Review: Tresemme Hair Mask

Here's a review on Tresemme Smooth and Shine Hair Mark

PRICE: P160.00
BOUGHT FROM: Rustan's Supermarket
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading supermarkets and department stores


Crowd favorite hair care drugstore brand Tresemme has finally reached our local shores. Ever since Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog (one of my favorite beauty bloggers) has claimed that Tresemme's Heat Tamer Spray is the shizz, I've always wanted to get my hands on one but there's no way I'm paying exorbitant shipping fees and taxes for a $5 product. It's nice to know that the brand is finally here, although I hope they'd bring in more of their products especially the Heat Tamer Spray that I've been meaning to try since forever.

I just ran out of my favorite hair mask from Kerastase last week so I went to my favorite local supermarket to grab a cheaper (and more accessible) alternative. Actually, I didn't have Tresemme in mind-it just so happened that it was already right in front of me so I grabbed and paid for it immediately as I didn't have the time to linger around then. 

For the record, I haven't used anything from Tresemme and this is the first- ever product I'll try from the brand. I must say, beautiful accidents really do happen. Click READ MORE and find out why.


There's no big issue with the packaging except that it comes in a tub. (You all know my hygiene issues with tub packaging) For only P160.00, you get a 180ml product. I only use hair masks once or twice a week to restore my hair's smoothness and shine but lately, I'm kinda' abusing it because I found out that it's a great alternative to conditioner. :)

Texture is semi- thick, and consistency is kinda' whipped. It is laced with a light floral fragrance. I only apply it on the mid- section to the ends of my hair because I already have an oily scalp. One time, I applied it on my scalp and I ended up with pasty, oily hair that I had to endure for the entire day. (Learned my lesson the hard way!)

I leave it on my hair for 5 minutes--this is enough time for the product to soften my hair. I rinse it thoroughly with cold water afterwards. The mask leaves my hair fragrant and manageable, and makes it easy to comb. It keeps my hair soft and my frizzies tamed all throughout the day.

As a conditioner alternative, I use it just like how I'd use it as a hair mask, except that I only apply a sheer layer on my mop. Unlike other hair masks that require more than 10 minutes to take effect, this one acts really fast which makes it the perfect choice for someone who's always on the go like me. In comparison with supermarket conditioners, I find that this product moisturizes my hair continually that's why it's my favorite at the moment as my hair is acting up again on me due to the frakkin' hot weather lately.

I am happy with this product, and good thing I accidentally picked this up in the supermarket that fateful day. Since I don't have the dough yet to purchase my fave mask from Kerastase, this baby from Tresemme will do!

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh I bought this mask last week but I'm really lazy to treat my hair this past few days.. Definitely I will tomorrow! :) thank you much Ms. Martha!

    PS: now I know why I always have disgusting oily hair by the middle of the day! It's bcoz of how I put hair mask/treatment.. Thank so much Ms. Martha! :)))

  2. This might be a huge departure from your post, but I swear you have such perfect bronzed skin! I love it! ^_^ I had so much fun hanging out with you earlier! I added you up on fb and I'm your follower on twitter! ^_^



  3. Most of the time I also condition my hair from the middle up to the end. Feeling ko kase need ng parts na yun na macondition more. And I remember the advise from a hair stylist na it's important to condition yung part na yun especially the ends of the hair and pwede na i-leave yung sa may scalp. But I know now na it can make hair oily/ more oily pala!:)


  4. you should get the shampoo & conditioner too.. they're really good & prolly one of, if not the best shampoos & conditioners i've tried!

  5. ive been using the shampoo =) 250ml for pnly 280php =) mas cheaper sya.. then i have to try this too =) yung Tresemme kasi na shampoo naspot ko lang sa Mercury Drug =) wala po nito so i have to look for this.. wa watsons kaya? =)

  6. I will try to get this one coz its cheap for its size. Not bad to try a new hair mask. My hair feels heavy now and my trusted shampoo and conditioner seems to be not working anymore... Looking forward to trying this out. :)

  7. omg this is nly 160php!!!!!!!!
    wishlist now :p

  8. Iya: Thanks! :D Twas nice hanging out with you too :)

    Jenny: Go! :D

    Mark: Same here! :)

    Iza: Let me know how it works on you. :)

    Rhain: Hi there! Yah, I think they have this in Watson's :)

    Rodeoqueen: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Thanks for the reco! Will definitely check them out as I am quite impressed with this mask. :)

    Sincere and Mitchie: Thanks for sharing girls! Don't shampoo/condition your scalp especially if you have an oily one. Let your scalp's natural oils take care of the conditioning on that part for you. :)

  9. i already used this hair mask .and it really works ..for better result used twice a week :)


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