San San Age Defying Pressed Powder Review

Here’s a review on San San Age Defying Pressed Powder in 03

PRICE: P92.00
PLACE BOUGHT: HBC, Metrowalk, Pasig City
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all HBC branches


The reason why I took on the P500.00 Makeup Challenge is because I found it as a good excuse to try San San’s complexion products. There’s quite a buzz surrounding it for apparently, its complexion products yield great coverage. I figured that a pressed powder would be a great product to ease myself into the brand, and I was running out of one at that time.

San San’s Age Defying makeup line, I think, is its ‘premium’ line. It boasts of skin caring ingredients namely Vitamins A, C, E and SPF.

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  Packaging is not good aesthetically, but it’s acceptable for its price. But I do like the sponge: it feels sturdy, and it didn’t crumble on me.

My shade from the line is 03, a golden beige shade with yellow undertone. If I’m not mistaken, I think it has 6 other shades. It even has a stark white shade, which I think is better used as a highlighter rather than a face powder. I also appreciate the fact that the powder shades come in varying undertones. (Olive and Yellow)

“Hi, my name is Chalky Galore and my favorite band is Fallout Boy.”

Texture- wise, it is really dry, coarse, and chalky--it’s quite messy to use. I use a small and tightly- packed powder brush when applying it to economize on the product. Using a big and sparse powder brush will just increase the risk of wastage, so forget it. It also reeks of a strong, perfume- like fragrance, although it goes away after a while. I’m fine with it but people who are sensitive to fragrances may not like this.

The texture of this powder will work best on people with oily skin because its dry texture will help mattify skin.

Here is the powder on me. Indeed, it does yield good coverage: Coverage is light to full and even on its own, it can tame down light to moderate facial marks. It also feels incredibly lightweight on my skin. However, it is not picture- friendly: it projects a white cast in flash photography due to the SPF content. My theory is, the powder lacks pigments, hence it did not successfully conceal the white tint of the SPF. Actually, this theory may be a fact because if you will look at my face pic again, you’ll realize that you can barely detect the yellow undertone, and the shade looks kinda’ pale on me. I also find that the powder seems as if it’s sitting on top of my skin, and it gives me that hey-people-I’m-wearing-face-powder look. I wish it would melt into my skin though.

Oil control is not so good. In as little as two hours, my oilies begin to surface but wear time is pretty impressive: The color starts to fade after around 5 hours or so. Most cheapie pressed powders will come off in about 3 hours or less, but this one lasts for a considerable amount of time. Regarding breakouts, nope, didn't breakout from this one.

This product is not so bad but it’s not so good either. It might have a ton of caveats but overall, it’s still nice because insanely ridiculous pressed powders with good and lasting coverage are a rarity. I would buy this again if 1.) Texture is made smoother so it will look more natural when worn 2.) Pigmentation is improved.

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  1. I remember my high school days, San san pressed powder is very popular in my girlsmate, lots of us using this,. everytime na my nalaglag sa floor na pressed powder, alam na nila sira na yung laman lol bili na naman ulit =)

  2. SanSan is my go to products if I'm low on budget :D

  3. “Hi, my name is Chalky Galore and my favorite band is Fallout Boy.”
    this made me laugh =)) thank for the review tho ;)

  4. yay many users of this are like that..haha..they are obviously have a pressed powder on haha..hope people blend it to their neck :p

  5. i used to have this since 2007 in no.4 shade( a shade lighter than no.3).. but just this september , i changed brand...the no.4 shade is out of stock locally for almost 3 months i think...and when the stocks came again, i bought one in no.4 shade(though im loving my new brand). and im not sure if im the only one who noticed,but the shade seems lighter than the past.and i think its the same shade as no.1. .i have leftovers of my past no.4 shade and the new no.4...and tried putting it on both sides of my face,..i dont know if im the only one who noticed and i dont like it at all...and now im using my new brand of facepowder...

  6. Ellaven: Hi there! Thanks for sharing dear. Awww, they're not consistent na pala. :(


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