Hassle-Free International Shopping starts here: GCASH American Express Virtual Card+GIVEAWAY CLOSE

If you're an avid reader of my blog, you know that international shopping has played a big part in the creation of The Beauty Junkee. I would have to credit my adventurous and curious nature for my penchant for international makeup brands, especially those that can't be found locally. Add to that, I want to give my fellow Filipinas a glimpse of the good products from the other side of the world, I love the good feeling I get knowing that I've purchased the product/s cheaply, and the thrill I feel whenever I receive a package. It was fun at first but when I've started valuing time and money, I've realized that I always end up spending more in international shopping: The ridiculous taxes I have to pay, the travel time to and fro the Customs office plus the waiting time to release my package, (time is equally valuable too!) and the sneaky officers who'd furtively entertain me as I wait in line and end up asking for a bribe if they sense that I don't want to waste my day waiting for my package. Ugh! 

This problem has spawned a breed of local pre-ordering websites. It was cool at first, knowing that someone's willing to go through the hassle of international shopping for you and without the ridiculous taxes, but I started questioning why most of them would have their own exchange rates, and what their list of miscellaneous fees is for. In the end, I also have to pay more than what I have to.

 One of my international purchases from Lime Crime

Since those realizations, I've hibernated from international shopping. But I can't deny that sometimes, I still feel the urge to shop or contact local pre-ordering websites, but I vowed to be more wise with my time and money.

I'm an avid user of GCASH because I believe that it's one of the best payment methods ever invented in our country. It's so easy and quick to use, and I use it most of the time in online shopping. I think I have just been turned into a zealot when I've found out about Globe's newest GCASH service, GCASH American Express Virtual Card.

Online shopping fans, rejoice! We can now shop both in local and international websites sans the ridiculous costs, and without the commitment of applying for a credit card! Globe has recently tied up with American Express and created this newest, easiest, and fastest way to pay for our international online orders. In a nutshell, GCASH American Express Virtual Card is just like a credit card, but sans the interests!

Anyway, Black Friday Sale is coming up! To those who are not familiar with the Black Friday sale, this is a nationwide sale in the US where all online and physical boutiques and stores go on a crazy sale! Black Friday Sale is starting on November 23, so now is the perfect time for you to sign up for an account! (I just did!) Click READ MORE and find out how GCASH American Express Virtual Card works, plus check out what I've ordered for myself and my readers. Yes! I have a giveaway so read the rest of this post now! :)
I'll walk you through the process of signing up so you can spend the rest of your time jotting down what you'll buy on the Black Friday Sale. :)

Sign up for a free trial. Fill in all the necessary details and that's it! What I love about their signing up process is it doesn't require you to fill up pages of surveys and information forms. Such a time saver, eh? For prepaid subscribers, you will be asked to verify your account. A pop- up window will appear and please follow the prompt contained in it. For postpaid subscribers, just fill in the form and you're done, unless Globe requires you to accomplish a few more details to verify your account. I'm a postpaid subscriber and in my experience, I didn't have to verify anything anymore after the initial sign- up. But of course, this may vary. :)

If you want to continue your subscription after your free trial expires, you can purchase any of their subscription plans:

P140.00/6 months
P250.00/1 year

Only P25.00 to maintain your "credit card." Isn't that amazing?! :)

 After signing up, you will receive a text message containing your own personalized passcode, then you will receive an email from Globe. Click the hyperlinked word here, and it will redirect you to this page:

This is where you will view all the confidential information about your account. It's secure!

After entering your personalized passcode, you will be redirected to a file containing the following:

1. Credit card information (number and expiry date)
2. Personalized US Address (where you will ship all your orders from US websites)
3. Personalized US Telephone number

You guys might  be wondering if the personalized address and telephone number are secure. Yes! They're legit and have been approved by Globe. :)

Shortly, you will receive an email from My Shopping Box, the partner courier of Globe. When you sign up for a GCASH American Express Virtual Card, you will be automatically signed up for a My Shopping Box account as well. (How fast and convenient!) Go to My Shopping Box's website.

Key in your own username and password contained in the email.

Fill up this mini form. In here, you must put your Philippine address and contact details. My Shopping Box will take care of the shipment of your package from abroad to here. Your items will be shipped directly to your doorstep. No ma, no need to go to the Customs office to endure long lines and pay questionable taxes!

And you're all set! Just wait for an email from My Shopping Box containing all the necessary information for you to track your package. :)

The shopping diva side of me came out all of a sudden so I went shopping right away using my GCASH American Express Virtual Card. Where else? From my dream store, SEPHORA! Check out what I bought:

When I've finally accomplished my Sephora orders, the money in my GCASH wallet has been cashed out thereafter. No verification whatsoever needed!

These are some of the websites where you can readily use your GCASH American Express Virtual Card:








iTunes (both US and Philippines)


Finishline.com (sports)

Please be advised that this payment method is not only limited to these sites. You can use it to shop in other websites, provided that they accept payments through American Express.

For me, GCASH American Express Virtual Card is the coolest way to shop online to date. I never knew international online shopping could be this easy! Christmas time is near, so sign up for your own account, snag that dream item you've always wanted, and shop for your loved ones on the Black Friday Sale!

