Orly Star Spangled Nail Lacquer Review

Here's a review on Orly Nail Lacquer in Star Spangled

PRICE: Around P350.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in leading nail salons and Rustan's malls


Welcome to my first nail polish review. Incidentally, it is also my first review for Orly nail products. A lot of my readers have been requesting for nail polish reviews and nail art tutorials. Honestly, nail art and nail product reviews are quite tedious tasks for me but since a lot have been clamoring for it, fine, I will try to do it often. :D For now, I'll talk about my favorite nail polish shade at the moment.

 Orly does not need any fancy introduction because as we all know, it's one of the cult nail polish brands in the world. Star Spangled is a lovely deep cherry red shade with oodles of red glimmer.

 I really prefer pricey polish because I could really say that they have fantastic pigmentation, impressive staying power, and unique colors. Quality- wise, they last longer than cheap polish. I have China Glaze's Salsa with me for 2 years now and it's still alive and kickin'!

Here's Star Spangled on my tips. I hope you could see those beautiful red glimmers on my fingernails. Those red glimmers show up beautifully under natural and artificial lighting. The shade also makes my fingers look cleaner than what they are because red gives your skin a fresh kind of glow. (Not that I don't wash my hands) And since it's Christmas already, (To my foreign readers, Christmas in the Philippines starts on September) I think I'd be sporting this shade often because it's the perfect color for this joyful season.

Did you like my review? Hahaha. :P

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. OMG I've been wanting to buy this shade for so long now! Thanks for the review, Martha! :D

  2. krissy: You're welcome! It's really nice! buy one na! :)

  3. ang ganda i have bobbie one like this kaso natuyot na after ilang months ive tried using solvent kaso wala nangyari..haha cheaper ones tlga kakainis hehe..
    pero nature republic korean siya cheap lng parang less than a hundred 1 yr na un sakin pero ok paren sana matry mo :)
    nice review :) i cant afford or i would be guilty buying high end ones polish XD

  4. Wow! That's sooo beautiful! I love red. :D Ako naman, I prefer midrange polishes. I can't bear to spend more than P300 on a bottle of polish kasi. Haha

  5. Awww. The shade is uber cute. I love it. Reminds me of cherry. <3

  6. The colour is simply pretty! It reminds of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz's magic shoes!

  7. Jenny: thanks for the thoughts! Yes, I have tried Korean polishes and they're actually good :)

    kate: thanks! :)

    Alexis: same here! :)

  8. i agree, the color is so joyful, vibrant, and festively chic:) Though I don't usually paint my nails, this looked so fun to do!

  9. wow nice color! perfect for the ber months ;) I love how orly doesn't chip off easily :)

  10. Raych: thanks! Yup! Orly's the bomb! :D

    Jen: hi there and welcome to my blog! :D I just got interested in nail polishes just recently. Nail color acts like an accessory, and makes up for the lack of bling bling. Lol! :D

  11. Hello Martha! I'm a nail polish addict so I enjoy reading posts and looking at pictures of them. Great blog! Congratulations on the Mega feature!


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