The Body Shop's Pre-Holiday Sale!

Ho ho ho! The Body Shop is treating all of you to a pre- holiday blowout!

All of your favorite The Body Shop items are on SALE! Sale starts at 20% off on regular items, and enjoy a wide selection of bath, face, and fragrance goods at 70% off!

How about playing Santa? Don't forget to check out this benevolent butter, Dragonfruit Lip Butter. When you buy one, you get to help any of The Body Shop's selected charities.

 Me and a couple of beauty and fashion bloggers on a Blogger Pre-Holiday Sale event.

 This is my loot: Tea Tree Oil Mask, Tea Tree Oil Blemish Remover, All-In-One BB Cream, All-In-One Concealer, All-In-One Cheek Color, and loofah (I love The Body Shop's loofah because it's so hardy!)

Sale is until OCTOBER 25, 2012. Don't forget to visit THE BODY SHOP PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more updates! :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

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  2. All-In-One BB Cream and All-In-One Concealer is on sale too?

  3. ay ako din ms. martha, i love their loofah ever since highschool ako yan na gamit ko sulit, dami pang cute colors hehe

  4. this means unlimited shopping then.^_^

  5. Wow,lucky me to see this post! Didn't know about this sale:) Nice pics btw Ms. Martha and the loot, how nice of Body Shop:)

  6. wow! hope you posted the prices :) hihi cos i'm interested to get the same products :D


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