VMV Hypoallergenics Skin Savvy 60 Foundation in W4

Here’s a review on VMV Hypoallergenics Skin Savvy 60 Foundation in W4

PRICE: Around P1,600.00+
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Last month, I’ve received this pretty cool product from the peeps at VMV Hypoallergenics. I’ve been meaning to try the exact product, and this came at the right time.

Skin Savvy is an all-in-one foundation: Has SPF 60, (the highest SPF content I’ve encountered in a foundation product) conceals imperfections, long-wearing, skin caring, and brightening. To top it all off, it’s formulated sans any known allergen, fragrance- free, and safe for even the most sensitive skin type. It comes in 6 shades and in cool and warm undertones.


 Originally, the product was housed in a long, squeeze- type plastic tube. The new packaging is a sturdy frosted glass bottle with a plastic pump. The bottle is quite lightweight, and it doesn’t eat up too much traincase space.

 W4 is a golden beige shade with Olive undertones. Texture is very moisturizing, albeit quite thick. I find that W4 is a wee bit dark on my skintone because it’s clashing with my yellow undertones. To remedy the dark cast, I use Flawless’ Forever Sheer setting powder because it has a slight white tint to it.

Methinks that if Skin Savvy didn't have too much SPF in it, consistency would be more tolerable, workable, and lightweight. I also think that SPF 25 or 30 should be enough because SPF 60 is no better than the lower SPFs as no sunblock can guarantee authentic protection. Suffice to say, SPF 60 is unnecessary.

One layer of VMV Skin Savvy on me

SPREADABILITY AND STAYING POWER: I have to admit that it takes a bit of effort to spread due to its thick texture. The trick here is to apply the foundation by layers, but make sure a layer doesn’t dry up on you because it adheres so well to the skin. If it finally sets onto your skin, it’s completely immovable. It may be a caveat to some but I find it forgivable because this contributes to the fantastic staying power of this product: Even if you have oily skin or if the weather is hot and humid, the foundation will still persist. Coverage is medium to full.

As you can see, it yields a dewy glow to my skin. It’s great news for people with dry skin but for people with oily skin like me, it might be a disaster as it can make oily parts appear oilier. For oily skinned gals, a sheer layer is enough. Should you need more coverage to conceal facial marks, just do spot concealing with this product. And make sure you don’t apply a lot on your T-Zone!


For full coverage, use your fingers.
For medium coverage, use a stippling brush or dense traditional foundation brush
Use a setting powder with a drier texture as creamy setting powders will make it feel thicker

PHOTO FRIENDLINESS: Under natural lighting, it looks great. But under artificial lighting, I've noticed that my face has this weird glare, especially in pictures. Methinks this is caused by the high SPF content. This photo is taken under natural lighting, hence the nice finish.

It would've been love if not for the high SPF content and Olive undertone because it's one of the foundation products out there that stay true to its long-wearing claim and full coverage promise. I also like how it makes skin look perfect without the cakey look. It has so many strong points but they're somehow outweighed by the two caveats. It just goes to show that a good shade and friendly consistency is essential to a foundation. I would buy this again if 1.) Texture is diluted and made softer 2.) Shade range is made friendlier to Asian skin tones (Yellow undertones please!)

I give it a rating of 6/10.

For more information about the Skin Savvy line, please visit VMV HYPOALLERGENICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. OMG!!! this looks definitely perfect on you!! ;))

  2. nagulat ako sa kulay nung una pero ang galing mo :))
    oily ako no-no to saken..hirap naman makahanp ng kamatch sa oily :(
    miss martha ano po b mganda sa super oily face? hirap din kasi ang humid sa atin.. pls rep ty :)

  3. But you still look gorgeous! It looks really nice & matte! xx

  4. I always thought that high SPF is a good thing for a foundation. Hindi rin pala. Thanks for your honest review. .^_^.

  5. the way i look this foundation, parang napaka heavy sa face but then how you apply on it and looking at it applied on your face it really feels light...medyo tricky dating ng product, but thanks on this review naging curious ako lalo .nice review ms.martha, anyway curiosity bites me on this product.^_^

  6. thanks for the review.. i am currently looking for a good liquid foundation now. this looks good on photos. :) will try this

  7. I also have oily skin. Maybe I can try this product:)

  8. Katie: Hello! Well, spf in foundation is still good, but anything more than what is acceptable will affect the shade that's all I'm saying. :)

    Jen: go dear! this wears like a champ on oily skin! :)

    Harmony: thank you! :)

    Purple clandestine: thanks! since you're fair, I think you have more choices from this line. :D

    Romzs: Thanks dear! :D

    Katrina: Yup, especially during daytime, although I find that it's a bit white in flash photography. But nevertheless, it's still good!

    Jenny: hi there! This is good for oily skin because it does not fade! :D

    Use a mattifying primer underneath foundation. But if your face really oils up with liquid foundation, then go for powder foundation instead. :)

    Marjorie: Thanks! :D


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