Strip Manila Introduces a Sweet Way to Remove Hair!

 Strip, the only salon I trust when it comes to getting rid of fuzz down there has just launched a brand new wax! Together with a couple of beauty and fashion bloggers, I was invited to experience it firsthand!

Lootbags! :)

 Introducing the new New York Vanilla Cupcake Wax, a sweet and delightful way to get rid of hair everywhere! It's limited edition only, so drop by and experience my most favorite wax to date! I even asked Tab Abad of Strip Manila if they could make it permanent, and she said the main Strip headquarters will decide on that. Oh, I hope they make it permanent! I'm head over heels with the scent and the texture!


Patti Grandidge of Sweet Patti Cakes has provided these mouthwatering Vanilla Cupcakes.

The bloggers enjoying the food and each other's company before our Brazilian session. Yes! Brazilian was the only available session for that event! It was great news for me, but not for a few Brazilian virgins in the crowd. :D

 Tab Abad of Harem Inc. telling us all about the New York Vanilla Cupcake Wax.

 The New York Vanilla Cupcake wax has a light, creamy fragrance that is calming to the senses. It doesn't smell overwhelming, and it leaves a touch of fragrance to your vajay. (Don't worry, it's safe!)

 FYI, Vanilla is an aphrodisiac.  :) *wink wink

 Monique doing what she does best: Shot mixing! To give the Brazilian virgins a little courage boost, Monique passed around shots of Absolut Vodka in Vanilla with matching cinnamon- sprinkled lemons. Nothing makes you more courageous than alcohol! LOL!

 And here is me, on my way to my room. I didn't take a vodka shot because I can tolerate Brazilian. This is my 8th time already! FYI, I can tolerate Brazilian waxing more than alcohol. Weird, eh? :)

 You nailed it Tita Eva! Brazilian waxing does not only make you feel sexier, it makes you feel cleaner as well!

 TIP FOR BRAZILIAN VIRGINS: Ask for Jenny, the resident stress ball. Pour all your emotions into her as the Strip Expert takes away all your unwanted hair. But you know what? I thought Brazilian waxing would be more painful than I can imagine but with Strip, it totally isn't! Well, it depends on your pain tolerance though. In any case, just ask for Jenny! :)

 Hmmm....Smells so delectable, and looks like white chocolate!

MY THOUGHTS ABOUT THE NEW WAX: In all my Brazilian sessions with Strip Manila, I've always used the Chocolate Wax. If compared to this new wax, I must say that this is softer and more tolerable than the former. I told Tab about my observation and she was surprised about it because according to her, both waxes are the same, except that they both differ in color and scent. I was surprised myself, but I really felt that the new wax has a better texture. Our conclusion was, the color and scent of the wax has totally changed my perception about it: It's white, and white has always been associated with purity, softness, gentleness, and heaven, (Exactly my state when I was experiencing the wax) while the Vanilla scent is light and very comforting. Nevertheless, the Chocolate Wax is still great  and it remains as my favorite. But for now, I will abuse the New York Vanilla Cupcake wax while it's still here because I'm addicted to the scent!

 I was given a complimentary Peace+ Ampoule, a reformulated version of Peace. It's now made more potent: It stunts hair growth longer, prevents stubbles, makes hair thinner and sparser, and has a light strawberry scent. Peace+ was applied right after my waxing sesh. Its cooling sensation has soothed my pores. :)

 Experiencing Hairless Happiness once more! :)

Update on the Brazilian virgins: Their verdict? COMPLETELY BEARABLE!

Thanks ARC PR, Harem INC., and my blogger friends for a wonderful event!

Again, the New York Vanilla Cupcake is here for a limited time only so be sure to ask for it in your next session! :)

For more information about the new wax and Strip Manila's services, please visit STRIP MANILA on Facebook.

Statement: This article does not reflect the opinions of the brand. Everything stated within this article is based on my own experience. My opinions are protected speech.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love vanilla scents :)
    I'm quite afraid to purchase because I just might start eating that stuff! :D
    Strip is the best when it comes to wax \m/

  2. Oh my! I have never tried any bikini wax before, I love to try this out:)The word Bearable makes it more appealing to try:)

  3. After experiencing my first Brazilian at Strip, I started inviting my friends to join me in my next session. It feels so fresh afterwards. The pain was tolerable and the process was fast and clean. :)

  4. Jenny: sending courage vibes to you! :D

    Gellie: nice seeing you in the event dear! :D Thanks for sharing! :D

    Jen: Go ahead dear! I swear, you'll come back for more after your first sesh! You'll be addicted to the super clean feeling! :)

    Harmony: yes! strip is really the best! :D

  5. Aw this looked like a super fun event! I do brazilian wax too, but I've only had it done once in my life sa labas. I usually just do it myself (yeah it's possible! ahahah)

  6. interesting, I'm a brazilian wax virgin too. Mukang maganda sa Strip ma-devirginized (brazilian wax) hehe lol! I'll visit their store soon, gonna do more research though. Thanks!

  7. Yay for the vanilla scent. It's one of my fave Martha! I had my 4th Brazillian na din so kering-keri na ulit sa 5th sesh. Will try Strip soon :D

  8. I super wanna try this :D take note of its vanilla scent its for a limited time only!? why I really need to visit strip SOON :)


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