I am ending this post with an early Christmas giveaway courtesy of Globe and The Beauty Junkee.

I have personally handpicked these prizes, and made sure that they will please every discerning beauty aficionado. (Like me!) So read the mechanics thoroughly and find out how you can bring one of these fab items home!

Four downright lucky readers will take home one of the following best sellers:

1. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (Best- selling Eyeshadow palette)
2. Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Set (Best- selling nail polish kit)
3. Beauty Blender Cleanser+Sponge Set (Best- selling sponge)
4. Korres Lip Blockbuster Volume 2 (Best- selling lip balms and glosses)

Here are the mechanics:

1. The participant MUST be a Globe Subscriber.
4. Answer this question: "What do you want to buy online this Black Friday Sale? Why?"
5. Publicly share this giveaway on your Facebook profiles with the sentence: The future of international online shopping is here! Join GCASH American Express Virtual Card and @The Beauty Junkee's giveaway! (Link to this post)
** Make sure you mention my FB Fan page, and include a link of this post in your post
6. Tweet this: OMG! I can't wait to shop with GCASH American Express Virtual Card! #GCASHAMEX (Link to this post)
**The item of choice depends on you. Make sure you mention my Twitter account on your tweet. To shorten links, please go to bit.ly.
7. Comment the following below this post:

Full Name
Email Address
Link to Facebook Post
Link to Tweet
Answer to the question

That's it! Please follow the mechanics accordingly. I would like to stress that the participant must be a Globe subscriber. The four winners will be chosen by Globe and I. Winners will be announced on the arrival date of the package and will be asked to send their mobile numbers to my email for verification.

The items are already on their way to the Philippines. :) This is just a very quick giveaway! It's perhaps my grandest Christmas giveaway to date, so join now! A very merry (and early) Christmas to everyone! :)

This post is brought to you by The Beauty Junkee and Globe

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80 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow, this is such a helpful post! Thank you so much! :)

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  3. Full Name: Robin Jacques C. Ong
    Email Address: jacobin.ong@gmail.com
    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/jacobin.ong/posts/466653903373227
    Link to Tweet questionhttps://twitter.com/WangShiPing/status/269713477436837889
    Answer to the question:
    I am interested in buying BeautyBlender, Naked Palette and Korres products.
    Because I heard they're good products and I want to try them.

  4. marjorie biacora
    i want to buy the urban decay naked 1 and 2 palettes, been wanting to buy these palettes but its too expensive here. hehehe. this will be a great christmas gift to myself for all my hard work this year.

  5. Full Name: Majorie Ann Mahusay
    Email Address: major_ann2000@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/majorie.mahusay/posts/10151272878128281
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/majorieann/status/269740417170411520
    Answer to the question: I would definitely buy the Korres Lip Blockbuster Volume 2. Aside from my love for eyeshadows, I also love lipbalms. If I feel that my lips are hydrated, I feel healthy. That's why I have to keep seperate lipbalms at home and in my bag. I also love the look of having baby soft lips and I think this product will do the job.. ;))

  6. Andrea Mae BaltazarNovember 17, 2012 at 8:23 PM


    FB Post:


    I want to buy online gadgets and of course, MAKE UP this Black Friday Sale. I have always been a gadget and make up freak that I want to try everything under the sun! My hands get itchy whenever I see new gadgets, especially make up from bloggers :)

  7. Full Name: Marlene R. Yanga
    Email Address: marlenerivera31@yahoo.com

    Link to Facebook Post:https://www.facebook.com/marleneryanga31/posts/517019728322887

    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/itsmepriceless/status/269779550089654272

    Answer to the question : I want to buy the . Korres Lip Blockbuster Vol. 2 ,love the color ,i'd been hearing about Korres and I think it is not available here and i really want to try it.
    I'm a globe user for 16 years now.

  8. Full name: Jade Jasmin Laure

    Email: jajalaure80@yahoo.com

    FB status: https://www.facebook.com/jaja.laure.3/posts/138046013010217

    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/jazborj/status/269801340895625217

    Answer to your question: I really want to buy Korres Lip Blockbuster Volume 2 because every girl should make an effort to prettify her lips!

  9. Hi! I was just wondering: how does the shipping work? Do they ship directly to your house? Is there customs tax or something? Hope you could answer! Thank you :)

  10. Full Name: Michelle David
    Email Address: mitchie2001@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook Post: http://www.facebook.com/mitchiekyuti/posts/471115576267600
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/mitchiekyuti/status/269840915877728257
    Answer to the question: I would like to buy the 2 Naked Palettes! I've read a lot of good reviews about it and I personally think that the shades are all gorgeous, wearable be it be for a day or night event. Plus I'm starting to like putting some eye shadows on lately. :) The other one is a Sigma makeup brushes.. for better application of my makeup!:)

    So happy and excited for this extravagant giveaway!:) Globe has been my network since 2006 and will never get tired being their subscriber!:)

