Glamourbox is now open for business+Unboxing of my Glamourbox package

I've read a couple of blogs who jumped into the bandwagon called beauty subscription boxes and most of them are quite disappointed with what they got. This raises the question: "Are these beauty boxes really worth it?" This is what I think: On another level, part of what we're paying for is the element of excitement and surprise that comes with each and every box that lands on our doorstep but bottomline, the products should be useful for us to say that it's truly worth it! Nobody wants to pay for a bad kind of surprise and above all, nobody wants to pay for products that are insignificant! Even though the basic fee is only P595.00, you won't pick up this amount anywhere! But then again, this type of shopping is a gamble.

I am fortunate enough to get an exclusive glimpse of some of these newest beauty subscription websites and I'm gladly sharing everything I know so you'll all know which company truly deserves your hard- earned moolah. So here is another beauty subscription box that has earned my favor: Glamourbox.

For those who are quite adventurous, and those who delight in receiving surprises, (the good kind of surprises, to be exact) Glamourbox is for you. Or if you want to explore various brands, most especially international brands that you've never heard of, (but good!) you will love Glamourbox.

The launch was held at Relish at Ponte Makati, which serves awesome hors d' oeuvres, by the way.

Glamourbox cupcakes by Joy San Gabriel.

Click READ MORE and find out more about Glamourbox, plus check out the contents of their November box!

Photo from Glamourbox PH

With beauty blogger Phoebe.

The founder of Glamourbox, Ms. Lia Andrea Ramos. (who is also former Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2006) In here, she's talking about Glamourbox: how it came to be and what we should all expect from the brand. Some of the important points she has mentioned are the following:

1. Glamourbox's November box is worth P2,500.00, and we can all get it for only P595.00
2. Glamourbox strives to get quality brands as their partners. They do not want just any kind of brand/product to go into their box. Before releasing the November box, they made sure that every product is qualified and useful, of course. (I love how they pay important attention to 'Quality over Quantity')
3. All the products in the box have been personally tested by them. They'll continue doing so with the succeeding products.
4. They scour each and every country around the globe for hidden and cult favorite beauty brands
5. Glamourbox's vision is to be the best local one stop shop-cum-subscription box website of international beauty brands.

Me and Liz with the glamorous girls behind Glamourbox, Pam Picones, Pam Garcia, (we meet again! :D) and Lia Ramos.

Photo from Glamourbox PH

With my fellow beauty bloggers and Team Glamourbox.

And now, the most awaited part, the unboxing of the November box! I am quite thrilled to share the contents with everyone because the products in it are truly fabulous!

The box is minimalistic in design and it looks and feels really classy. It's so sturdy that you can use it again to store stationaries, trinkets, small desk/office supplies, and whatnots. You can even reuse it as a gift box!

Post card from Glamourbox

At the back of the post card is where you'll see a list of the products in the box, a little description about them, plus the full- sized prices of the samples.

Tadah! I won't mind spending P595.00 on this box of samples!

Let's look at all the samples in detail:

Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist24 Balancing softener trial bottle plus tablets of face masks. This is how you use both: Apply a layer of Wrinkle Resist24 on your face, soak the tablet in water to loosen it up, squeeze excess water, and place the damp mask on top of the softener and leave it on for 10 minutes.

Fragrance samples: Two for your BF/dad/brother/guy best friend, and two for you.

A deluxe- sized sample of Yves Rocher's Minceur Slimming Gel plus a P200.00 gift card that you can use in your purchase with a minimum of P1,000.00.

These are the products that have excited me: A full- sized Eye of Horus Mascara, (yeah you read it right. You're getting a full- sized mascara tube in this box!) an Australian beauty brand, and a lip palette from OFRA Cosmetics, a professional makeup brand from the US. Going back to the mascara, this alone costs P1,290.00 already so true enough, you get your P595.00's worth. :)

All of these products will soon be available for purchase in Glamourbox's E-Commerce site, as well as the upcoming brands in the succeeding boxes. They're updating the site as of the moment so please keep on checking their main website or better yet, subscribe to them for updates.

So what do you think of the box? Is it yay or nay? It's yay for me not because I got it for free, but because I can use almost all of the samples. (Except the slimming gel because I really believe that exercise is the only way to bust cellulite) Add to that, you get a full- sized mascara and a discount card! Do let me know what you think about Glamourbox.

Head on over to GLAMOURBOX PH and check out their subscription plans, should you wish to purchase. For more updates, visit GLAMOURBOX PH on Facebook.

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  1. the joy san gabriel cakes are really good...anyway about this glamourbox, I should say it's a must to try box knowing it would really make your 500 plus bucks worth.nice post!!^_^

  2. I agree with you, I was also quite disappointed with the first beauty box that I subscribed to that I right away stopped my subscription. However, when I received my glamourbox, I was so happy! It was so worth it. I will definitely continue my subscription of glamourbox.

  3. omg. woooow! amazing products :D esp. the full size mascara and lip palette! :D thanks for the awesome post ms. martha :) gorgeous ladies behing glamourbox!

  4. getting one for our loved ones is a good idea! :-)

  5. I definitely enjoyed my November Glamourbox. :D Did also an unboxing post about it. My favorite would have to be the Eye of Horus and the lip palette.

  6. Please do a review on the Eye of Horus mascara and the lip palette :D Thanks, Martha!

  7. I agree na this kind of shopping is a win or lose type of shopping. Pero in all fairness.. This beauty subscription box is super worth the money ah! Partner brands pa lang winner na. Thanks for sharing your firt Glamourbox with us!:)

  8. aww, ive been watching Ipsy/Glam box from youtube.. and wishing we have this kind of 'box' of goodies here in the phil. which I can subscribe.. thanks for this! im so excited to try it!:)

  9. Eloise: You're right! The cupcakes are divine!

    Anonymous: Hello and welcome to TBJ! :D I think we're both thinking about the same box. Anyway! Yup, I like this box and would love to subscribe too, but I think that won't be necessary for me because I have a lot of back ups that I have yet to use. :p

    Gail: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! :D Hope you enjoy your first Glamourbox! :)

    Mark and Jenny: True that! :D

    Mitchie: You're welcome :)

    Aviva: Will do! :D

    Faith: Hi there and welcome to tbj! :) Wow, seems like Glamourbox is getting quite a good number of response. I hope they maintain the quality of their boxes. :)

    Raych: Oh they're VERY gorgeous! :D


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