World Tour with Kiehl's New Aromatic Blends!

Let your imagination run free and travel with your senses to the lush countryside of Provence, golden deserts of Morocco, wild jungles of Uganda, and the serene gardens of Kyoto with Kiehl's newest offering, the AROMATIC BLENDS FRAGRANCE AND BODY CARE COLLECTION. It is a collection inspired by the main sources of Kiehl's ingredients. Kiehl's is more than proud of this new collection because it is sustainably sourced, ethically processed, and made with lesser synthetic ingredients. With every drop, you only get an authentic dose of some of the most precious essences in the world of skincare and fragrances.

 I've just read about the very rich history of Kiehl's fragrances and I thought of sharing a summary of it here:

It may not seem like it as they don't sell a lot of fragrances now, but Kiehl's was once the biggest purveyor of fragrances in New York during the 1800's. The fragrances have originated from oil- based essences such as Money Drawing Oil, (I would love to have this!) Attraction Oil, and Purity Oil. By the 1900's, Kiehl's had formulated a total of 122 essences lovingly crafted by hand for their loyal patrons. In 1921, Kiehl's has introduced their first- ever formal fragrance, the Original Musk Oil, and has become a cult classic ever since. Legend has it that the Original Musk Oil was formulated by an actual Russian prince, a relative of the Kiehl's founding family! Decades after the release of the iconic Original Musk Oil, Kiehl's went on and had formulated over a hundred authentic fragrance blends. In 1979, many of these blends were entered into the permanent collection on original pharmacies of the Smithsonian Institute.

So what is the connection of this mini history with this collection? The Aromatic Blends is the latest reincarnation of Kiehl's fragrance blends. It also reflects the brand's traditional way of preparing fragrances: Made by hand, and with the purest essences only. 

Kiehl's has been known for putting their customers on top priority, making sure that each and every product matches their customers' needs. In line with this tradition of fine customer service, Kiehl's satisfies the yearning for purer and more straightforward fragrances and body care products through the Aromatic Blends collection: Products that aren't diluted, and evoke the nature of the origin of its essences.

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Each collection is made up of the following products:

Aromatic Mist- a pure- bodied fragrance made with lesser ingredients and more of the essences
Skin Softening Body Lotion- inspired by Creme De Corps, it provides intense hydration to the skin for 24 hours sans the use of silicones.
Skin Softening Body Wash- Deep cleansing, rich, and lathering body cleanser that's proven to keep skin soft for 24 hours-- without the use of sulfates.


 Take a trip to the savannah with the Vanilla and Cedarwood line. The Vanilla extract is sourced from the finest farms in Uganda, and the warm aroma of Cedarwood is redolent of the tobacco farms in southern United States.


Experience the alluring charm of the Mediterranean with the Orange Flower and Lychee line. The Orange Blossom note is from northwestern Morocco, while Lychee is sourced from the sub-tropical forests of Southeast Asia.


Get in touch with your spiritual side as you wander around the placid gardens of Kyoto, Japan with the Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit Line. Nashi Blossom is from Japan, while the fresh Pink Grapefruit essence is of Brazilian origin.


Wander around the rich countryside of Provence with the Fig Leaf and Sage line. The Fig Leaf essence evokes beautiful images of the south of France, while the hint of Sage brings you to the golden Mediterranean coast.

I have always been intrigued by the rich culture and tradition of Morocco and its neighboring Mediterranean countries so I picked up Orange Flower and Lychee. It's a fragrance that's so energetic and colorful--I feel so happy and adventurous whenever I get a whiff of this one! Thank you so much Kiehl's Philippines for this lovely gift!

The Aromatic Mist is at P2,585.00, the Skin Softening Body Lotion at P1,575.00, and the Skin Softening Body Cleanser at P1,220.00. Aromatic Blends will be available starting November in all local Kiehl's branches.

Please visit KIEHL'S MANILA for more inquiries about this collection.

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  1. i'm so curious about it, geez i should check out the store really soon.^_^

  2. I use Keihls skin care but haven't tried these products. Thanks for this introduction!

  3. i've always been so curious about kiehl's Pls post your favorite products so we'd have an idea as well :D thanks for this post!

  4. Hi Martha =) I have Nashi Blossom and I'm addicted I got the EDT and want the lotion and gel as well haha

  5. Hi and welcome to my blog! Glad you liked it! :)

    Shally: Hi Shally! :) I liked that too, but I figured I already have too many florals in my collection. Orange blossom would be a good break! :)

    Raych: NoteD! :)

    Purple clandestine: go dear! i suggest the powerful strength serum, sunblock and my favorite, ultra facial moisturizer. :)


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