  11. Full Name: Maria Katherine P. Mendoza
    Email Address: mkpmendoza@gmail.com
    Link to Facebook Post: http://www.facebook.com/mkpmendoza/posts/168319203311015
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/katie_katekate/status/269876148677246976
    Answer to the question: This Black Friday, I really want to buy the Sigma's New Synthetic Essential Kit because I heard lots of good things about those brushes. I also want to buy the Urban Decay's Naked Palette because this past months, I have been crazy with eyeshadow palettes and I really want to see how great this product is. I would also want to buy Lime Crime's Alchemy Palette because I want to see how pigmented it is. Tose products would be a perfect Christmas gift for myself. I am really saving for those. Thanks for sharing this great news. :)

  12. Joining!

    Full Name: Janeen Marie Ferreria
    Email Address: iampurplejaja@gmail.com
    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/ja.ferreria/posts/437463012982330
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/IamPurpleJaja/status/269972684534861824

    Answer to the question:

    I would like to get my hands on the coveted Naked 1 & 2 palettes. Maybe some sleek and revlon items too! tax and custom charges are just pretty crazy here in the PH. I'm happy and thankful that Globe came up with this. Online shopping is now easier! Kudos Globe for making this happen and thank you too Martha! :)

  13. Snow Dee

    Tweet: https://twitter.com/SnowDee321/status/269986235462848512


    I want to buy a new watch this black friday bcause it's been a while since I bought one.

  14. name;jhessica recto
    facebook link;

    twiiter link;

    my answer;
    ive heard a lot about black friday, minsan napapaisip ako sana nasa us nalang ako dahil super hassle kapag magorder sa US at ngaun parang naprapraning na ko at naatat na mag order,, ang pinaka gsto kong order super tagal na sa US onlineshop ay hair tools from flatironexperts super dami kong nababsa na good reviews at ok naman ang presyo so mgaun parang dream come true.. yeheyy!! thank you GCASH American Express Virtual Card, talagang mapapashopping ako nito..=) and also thank u to ms.martha sau ko to unang nabasa..

  15. Full Name: Ana Katerina Valdez
    Email Address: kat@katvaldez.com

    Link to Facebook Post:

    Link to Tweet:

    Answer to the question:
    This Black Friday Sale, I will buy the booties I've been eye-ing on for months online! Thank God for Gcash Amex! I can finally buy it <3

  16. Full Name: Jamaica Isabel Buguis
    Email Address: jamaica_buguis@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook Post: http://www.facebook.com/jamaica.isabel/posts/371381109617275
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/pinkberriees/status/270027976723267585
    Answer to the question: I'm really eye-ing on the Urban Decay Naked palette! :)

  17. Debby Claire A. Alisbo
    Hmmm. I'd love to buy something for my mom. My parents' anniversary is coming soon, and I'd like to get her one of her absolute favorites, A RED LIPSTICK. She adores red lipsticks of any brand, and I think that'll be a very good gift for her. <3

  18. Full Name: Kim Mendoza
    Email Address: kimlmendoza@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook Post: http://www.facebook.com/kimlmendoza/posts/206160916185824
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/kimlmendoza/status/270061412414521344
    Answer to the question: Going to splurge on Urban Decay Products, I heard they will go all out for Black Friday and oh boy, I've been saving up for this for a while now! Thanks to Globe Gcash Amex and to you Martha, for making the deal even more drool-worthy. :)

    xx, Kim
    Kimpossibly Gorgeous

  19. Full Name: Jenisse Encanto
    Email Address: jen28mon@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/jenisse.encanto/posts/390021664408831
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/ilovejenjen28/status/270103735697567744
    Answer to the question: this black friday sale i am hoping to get the urban decay naked 1 or 2 palette. i've been dreaming of trying the UD eyeshadows as i've read so many raves about it. im still a make-up newbie and i would like to have a chance to use such a high end product.

  20. Full Name: Angela Pauline Calimag
    Email Address: babypau0115@gmail.com
    Link to FB post:https://www.facebook.com/angela.p.calimag/posts/279922025444126
    Link to Tweet:https://twitter.com/Babypau0115/status/270138421622751233
    Answer to the question: This coming Black friday sale I am going to buy the lime crime eyeshadow helper and the UD naked palletes 1 and 2... :)Because I have heard lots of good raves about these products and if ever I am going to splurge I would like to get value for my money. :)

  21. Full Name: Nikki Dargantes
    Email Address: nikkidargantes@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/nikki.dargantes/posts/495331127166752
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/nikkidargy/status/270150466585899009
    Answer to the question: I've always, always wanted to shop for cosmetics online. The website sales are just crazy! I hope I could make that wish come true, through Globe Virtual AmEx!

  22. Just joined!

    Full Name; Leilani B. Cadiz
    Email Address: leilanibcadiz@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/iam072182
    Link to Twitter post: https://twitter.com/iamlbc/status/270158732497936384
    Answer to question: I've been looking around in Sephora for quite some time already and I'm excited to have the Beauty Blender Cleanser+Sponge Set, Clarisonic Mia2 Cleansing system and the gadgets that can be found in Amazon! This upcoming Black Friday Sale is just in time to purchase these and gifts for loved ones this coming Christmas!

  23. What I want to buy online this Black Friday Sale is LeapPad for my baby boy. It would be a very wonderful gift on his 1st birthday in Dec. 18.

