Review: Artist Studio Makeup Brushes

Here's a review on Artist Studio Makeup Brushes

PRICE: Angled Flat Top Brush- around P190.00+; Powder Brush- around P149.00+; Foundation Brush- around P99.00+
BOUGHT FROM: Landmark, Makati
OTHER LOCATIONS: Landmark Trinoma


Dear friends-especially makeup fanatics like me-if you are all going to Landmark, please don't forget to look for these brushes at the Health and Beauty section. I love Charm, but I won't say no to cheap brushes that have good quality! I am so happy for spotting these brushes in one of my Landmark trips. Currently, they're my favorites, most especially the powder brush!

 Artist Studio, I think, is a generic brand of brushes from China. (well, they didn't say they're from China, but I feel that they are!) The brand offers makeup brushes made with synthetic and nylon fibers.

Click READ MORE and find out why I love, love, love these brushes!

Angled Flat Top Brush

- This is the first of its kind I've ever seen. I have flat top kabuki brushes and they're great, but I find this more useful because the slanted shape helps me apply makeup on the inner corners on my face.

Top view of the angled kabuki brush

 For an affordable brush, it's quite dense, ha!

 Powder Brush

- This brush is pure love because its width and denseness is perfect for me. I find that most large powder brushes are still too tapered for my liking, and I like the width of this one: It's bigger and it lets me apply powder on a huge part of my skin. Suffice to say, it cuts my preparation time in half!

 I've been using tinted setting powders lately and this baby does the trick. It's dense, but not too compact, (if you know what I'm saying) and it helps me achieve a soft focus and mildly tinted finish, especially when I'm using tinted finishers. It prevents my overall look from being too cakey!

Foundation Brush

Whoops! I forgot to clean it. Anyway, it works just like any regular foundation brush but the difference is, this is cheaper! :D

Fundamentally, all brushes are soft, and they don't have any weird odor. The bristles are easy to rinse, yet drying time takes awhile, which is a known issue in brushes with synthetic bristles. And nope, these brushes don't shed--not even during the first wash!

In all honesty, the brushes have this cheap quality, but I gotta love the way they perform! I love these brushes, and I cannot overemphasize! For fabulous, unique finds like these brushes, you gotta go to Landmark!

A little word of caution though, please don't go for the brushes made with genuine animal hair because they suck: A little tugging on the brush causes a major hair fall, and I firmly believe that they won't last even after the first wash.

Are you a Landmark lurker like me? Please share your favorite finds! :)

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27 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Better get me one of those..super cheap!...I am eyeing the flat top kabuki brush..I think would be a good replacement for my lost charm flat top brush..thanks!

  2. Actually been looking where else I can buy these brushes bec Trinoma is so far from me. Now I can just go to Makati pala :) Yay!

    Thanks! :)

  3. I was supposed to grab one of these, I wish I did.

    But I was able to get one their 'Noconi' brand brush, dupe for Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush. Slightly-less dense but it's great for Php 120+

    I'll make sure I get the powder brush you wrote about. I can relate to the too-tapered thing.

  4. I saw these in Landmark but didn't buy. I will on my next visit!

  5. Wow! This brushes look promising and affordable too! I'll be on search for this one when I go to landmark this Saturday ! :D

  6. If only Landmark was near me! haha. Nice review :)


  7. Needed to have some new powder brush. Glad I always check your blog :D sana miss martha they have retractable powder brush, that's what i need kasi for travelling purposes. :D

  8. Oh my!!! So affordabble!:) I want the angled flat to brush and powder brush!! Makapunta nga ng Landmark! :) Thanks for sharing, Martha!:) Bibili talaga ako!:)

  9. Yay! I've been looking for a good powder brush. I hope I find this when I go to Landmark!

  10. I'm sooo eyeing on the powder brush! ^_^



  11. I love landmark! My favorite place there would be the beauty section and the place where they have all the cute stationeries and little somethings. :) It's so shopping conducive. I've always seen these brushes around but never got around to trying them. Now I have a reason to! :)

  12. i got blending brush and eyeliner brush super nice..hihiih

  13. I have the foundation, blending, and e/s brush of artist studio. Great finds talaga sa landmark :)

  14. 0_0 I WILL definitely buy this tomorrow! Thank you for this post Ms. Martha! I'll be going to landmark tom for my christmas shopping na :)))) yey! I do like cheap yet effective stuffs.. <3 love the angled brush!

  15. meron din ako :) since nung JENNY pa ung brush na nauna :) what a steal tlga :)

  16. I love Landmark Brushes. I love the flat topped one and it's so cheap I should've purchased an extra because when I came back to buy one for a friend wala na akong mabili :(

    I also love their angled blush brush & their eyeshadow brushes. You don't need to buy a brush set if you buy all of the Artist Studio brush because honestly, they have even the smallest eyeshadow brush, lol :)

  17. wish they come in retractable versions too small lang kc ang space s bag ko . if its comparable to charl them thats really saying simething

  18. I have the angled flat top brush.. it only costs me 120 pesos when I bought it yesterday in Landmark Makati... The sales lady told me and my bestfriend that Artist Studio brushes are made out of squirrel hairs which means it is not synthetic...o

  19. I agree with the natural haired brushes. Thu look okay at first then after washing them hairfall na and they turn out scratchy na. Should try this one though! :)

  20. I have these too and love them as well, esp the angled flat top one. And the angled eyeliner/brow brush :)

  21. i'm sooo jealous!!! we don't have these in cebu :( i wish i could own them too ÜÜ

    ÜÜÜ stay happy ÜÜÜ

  22. I have soooo many Artist Studio brushes because they're really really soft and they don't shed. Can't stop collecting them ever since I got my first four brushes. :)

  23. It's sad that the Angled Flat Top Kabuki Brush isn't available in Landmark Makati anymore. It's the only one missing in my collection of Artist Studio brushes. Is it still available at Landmark Trinoma? I'm so raving for this brush! <3 :)

    --- Jhiem :)

  24. I was looking for any online store that sells Artist Studio brush, unfortunately I couldn't find any. :( Hayy it's so frustrating that this brush can only be found in Landmark Makati..if anyone knows an online seller that sells this kind of brush, please pls do tell me :( ..I'm soooooo drooling on this brush set :( Sucks not to live near Makati. :( I'm way too far (i'm from Mindanao).. :(

    Gosh sorry sis (blog owner), dito ata aq ngdrama! have a lovely blog by the way! very informaive posts!Keep it up! ;) Followed you thru GFC. :)

    P.S I'm having my first blog giveaway,I hope you can join?

    Cj from

  25. I will be going to Landmark Makati tomorrow for this!! ;))

  26. If anyone knows where I could get these online it would be very appreciated. I only got a couple of these brushes when in makati for holiday but I live in Australia and I'm wanting more now :(


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