Show Off EDT by Phillipe Charriol Review

Here's a review on Show- Off EDT by Philippe Charriol EDT 30ml

PRICE: 100ML (P5,250.00) 30ML (P2,950.00)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Philippe Charriol boutiques and Rustan's malls


"If you've got it, flaunt it!" Yes, that's how Charriol envisioned the spirit of the Show- Off woman: An embodiment of charm, sensuality, class and comeliness, she rules hearts and the city one day at a time because she knows she's got it!

A show off woman is never without a show- off fragrance. From Charriol comes Show- Off, a sparkling juice of fruity floral with a touch of musk and cedar. It is the fragrance that complements a woman's exuberant femininity, and radiates it to the world for everyone to see and adore.

 Now let's pause for a moment and adore the gorgeous bottle: It is in a delicate flacon with an amethyst- hue, a signature color in the universe of Charriol.

 The bottle is then adorned with Charriol's iconic interlocking steel cables, reminiscent of the brand's famous bracelets in the same design. Finally, a multifaceted cap tops the bottle, and gives it a precious, jewel- like appearance.

Show- Off is a sunny and happy fragrance. It is an ode to the playful, youthful, and flirty attributes of a woman: Top notes are fruity and zesty, with Blackcurrant and Peach as the dominating notes. Description says it has Bergamot, but is almost undetectable. Heart notes are composed of Violet Absolute and Rose petals, giving the fragrance a mellow appeal. Base notes have a hint of musk and cedar. The fragrance stays light and fruity all throughout. It lasts for 3-5 hours on me.

It's a wonderful tropical and daytime fragrance: It is never overwhelming despite the rich fruity aroma. This fragrance reminds me of the freshness of Versace's Bright Crystal, but with a more tolerable and tote-able bottle. It's so fresh and vibrant, and a lot of Filipinas, most especially the younger audience, will definitely love this.

On laid-back days, Show Off does the talking for me--Even without flashy clothes on, its brightness just tells people that there is a woman in their midst that demands attention, but in a non- risque way. (Vain much? lol!) It's one of the ultra feminine fragrances that lets you showcase how fun it is to be a woman! (Enter song: I am woman, hear me roar..)

I like the fragrance, but I wish the dry down were a bit darker. After all, what makes a woman interesting is her mystery. But that's just me--I like my fragrances warm and dark. With that said, check out Philippe Charriol EDT, my most favorite fragrance by the brand.

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  1. it's so captivating.i like the idea that it has fruity and zesty scent...well, i'll be listing this down on my xmas wishlist i guess...nice review by the way.^_^

  2. The description alone makes me want a sniff of it!

  3. just the look of this perfume makes me wanna try it asap! I love that it has a fresh and vibrant smell ;) can't wait to try this!

  4. yay i want this :) thanks for the review martha


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