  24. Vanessa Rose Palacio

    What I want to buy online this Black Friday Sale is LeapPad for my baby boy because it would be a very wonderful gift for his 1st birthday on Dec. 18.

  25. Name: Reylyn Cruz
    twitter name: @iamreylyncruz

    twitter post link: https://twitter.com/iamreylyncruz/status/270239797652647936

    fb name: Reylyn Cruz
    fb post link: https://www.facebook.com/reylyn.cruz/posts/138277459653068

    I want to buy perfume,cosmetics & gadgets this coming black friday sale because i'm very addicted into it. and with gcash american express virtual card I can shop from many major online merchants , It's a prepaid card so it consumes the money you already have in your GCASH wallet. It's not utang/credit
    and the annual fee of the virtual card is just P250!! and most especially it's HASSLE FREE ;)))i've been a globe user for almost 7 yrs and i can say that globe have the best! because with globe NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE ;) ♥

    EMAIL ADDRESS: katkatramos@gmail.com

    FB POST: http://www.facebook.com/katkatramos/posts/173303682813781

    TWEET: https://twitter.com/katiekatramos/status/270376812146733057

    Answer to the question: This coming Black friday sale I am going to buy Christmas presents for my family, a gadget for my dad, my mom’s favourite perfume, makeup for my younger sister and professional microdermabration for me because I heard great reviews about this. I hope my wish come true, through Globe Virtual AmEx! Thank you Ms. Martha for sharing this great news ^_^

    EMAIL ADDRESS: katkatramos@gmail.com

    FB POST: http://www.facebook.com/katkatramos/posts/173303682813781

    TWEET: https://twitter.com/katiekatramos/status/270376812146733057

    Answer to the question: This coming Black friday sale I am going to buy Christmas presents for my family, a gadget for my dad, my mom’s favourite perfume, makeup for my younger sister and professional microdermabration for me because I heard great reviews about this. I hope my wish come true, through Globe Virtual AmEx! Thank you Ms. Martha for sharing this great news ^_^

  28. Full Name : Christine Rina Troy
    Email Address : xtinecam@gmail.com
    Link to Facebook Post: http://www.facebook.com/christine.rina.3/posts/434589133275718
    Link to Tweet : https://twitter.com/heleanalove/status/270396506807336960
    Answer to the question : My bestfriend will come home for a vacay so instead of her giving me pasalubong, i would also love to give her a present. and im so thankful that you have this kind of giveaway

  29. Full Name: Gizette Cao
    Email Address: gizettecao@gmail.com
    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/zette.zi/posts/392679860807365
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/RnG26/status/270454975258316800
    Answer to the question: I always buy cosmetics online, but only from local sellers! would love to try buying cosmetics or skin care products from US websites!

  30. Full Name: Vanessa D. Masangkay
    Email Address: vanessa.masangkay@gmail.com

    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/vanessa.masangkay/posts/324523494329426

    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/vanana_top/status/270383139262701568

    Answer to the question: i really wanted to try buying cosmetics online(like Urban Decay Products) this Black Friday Sale coz its every girls dream(lol) and the thing is it is not easily bought here in our country.

  31. This is really something good!
    I can finally buy stuffs from other countries. :-)

  32. Hello!
    Gusto ko lang po itanong kung kasama na ba sa prices online yung charges like shipping fee, taxes, etc.?

  33. Full Name: Darlyn T. Osanastre
    Email Address:neilsamsung@gmail.com
    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/darlyno/posts/10151268640594204
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/darlyn/status/270375584754982912
    Answer to the question: I want to shop and try cosmetics brands like Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 or 2 this Black Friday Sale (drooling)coz every kikay can't resist that one.

  34. Full Name: June Izabelle Roque
    Email Address: enujellebazi@gmail.com
    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/Msjillroque/posts/120836884741051
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/jillroque/status/270507419598221313
    Answer to the question:
    This coming Black Friday sale I'd like to buy a shoes for my mom, she's making me "kulit" for a long time to look for the shoes she's been looking at the malls but she can't find one.

  35. Full Name: Anne Margaret J. Lising

    Email Address: zych_5@yahoo.com

    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/magzee/posts/329456367161921

    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/magzee/status/270513500743413760

    Answer to the question:
    I want to buy SOAP & GLORY products this Black Friday Sale! I discovered S&G thru pasalubongs from Canada. I loved their products in an instant! From shower gels, to body scrubs, to body butter and foot creams, their original Pink scent will drive you crazy! :)

    I researched where can I get these products, but unfortunately, they are not readily available here in the Philippines. However, online stores, Sephora & Boots are selling them. BUT, it has always been a problem trying to ship items from Sephora (US) and Boots (UK), since they require shipping addresses to their respective countries ONLY. With this GCASH Amex, I think it will be a lot easier to buy products because shipping (address) will not be a problem anymore. I'm excited to try this one!
    Thank you, Martha, for sharing this wonderful 'breakthrough' to online shoppers like me. :)

  36. Full Name Apple Maglalang
    Email Address: aplcreatte@yahoo.com.ph
    Link to Facebook Post
    Link to Tweethttps://twitter.com/applemaglalang/status/270550679720980480
    Answer to the question:
    I would love to have a major haul on makeup brands not available here. I would love love love to have the beauty blender or naked 2, I have heard so much raves on these products, I really do wish to bag this one as I have never won anything on blog contests such as like this. Pls.Ms Martha be my Santa!

