Deborah Lippmann 3D Holographic Nail Polish in Sweet Dreams Review

Here's a review on Deborah Lippmann 3D Holographic Nail Polish in Sweet Dreams

PRICE: P825.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Rustan's Malls


Deborah Lippmann is a world- famous nail polish brand. I think it's considered as designer polish, as it costs a hefty premium. (800 pesos a pop!) This is currently my most expensive nail polish.

 Sweet Dreams is one of the new shades of the brand's 3D Holographic collection. The other shade is Ray of Light, a beautiful indigo blue color.

 Bottle sure feels and looks expensive to me!

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 Sweet Dreams is a candy pink shade with duochrome flakes of glitter. The base has a jelly texture--I find that it's easier to achieve an even coverage with this one, as compared to other glittery polishes I've tried. The glitters of this polish is also unique: it's chunkier, yet it doesn't feel coarse. I've also observed that in spite of its chunky glitters, the formula doesn't make your nails feel and look thick even if you layer it on.

Three layers of Sweet Dreams

Here is Sweet Dreams on my tips. I actually thought that it will yield an opaque finish in one stroke but surprisingly, it starts off light and you can build it to achieve a more pigmented finish. And no, this is not a caveat. (at least to me) The buildable finish is actually good news because I can use it as a funky coat on top of another nail polish. So it's like having two nail polishes in one bottle.

Drying time is pretty quick and staying power is pretty good. I've been wearing it for more than 2 weeks already and without a top coat yet the color is still intact: no chips, no fading, and no cracking!

Here's another look at the polish. The glitters turn into orange and gold under any kind of lighting, and it gives a natural glossy effect to the polish. Regarding the 3D holographic finish, I think it's referring more to its brilliance rather than the effect. It's just plain glitter polish to me, but with a more superior quality. However, it's not easy-to-remove, but at least it doesn't leave any glitter residue on your nails when removed.

Quality is very good. I've finally understood why it's pricey: You pay for its awesome staying power. Normally, I can't maintain the beauty of my manicure for more than a week and surprisingly, this polish withstood my clumsiness! 

I would recommend it to you if: 1.) You're dreaming of a nail polish that will last on your hardworking digits 2.) You have cash to burn 3.) You're a nail polish lover and you don't mind spending on pricey polish.

I'd love to have another Deborah Lippmann polish again, but I'm not the type who'll blow P800.00 on a bottle of nail polish. :D

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow 2 weeks! :) But yes, this is quite pricey. at least it delivers. Love the pink color of course. :) this one will be on my "dream"-list. ha ha.. not even on my wishlist cause I honestly think I cant shell out that much.For local polishes pa lang ako.. but great review. nice to know more about this brand. Thanks sis!

  2. What a lovely shade of pink! It looks gorgeous on your nails. I find it to be a bit expensive for a nail polish though but maybe that will change when I graduate! :)

  3. yey! Im glad your doing nail posts:), being a nailpolish addict is hard when your in college since you have to budget your money, my favorite brand is china glaze since its affordable compared to opi and other high end brands, its quality is even better than opi, my only Deborah Lippmann polishes is the edge of glory set. Using a base coat and a top coat can really extend the wear time of your polishes, and for times when you cant wait for your polish to dry, use a quick dry top coat like sally hansen or seche vite:) also, a good polish remover is zoya remove, it doesnt dry your cuticles like pure acetone

  4. So pretty! Lately, I'm into nail polish, naila art, etc and I have purchased some local nail polish brands. I dont know if I could splurge on a nail polish as expensive as this as I dont want my moolah to go down the drain... =D

    Maybe in the future, maybe not... =D

  5. wow that's expensive! but its the quality that counts. I love the color tho ;)

  6. Rie: Hello there! :D Wow! You have taste for nail polishes! I love Zoya for their color selections. :) Thanks for the recos too, and I'll definitely check them out. :)

    Raych: I know! :D But good to know that it has good quality. :)

    Jemimah: Oh yeah! Especially when you start earning loads of money. :D

    Belle: Hi there! :D It's been a while since I last saw you on my blog! :D Thanks for your thoughts. Same here but if I were a nail polish lover, maybe I'd splurge on it. :) I'm fine with cheapie brands. The maximum amount of money I can spend on polishes is 400. :D


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