Review: Charm Essentials Vegan Angled Kabuki Buffer

Here's a review on Charm Essentials Vegan Angled Kabuki Brush

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If I am going to use Powder Foundation and Pressed Powders, my go-to brush is Charm's new Angled Kabuki Buffer from Charm. It never fails to give me a more even finish!

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 There are so many things to love about this brush: Its width is quite big, it covers a significant area of skin thus preventing spotty application. I like how it's so dense because it inhibits the powder from falling on the sides and right into the base of the brush, thus preventing product wastage.

I don't know if it's just me, but I've noticed that the tips of the bristles are thinner. It sorta reminds me of Stippling brushes. Those thin tips pick up the right amount of powder, thus giving me a softer, more natural finish. The bristles are so soft and smooth as well.

The best feature of this brush is its angled shape: It just lets me work on the corners and folds of my face, leaving no spot untouched. I think this is the secret why this brush imparts a more even coverage!

I would also like to commend its denseness and compact shape: It lets me buff powder onto my skin for as long as I want to, and yet without creating streaks on it.

It's made from synthetic bristles, and I find that it's easier to rinse the stain from it as compared to brushes made from animal hair. However, drying time takes a while because the brush is really packed.

I recommend it to you if you love wearing powder foundation or tinted pressed powders. It helps you build coverage gradually and without the cakey look as opposed to using smaller and large but tapered powder brushes and sponges. You can also use it to apply lightly tinted "translucent" powders because the brush's wide shape will help disperse the powder evenly and get rid of color casts.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I wear powder foundation on an everyday basis and I love using the charm flat top brush or the charm retractable kabuki brush (gold) since it evens out my skin with just a thin layer of powder. I do not use the sponge that comes with the compacts.

  2. its kinda expensive :( but im thinking of buying their brush set soon! btw, thanks for posting this now i have in mind about a brush that wont make ur face look cakey if u use cream foundations etc. ;)

  3. ay nice review :) I am using an angled blush brush when I put my powder pero ibang brand. I'll definitely put this on my wish list hehe

  4. aww, I love my Charm brushes. I bet this one is a must have with all the raves I've been reading about this brush. thanks for the review :)

  5. Hollie: Hello dear! Thanks for sharing! I wanna get charm's kabuki brush too. :)

    Raych: Hello! I'm not sure if it can be used on cream bases though as it is too fluffy. For powders, it's good. ;)

    Jenggay: Great choice! :D

    Issa: You're welcome! :)

    Jenny: super! :)


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