Odes to Success: Charm Sonia Brush Set and JC Makeup Brush Cleaner

 Meet Celine, Jenny, and Sophie. Paragons of beauty, class, and intelligence, and living examples of how passion and determination can take you places.

As a celebration of their success, they proudly introduce Charm Sonia and J&C Makeup Brush Cleaner.

 Celine and Jenny, the forces behind one of the best PR agencies (in my opinion) in the country, ARC PR. Apart from being people savvy, the two also share an unconditional love for makeup. Like any other makeup fanatic, they too have always dreamed of creating a beauty product--one that will perfectly reflect their personalities and suit their busy lifestyles. Being the hardworking and determined duo, they've decided to materialize their dream. After much deliberation and preparation, they came up with their very first beauty product: A makeup brush cleaner. I've always had this impression that Celine and Jenny are very meticulous, always making sure that everything they do is seamless-and there's no better beauty product that will represent the two than a makeup brush cleaner.

We all know the famous Charm Makeup Brushes and beauty blogger-cum-Charm owner, Sophie Uy. We are very much aware of the success she and her beloved makeup brush line is enjoying now, but only a few people know about the hardships and struggles she had to go through to bring Charm to where it is now. To celebrate its 5th year, Charm introduces the limited edition Charm Sonia Travel Pro set: the culmination of 5 years of hardwork. Not only that, Charm Sonia is also her ode to her beloved mother, Mrs. Sonia Uy, one of the persons who believed so much in her dream. That said, Charm Sonia is perhaps the most significant brush set Sophie has ever made.

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 "I started with Zero--with no money at all and my mother was there all along to help me."

Charm Sonia is a sultrier edition of the classic Charm Travel V3 Pro Set. The brushes are still the same as the ones in its classic counterpart, yet the ferrules are colored in Gold. The brush bag is made from soft leatherette with Leopard prints, and was personally chosen by her mom. Mom indeed knows best!

"We love makeup so much and we've always wanted to have our own beauty product that will reflect who we are and what we do. J&C is just that.... It is our current success"

J&C Makeup Brush Cleaner is a quick and easy way to sanitize makeup brushes. It is made to suit ladies who lead busy lives. Ideally, makeup brushes should be washed after every use to keep them from deteriorating easily but honestly, who has the time let alone the energy to do it after a hard day's work? With this in mind, J&C is the solution to keep your brushes (and your skin!) in its pristine condition in no time at all!

 So let's put J&C to the test. Thanks to Tara for lending me her used Charm Kabuki Brush.


 First impression: J&C has a lovely Spearmint scent. Spearmint is known for its relaxing properties, and I love scents that calm the mind and spirit so this brush cleaner has passed my fragrance standards.

 In less than 15 swirls, the brush is already clean! Look at all the makeup that has transferred onto the tissue paper!

AFTER- Squeaky clean and ready for another makeup session! The brush cleaner dries up quickly as well!

With my favorite bloggers: Rowena of Animetric's World, Michelle of Mrs. Martinez Rants and Raves, Nikki of Askmewhats, Angela of Lush Angel, and Jheng of I Am Brigitte.

 "Surround yourself with people who are only going to take you higher." -Oprah Winfrey

My mantra in life has always been this: If one wants to be successful, one should surround him/herself with successful people as well. One of the reasons why I love attending events like this is because I get to be and talk with people who are living their dreams. For me, every event is a reminder that I should never switch off in whatever I do, and I should never have a tinge of doubt in whatever road I am traveling in. 

Cheers to J&C and Charm Sonia. These babies will always remind me of how beautiful success can be!

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  1. Very nicely written, Martha :) I'm so proud of my bosses Celine and Jenny and I'm thankful and happy that I work for them :)

  2. I want the makeup brush cleaner! xD

  3. the Charm Sonia is gorgeous! I'd like to try the brush cleaner, how much is it?

  4. Krissy: Thank you dear! Happy to hear that compliment from a talented writer. :) I'm also happy for always having the chance to work with the two and you guys! :) All hail ARC PR! :D

    Issa: hello! I think it's around P2700.00+ :)

    Carina: Hello! Please visit Charm Makeup Brushes on Facebook :)

    Purple: true! :)

    Gellie: Go dear! Which reminds me, I have to post the link to their FB fan page! :D

  5. Wow!! Dreams do really come true!:) Of course with hard work, perseverance and love!:) Such an inspiring story.. :)

    PS. I love your nail art on your thumb nail!:) Super cute!:)

  6. Those makeup brushes look divine! People who are very passionate about what they do really inspire me to continue blogging. More power to your blog! Cheers! :)


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