Masterclass with Blair Patterson featuring Estee Lauder's Signature Techniques

 October has been an educational month for me, as I've been to a couple of makeup classes and workshops. It started with Maquillage Professionel, Bobbi Brown's Kai Vinson, and down to the last workshop by Blair Patterson of Estee Lauder, which I will talk about right now.

 Even though Saturday is a sacred time for me and my bed, I travelled all the way to EDSA Shangri-La Hotel to witness Blair and the Estee Lauder signature makeup techniques in action.

 Don't you just love Estee Lauder for their luxurious gold and dark blue theme? It screams luxurious, elegant, and regal! :)

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The experts at Estee Lauder had developed a set of professional makeup techniques for flawless and long-lasting makeup. Every single Estee Lauder store and counter, as well as any makeup artist for the brand across the globe employs this set of techniques, a trademark that is uniquely Estee Lauder. Blair had happily demonstrated everything in this 1-hour workshop. Read on and find out what these techniques are:

First things first. It is important to start with a well- cleansed and moisturized canvas. Blair suggests prepping our skin with Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair serum because its hydrating finish will help set a workable canvas for makeup.


Tools: Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Foundation and Estee Lauder Foundation brush

Procedure: Estee Lauder has explained that your face can be likened to a flower: the nose area and the skin near it is the center of the flower, while the cheeks, chin, and forehead are the petals. Warm the foundation on the back of your hand and starting on the center of the flower, (nose area) apply foundation and concentrate on the reddish parts, then sweep the brush in an outward motion going towards the petals. (cheeks, chin, and forehead) Blend evenly and leave to set for a few minutes before sealing with loose powder. Apply foundation only on the parts with discolorations.

You can also use the Advanced Night Repair serum to create a dewy effect on your skin. Apply a dollop of ANR on a sponge wedge, and dab lightly and gently on your apples, chin, and sides of the forehead. ANR has a special formulation, and it won't cause your makeup to cake.

Regarding concealer, Blair suggested that we use concealer only when needed. If needed, apply after foundation to conceal dark circles completely, and to give the eyes an illuminated effect.


Tools: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Eyeliner, Estee Lauder Disappear Cream Concealer, and Estee Lauder Single Eyeshadow

Procedure: Draw a circle on the back of your hand using the eyeliner, and add a tiny drop of concealer on it. Mix thoroughly. This will serve as the base for the eyeshadow. Pat the mixture gently on the lids while concentrating on the lower and middle lid. Leave to set for a few seconds, then start applying eyeshadow. Blair suggested a gelee kind of eyeshadow--a silky, semi-creamy type of eyeshadow--when doing smoky eye makeup because its texture is easier to blend, color transfers easily onto the lids, and fallout is quite minimal. In his demo, Blair has used Estee Lauder's Pure Color eyeshadow, which according to him, is a gelee type of eyeshadow. Finish off with a black line on your lower lids to seal your smoky eye makeup.


Tools: Estee Lauder volumizing mascara or any mascara that suits your needs

Procedure: Curl your lashes starting on the base and gently move upwards. Start applying mascara on the base of the lashes and slowly wiggle the wand upwards. For the final touch, tap the wand on the tips of your lashes to ensure even coverage.

For long-lasting curl, do the entire Defined Lashes procedure, press the wand on the base of the lashes, and hold for 5 seconds. This technique will help the mascara to set on the base and support the curl. As per Estee Lauder, this technique will curl your lashes even without the help of an eyelash curler!


Tools: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and Estee Lauder Concealer Brush 

Procedure: Using the concealer brush, warm a very small amount of the Double Wear foundation on the back of your hand and apply closely on the edges of your upper and lower lips. The foundation will act as a barrier so your lipstick won't bleed around the skin surrounding your lips.


Tools: Estee Lauder Lipgloss and Lipstick

Procedure: Warm a small drop of lipgloss with a thick consistency on the back of your hand, and gently dab a sheer amount on your lips. Blot off excess, then apply lipstick. Blair explained that the silicones in lipgloss will help lipstick stay put longer. Whoa, and I thought lipgloss will cause lipstick to come off easily! Interesting! I'll try this technique soon. :)

Our pretty model for the day and Blair's work:

 Blair also went around to aid the lady guests in some of their makeup woes.

 Estee Lauder has also brought in some of their products in case the guests wanted to buy something from the brand. I also met one of my readers, Anna, who enrolled through my promotional post for this makeup workshop. Anna, if you're reading this, hello and it was so nice to have met you! :D Thank you for being an avid reader! :)

Thank you Blair for that short and sweet workshop! I wish it were longer though, but I just loved how he wholeheartedly shared the useful makeup rules and principles he lives by at the final minutes of the workshop! One of my favorite makeup rules by him is this: 

When choosing the right shade of blush for your skin tone, refer to the palm of your hand because the pinkish tone of your palm resembles the natural flush of your skin.

Goodies courtesy of Estee Lauder Philippines. Thank you!

Do let me know what your favorite Estee Lauder Signature technique/s are!

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