  37. Full Name: Iza Therese Marasigan - Carpiso
    Email Address: izatheresemarasigan@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook Post: http://www.facebook.com/sheng.marasigan/posts/298748896892135?notif_t=like
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/shengmarasigan/status/270740304070594560
    Answer to the question: I really want to get my hands on the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2! I read and watched bloggers around the world rave about this. I want to try it for myself so I can try out various looks by applying what I learn from the makeup tutorials of my favorite bloggers!


  38. Answer to the question:
    I have never experienced buying on a Black Friday sale nor buying anything online with credit cards because I am too scared to use them because of credit card frauds/stealing and such as, but this is such a good offer from Globe! I may have to register myself soon and buy online at Sephora some stuff that are not available here in the Philippines. I always ask my friends abroad to buy it from me and it's such a hassle. Can't wait!

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

    Full Name: Kimberly Yap
    Email Address: kmmyp@live.com
    Link to Facebook Post:
    Link to Twitter Post:

  39. i hope we have a blck friday sale version in the philippines, i mean big big discount :p
    goodluck to all who will be joining!!!

  40. i hope we have a blck friday sale version in the philippines, i mean big big discount :p
    goodluck to all who will be joining!!!

  41. Name: Menchie Santos
    Email: msm011010@gmail.com
    FB Link: https://www.facebook.com/menchie.c.santos/posts/167140720095852
    Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/chiieeLOVEStoto/status/270387452789788672

    Answer: I can finally add more on my Sephora wishlist, such as the Tokidoki brushes, Bite beauty lipsticks and kat von d lock it tattoo foundation.. this is truly an amazing thing not only for beauty junkees like us but to those who want to experience a hassle free online shopping. Thanks to Globe and to you Ms. Martha!:)

  42. Name: Iya Consengco
    Email: missplpify@gmail.com
    Twitter Link:

    Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/TheBeautyJunkee/posts/371119416313193

    My top 3 products that I would definitely buy in a whim given the chance to shop on a Black Friday in Sephora would be the following:

    Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo
    Clarisonic Mia 2
    Kate Somerville Exfolikate

    As a model I'm not allowed to condition my hair whenever I have shoots just so styling products can stick to my hair well. Sometimes it could get greasy when I don't use conditioner because the dryness over compensates the natural oils on my hair so Oscar Blandi Dry shampoo is a must to soak up those oils.

    Another thing is that being a beauty/vlogger also entails me to keep my skin healthy, and lets face it, I also have to face the camera sans makeup sometimes for a tutorial, therefore clear skin is a must! Kate Somerville is one product that a lot of beauty gurus and celebrities rave about to keep skin in its best shape, and who hasn't heard about the wonders of Clarisonic? Its such a staple in every beauty junkie's vanity.

    Lastly, being able to go out and rock the world with no makeup and all and knowing that your hair isn't greasy is the best confidence booster!

  43. Name: Mica Ella De Jesus
    email: micaloveirish@yahoo.com
    FB post: http://www.facebook.com/mikay.dejesus/posts/135342313282784
    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/micaloveirish/status/271130578668097536
    I want to buy the Kimchi Blue Suede Mirror Heel because i've been eye-ing it since I saw it from urbanoutfitters.com. Hope to win so it would be easy for me to purchase it. Thanks GLOBE, you make things easier to reach. :)

  44. Full Name: Yvonne De Villa
    Email Address: itsbebeyvonne@gmail.com
    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/yvonne.devilla/posts/393914727357828
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/itsbebeyvonne/status/271510061866684418
    Answer to the question:The products that I want to buy online this Black Friday Sale are Paula Deen 18 piece Red Cookware Set (Target.com) and Clinique De-Aging Solutions Kit (Sephora.com). Both products will be great christmas presents for my dear Mom who loves us unconditionally. She just love to cook so much and also a little bit kikay like me. These little things will make her happy. And in partnership of Globe, American Express Virtual Card and My Shopping Box, it makes our online shopping easy and hassle free! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! May God Bless you! ^_^

  45. Full Name: Celline Reyes
    Email Address: joelle_celline@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook Post: http://www.facebook.com/celline08/posts/3598198408067
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/celline08/status/271538793255940096
    Answer to the question:
    I can't wait to shop at Sephora too and pay for additional space for my blog. :))

  46. Cza Callanta

    This coming Black Friday Sale, I want to buy a Michael Kors watch for my mom because her birthday is coming up (December 1). She has been eyeing on this for the longest time! She has been the best mom that any girl can have, and now that her little girl has grown up and bagged her first job, I want to give her a special treat to show her how grateful I am to have her as my mom. :)

  47. Levy Pascual

    Answer: I would love to buy Urban decay products, their eye primer is really the best. I have my naked 1 but still I want to own naked 2. I'm eyeing on vice palette. It's really pretty!

