Unbox your own beauty with BDJ Box!

Introducing the BDJ Box, the newest project of the ladies behind the super successful planner, Belle Du Jour.

In a nutshell, the BDJ Box is also another beauty subscription website where you get a box filled with goodies from various brands but the difference is, you get deluxe- sized beauty samples that are apt for your skin type and concern.


Meaning to say, with BDJ box, you get what you pay for because the box you're going to get actually contains products that are of use to you. I will explain this throughly after the jump!

In the meantime, check out these few photos from the formal launch of BDJ Box at Slice, Bonifacio High Street Central:

 The event was hosted by Kat, who's also working with the ladies behind BDJ box.

 BDJ Box also has a league of beauty ministers. They will spawn monthly articles on BDJ Box's website regarding skin and makeup concerns. They are also more than willing to answer any of your beauty woes! Here are some of BDJ's Beauty Ministers, Erica, Tara, (I'm proud of you, girl!) and Nicole talking about their favorite beauty products and trusted beauty regimens.

 Yay! We were one of the firsts who have received BDJ's box. In fairness, the box looks very classy and it's heavy, ha!

Posing with the lovely beauty ministers and beauty bloggers

BDJ box, in my opinion, is the better paid beauty subscription service in our country today. Why so? Ultimately, the goal in every purchase is to get our money's worth and the only way for us to utter the words "I got what I paid for" with conviction is if: 1.) We're happy with our purchase 2.) Whatever we got is significant in our lives.  BDJ box is all about that: the items in your box are carefully selected to suit your skin and style. However, you won't know the exact products you'll get but rest assured, they are of great use to you. There's still the element of surprise, but in a good kind of way.

So here's a lil' info about the website:

BDJ Box's website is a place for beauty seekers and beauty rookies who are still on the first phase of their beauty journey. The beginning of the journey is definitely exciting, but finding the right products for you can be a bit tiring, confusing, and frustrating given the vast number of beauty products in the market. That said, BDJ box is here to aid you in your search. BDJ Box is also for beauty aficionados who still want to explore the world of cosmetics some more! 

Here's how it works:

1. Visit the website and create an account. After you've accomplished your membership form, you will be asked to fill up a questionnaire regarding your skin tone, skin type, skin problems, skin concerns, what have you. This is necessary because this is the way for the team behind BDJ Box to know which products to put in your sampling box.
2. The most affordable subscription plan is P480.00, and you will get a number of beauty products valued at P1,000.00+. Again, you will get deluxe- sized samples--not petty ones. Here are the other plans:

They have Postpaid and Prepaid options for the packages!

3. Process everything and voila! Just wait for your gift box to arrive at your doorstep! :)

When you've finally ordered your first- ever BDJ box, you can linger around the website and pick up some expert tips from BDJ's Beauty Ministry:
The Beauty Ministers: Erica Paredes,  Nicole Romero, Barbi Chan, Kat Dy, Tara Cabullo, and Kate Alvarez

That's all, folks! I will stop here and just leave the rest for you to discover. :)

 I took home a Belle Du Jour planner for 2013. I love it because it makes me look forward more to a new and exciting year! 

Of course, I also took home a BDJ box. Let's unbox it!

For the month of October, here are the contents of the BDJ Box. Told ya'-- the box contains cool products in decent sizes! We all got the same products because this is only for the sake of showcasing the actual box, its contents, and the brands. For actual subscribers, you will get a box that fits you. :)

BDJ Box believes that with the right products, you can unbox your own beauty. And before I bid everyone farewell and goodnight, here's something from BDJ that you can affirm to yourself tomorrow as you fix yourself in front of the mirror:

For more information about the BDJ box, please visit BDJ BOX on Facebook.

To subscribe, please visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF BDJ BOX.

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  1. Sayang I wasn't able to see you! We were the second batch of girls who had the first look at the BDJ box. Would have said hi. :) Prolly next time!


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  3. wow the things their is pretty decent 480php? wew! thats nice!

  4. Thanks Ms. Martha for sharing this. Just signed up with BDJ Box. So excited to get my first loot!;))

  5. I'm kindda disappointed on saladbox since I haven't received my October box and it's already November. Maybe I'll wait a few months first for reviews before registering.

  6. Melissa: Awww...Sayang! I had to rush to Pinkbox's event 'cos I had to model with Verniece! See you soon! :)

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    Krystal: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Oh noes... :( Sorry to hear about that. That's a good idea too. Just wait for blog posts from actual subscribers so you'll know if BDJ box is for you. :)

    Jenny: true! :)


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