huh.. How much po Ms. Martha? and where can we buy? ♥ thank you so much! :)

  2. wow it's really a big wow martha...i got papaw lucas last sunday together with e.o.s at digital traincase branch at rockwell. And now i proved to believe your review about it.It's a two thumbs up.^_^

  3. Sincere: hello there! I'm sure you'll love LP! It's 450php from Digital Traincase. :)

    Purple: Coooolll!!! :) Glad to know you loved it! :)

    Jenny: Go go go! :)

  4. hi ms tbj! stl backreading ur posts haha...

    have u tried the vmv grandma minnie booboo balm? im currently using it, its really the bomb! im on roaccutane now and excess lip dryness is killing me, really! when dr vmvr herself recommended this, i gave it a try.

    my lips recovers fast fr peeling! im also using it in my rashes, insect bites, burns and any little discomfort in my skin... sometimes when im having a breakout, i put it on my acne too. you might want to try and review it! :)

  5. have been using the lucas papaw for more than a year now, and literally - the only thing that has kept my lips moisturized! tried everything - chapstick, blistex, eos, vaseline, carmex, egyptian magic - you name it.
    was curious about the rosebud salve, but after your review, i'll just stick with what's been working :)


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