  48. Answer
    This Black Friday Sale, I want to buy Urban Decay Naked 1 and Naked 2! Because my HMU used Naked 1 during my wedding, and i just love the shades! It made me look so pretty, and really complements my complexion. I want to have these two babies for my self, so i can recreate the look! I want to always stay pretty for me and my hubby, specially now that i'm preggy... :)

    FB Link: https://www.facebook.com/xoxoziela/posts/3707399498113
    Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/xoxo_ziela/status/271778377281699840

  49. Full Name : Gen-zel Habab
    Email Address : genzel@hellokitty.com

    Link to Facebook Post : https://www.facebook.com/genzel.habab/posts/4537139240645

    Link to Tweet : https://twitter.com/genzelkisses/status/271797020849758209

    Answer to the question "What do you want to buy online this Black Friday Sale? Why?"
    - I want to buy Naked 1 or Naked 2 Palette. In my 22 years of existence, and being a late bloomer, I've never own an eyeshadow palette making me not so fond of putting eyeshadows because I'm a bit not confident with it. I've been wanting to buy Naked Palette because it seems to be one of the best Palettes available in the market but it's too expensive for me that's why I included it in my wishlist. Who knows I might receive it this Christmas as a gift and reward for myself overcoming everything as an independent person. Another thing is that I don't have credit card yet, thanks to GCASH American Express Virtual Card and My Shopping Box for making my simple wish this Christmas possible.

  50. Full Name: Marie Jane Rosell Jaime
    Email Address: jaimemariejanerosell@gmail.com
    Link to Facebook Post: http://www.facebook.com/marie.jane.rosell/posts/513959681957124
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/MarieJaneRosell/status/271803422771122177

    I've always wanted to have Cricut Expression 2 Cutting Machine. I used to do crafting when I was still in highschool and college. I love making cards, classroom decors and kung ano ano pa. Now that U have discovered this machine, I know I will be able to be more creative. ANd with this machine, the possibilities are endless! I can't even go to sleep without thinking about this. I never wanted something like this before! OMG!

  51. Full Name: Jaslene Lustro
    Email Address: jaslenelustro@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/jslnlstr/posts/176988522441162
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/jazzgetup/status/271680117292535808

    I'd definitely buy Sephora makeups! As I have a self-imposed (online) shopping ban these past months to focus on my board exam review, I'd like to reward myself by taking advantage of the crazy sales this Black Friday. Yes, I admit I don't have the most logical of reasons for shopping. I basically do it to reward myself--delayed gratification at its finest! Hihi. And Globe GCash AMEX couldn't be any more timely for this! :)


  52. Full Name: Cristiane Zubiaga

    Email Address: cintamuni@gmail.com

    Link to Facebook Post https://www.facebook.com/cristiane.cleofas/posts/10151555857134148

    Link to Tweet https://twitter.com/Chaning19/status/271875255834914816

    Answer to the question:
    This Black Friday, I would love to buy shoes, bags, and perfume because this is the time of the year where I can save a lot of bucks!

  53. Agnes Dela Cruz



    This Black Friday Sale would like to buy my son a new pair of Adidas Predator power swerve soccer shoes. He recently competed with his age under14 at the Alaska football cup held in Alabang Country Club. Out of 36 teams they bagged the 3rd place.. which is his first award in first competition. A new pair of soccer shoes will be nice as a Christmas gift for him.. to inspire him more .:)

  54. Crystal Marie Cañete
    FB Post: http://www.facebook.com/taloycanete/posts/476462329063739
    Tweet Post: https://twitter.com/dearcrysy/status/272249080921608193

    I would love to buy Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 so I'll get inspired in perfecting my eye make-up. Owning a good set of eye make-up will definitely boost my confidence in achieving my dream look. This makes me very excited! =)

  55. Full Name: Judy Ann Chio
    Email Address: judyann_chio@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/judyann14/posts/466238703417256
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/mamoi14/status/272314917154082817
    Answer to the question: I want to buy the Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Set because I am very addicted to nail polishes and I am dying to try Ciate Caviar. :)

  56. Full name: Trisha Camille Lozano
    e-add: trishlozano25@yahoo.com
    fb post: http://www.facebook.com/trishacamille.lozano/posts/126827364141218
    tweet: https://twitter.com/trishlozanxx/status/270412780618784768

    If given a chance, I would definitely choose URBAN DECAY NAKED 2 PALETTE, simply because I've heard good things and read good reviews about it. This palette can really help me today and in the future because i'm an aspiring flight attendant. And being in that field one must know how to look good not just on the outside but also inside. I believe in the saying that when you feel pretty you'll have more confidence do excel!!! :-)

  57. Full name: Trisha Camille Lozano
    e-add: trishlozano25@yahoo.com
    fb post: http://www.facebook.com/trishacamille.lozano/posts/126827364141218
    tweet: https://twitter.com/trishlozanxx/status/270412780618784768

    If given a chance, I would definitely choose URBAN DECAY NAKED 2 PALETTE, simply because I've heard good things and read good reviews about it. This palette can really help me today and in the future because i'm an aspiring flight attendant. And being in that field one must know how to look good not just on the outside but also inside. I believe in the saying that when you feel pretty you'll have more confidence do excel!!! :-) This giveaway is really a "BONGGA"!!!!!! Globe really makes the Impossible, POSSIBLE! *fingers crossed* :)

  58. Full Name: claire sereno
    Email Address: claire_sereno2001@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/claire.sereno/posts/312118755567544
    Link to Tweet:
    Answer to the question

    Honestly: there are only two stuff I dream of buying in the black friday sale. the one is a esprit watch and the second is a camera. I would love to buy them because they remind me that time is very important so does how we live our life. the camera reminds me that every moment needs to be captured regardless of awkward it is, time lost can't be back anymore, but pictures of it can be kept.the watch is just so dear to me. wearing warch, is like wearing smile, it should always be there.

  59. Grhea Joy A Rancap
    grhea_angel@yahoo.com http://www.facebook.com/grheajoy/posts/409521772449690

    I have lots on my personal shopping list because I like buying stuff from Sephora but if I had the chance to go online shopping during the Black Friday sale, I would first focus on buying Christmas gifts for my family and friends.

    This new tie-up from Gcash and Amex would make it easier since it will help me buy the things I want online without worrying about too much charges. I only get stuff from Sephora because I ask my cousin who lives in Canada to buy and send them, but with this virtual card, I will have the chance to buy the stuff online :)

    Email Address: fujickoann5@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/jeanne.ugay/posts/555025251189760
    Link to Tweet:

    I'm going to use my GCASH American Express Virtual card to buy Paper Jamz Pro Guitar - Style 1 for my son who is very interested in music. I'm still undecided on what stuff I will buy for myself so I'm just going to look first at other website that uses American Express =)




    I want to buy Urbandecay Naked 2 pallet..I really like pallet so if i given a chance to buy it .. im going to used GCASH American Express Virtual card

  62. Full Name: Ma. Krystal Jade B. Coronel

    Email Address: gurl_022003@yahoo.com

    Link to Facebook Post:https://www.facebook.com/krystaljade.coronel/posts/553827447977161

    Link to Tweet:

    Answer to the question:

    I will buy new make-up's from sephora. This will complete one of my Christmas wishlist =)

  63. Full Name: Janice Marjo Nuevas
    Email Address: jong2_cute19@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/jongcute/posts/449307765131810
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/jongcute/status/273261940242010112
    Answer to the question:
    I want to buy @ sephora & apple because i really want to have the beauty blender and naked palette plus other make-up stuff which are not readily available here in the philippines and most of all i want to buy the ipad mini for my very first apple product...:)

  64. Full Name: Roselle Adecer-Labitad
    Email Address: san2_adecer ( a t ) yahoo ( d o t ) com
    Link to Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/roselle.adecer/posts/176385205838219
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/scrabblefun/status/273275520215547906
    Answer to the question:
    I want to buy a Tascam Portable Digital Recorder at Amazon for my hubby because he needs it for video editing and we can't find it in the malls :(

  65. Maria Cristina Martinez

    "What do you want to buy online this Black Friday Sale? Why?" I would like to buy Lorac Pro Palette. It's expensive to pre-order from sites, and it's a hassle to disturb friends and relatives for purchases. Lorac is not available here and I've heard good reviews about this palette. While there are great eyeshadow palettes around, it's hard to find one with a good variety of matte shades, great for fashion and bridal shoots :) I'm sure my clients will love the eyeshadow palette as well.

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/imalittlebitofcrissy/posts/102634363238375

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/crissy_martinez/status/273285911498854400


  66. Full Name: jessamer Abing
    Email Address: jessamerabing@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook Post: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=457020117667739&id=100003436076683
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/jexxaaaaaa/status/273302324271783936
    Answer to the question:
    I would really love to buy a moccassin boots or a dr. martens boots because these two are my long time dream shoes. Its really hard to find those shoes here in the philippines and I can only buy that through online so this gcash american express card is really a great thing because it gives a chance to any globe subscriber to buy online even without credit card.

  67. Full Name: Jennifer Cartagena
    Email Address: jenncartagena0131@yahoo.com
    Link to Facebook Post: http://www.facebook.com/geishaatyourback/posts/134015216752115
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/CozIamJenn/status/273320224026152961
    Answer to the question:


  68. Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

    I want to buy Casio G-Shock digital watch online this Black Friday Sale because this would be an awesome gift for my hubby this Holiday season and this would be a wonderful addition to his watch collection. :)

  69. Full name: Lovely Joy Merced
    Email: bundlesofjoy@rocketmail.com
    FB post: https://www.facebook.com/TheBeautyJunkee/posts/118905431604140
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/Joyluck_614/status/273405872812720129

    I want to get Toys online from Target or Sears so i can make my kids happy, as long as they're happy, i'm happy!

  70. Name: Dianara Lynne E. Nicadao
    E-mail: black_dianara@yahoo.com
    Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/princesdianne/posts/521446737868182
    Twitter link: https://twitter.com/DianaraNicdao/status/274135873052868608

    Answer: I will spend my money on an ottlite natural daylight make up mirror. I'm sure it will really give me a big help. I wanna try a make up mirror but I'm looking a mirror with natural daylight so it will show the natural colors of the product and I know what I look like when I go outside.

  71. Name: Katherine Rose Rivera
    Email: kathroriver@gmail.com
    FB link: https://www.facebook.com/kathneko/posts/192690090868464
    Twitter link: https://twitter.com/Kathneko/status/274525788378918912


    I want to buy something useful for myself since I've been very good this year. I saved up a lot of money by refraining myself to buy makeups and other nonsense thing. So this means I can buy my high end makeups from Sephora and if ever given another chance, I want to buy my father a new pair of eyeglasses from a reputable brand from online shops abroad.

  72. karen ann yap
    fb link: https://www.facebook.com/karenann.yap/posts/314688875312118
    twitter: i have no twitter :(
    i want to buy something for my mom kiehls products to be excat because she has a very sensitive skin and i have heard good reviews about it. also, for myself i want to have the urban decay naked palette 2 because i have seen a lot of bloggers use it and consider it as a must have and it really makes me so curios about it and i also want to try it for myself because i can see that the colors are so versatile that u can use it in different occassions or in ur just so typical day and of course i want to use it with a set of sigma brushes :)

  73. Full Name: Patch Buenaventura
    Email Address: patchbuenaventura@gmail.com
    Link to Facebook Post: http://www.facebook.com/misspatchea/posts/139256829557019
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/SuperSexyPatch/status/276198976619941888
    Answer to the question: This holiday season - first and foremost - I do believe that online shopping is the way to go! Not only do you get to maximize today's technological innovations, but you actually get to cross out many items in your shopping list minus the intense holiday rush! It's super stress-free... my beauty and composure remains, tee hee! But seriously, if I were to buy something online, it would have to be the URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE 2! After religiously using my first ever UD NP #1 down to its last pigment (I wish I took a picture to show proof, haha), I guess it's time for me to move on to the next level: the UD NP #2! With its bold color choices, I am sooo excited to get creative with its shining, shimmering, and splendid combinations not only for my eyes, but for others as well! I love doing my friends and officemates' make up during my free time! After all, this merry season is all about giving and sharing right? So why not give and share the wonder of beauty! xoxo

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. Anne Consolacion
    anne.j2 (at) gmail (dot) com



    Black Friday's over but I wanted to buy a recliner chair, changed my mind and wanted a kitchen mixer, then back to a recliner. Bought some books instead. :)
    Why books? I love books! They take you far away from where you are. They give you a glimpse of being someone else, you feel what they feel, see what they see, and live their lives. I will never stop reading books!

    (I'm sorry, I had to comment again. Missed something in the previous one.)

    Facebook link : https://www.facebook.com/elaiza.basas/posts/3916581081244
    Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/elieloise/status/276570396357165057

    Hello Ms. Martha!

    I’ve been an avid user of Globe way back in my elementary days until now that I’m a mommy already. I’ve Been using Globe for more or less 10 years now and I can’t believe that Globe is innovating for more! I’ve been very satisfied of their service ever since and I am glad that now they have this GCash AMEX virtual card which opens a lot of doors into the International Market. With Globe, we can really do it!
    We can shop all over the globe using our GCash AMEX card. Thanks to Globe!

    Given that chance, I will surely haul over Sephora products. Because just like you Ms. Martha I love makeup and everything which could bring out the beauty that we have. I’m a seeker and I love to try out new products. We have the same taste when it comes to Naked 2 urban decay, that’s included in my wishlist. These products can transform us from nothing to WOW! That’s why I soooo love them. Can’t wait to try on these products!

    I’m new into your blog and I am loving it! Your thoughts are very helpful especially your reviews. I’m a fan of yours now. Will be looking forward for more of your blog posts ☺

    More Power to Globe and The Beauty Junkee!

  77. Full Name: Joanna Delos Santos Capati
    Email Address: joannacapati08@gmail.com
    Link to Facebook Post: http://www.facebook.com/#!/joanna.capati/posts/496940180350307
    Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/joanna_mdc/status/278408388495413248
    Answer to the question: This Black Friday Sale, I'd like to buy my long-waiting wishlist beauty products from Sephora such as Josie Maran's collections, Korres, Fresh, and more Sephora Favorites! Like any other girls, I am obsessed with anything beautiful but of course, those that won't harm my sensitive skin that's why I'm always eyeing for those using natural ingredients such as Josie Maran's argan oil finds! Thank Goodness because with American Express Virtual Card and GCASH, I won't anymore have problems getting these treasures in a faster, simpler way! Thank you Ms. Martha and Globe! :)

  78. Hello Martha! So if you will buy from these stores, they will not ask for you billing address anymore if you will use the Gcash Virtual card? I tried shopping at Kohl's before but they wont allow international credit cards. Is this still applicable at Kohl's? If yes, that would be great as I dont have to worry about them not accepting international credit cards.

  79. Anonymous: Hello there! For the billing address, all online boutiques ask for that. Just look for the option "same as shipping" address and click that. :) That's the instruction of GCASH Amex. :)

  80. Hi martha, im happy to saw this review. Want to place an order sna sa sephora kaso bakit ayaw tanggapin yung billing address..shipping add is d same a billing db?thanks hope masagot po..


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