Bewitching Beauty with Majolica Majorca Circus Ecstasy Collection

Come to a place where you can escape in a carousel ride
Where magic and dreams come alive
Indulge in revelry, step into a world of delightful fantasy
Welcome to the Circus Ecstasy

Majolica Majorca ends the year with the 35th chapter, Circus Ecstasy, a collection of bold, fiery shades for fall. In this chapter, Majolica Majorca also releases their brand new cheek products and new, limited edition Majoromantica fragrance and hand cream.

In a quaint dinner at The Fort High Street, me and a few of my beauty blogger friends plus our dearest friends at LuxAsia have gathered to know more about Majolica's newest collection. There was also this fabulous gift box that is such a keeper!

So what's inside the box? Click READ MORE and find out!

Hefty meals, happy hearts. Thank you for the wonderful dinner, everyone! If you're wondering what those small boxes we're holding, that's the newest fragrance of Ferrari for men, Scuderia Ferrari, a fresh, sporty, suave scent for men. Ladies, you now know what to get your men for Christmas! :)


Majoromantica Dream Circus
- Sweet, romantic and laced with maple syrup. Comes with stickers for customizing the bottle.

Trick- On Eyeliner in Black Crown and Rose Crown
- Waterproof gel cream liners that can be used on the eyes and the body.

Creme De Cheek in Strawberry Cream, Shell Pink Cream, Coral Cream, and Custard Cream
- Liquid-gel blushes that impart a dewy finish. Can be used as a base for powder blushes.

Crack Nails
- Crackling nail polish in Black and Pink.

Pantomime Hand Cream
- Scented with the playful and inviting fragrance of Majoromantica.

What's inside the box? These. These are unique liquid blushes and I definitely think they're perfect for people with oily skin! I am loving the subtle red shade of Kiichigo Cream!

Please visit MAJOLICA MAJORCA PHILIPPINES on Facebook and get to know more about this latest collection.

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  1. Can't wait for your review on the blushes! :D

  2. Such cute little bottles..looks like small bells...catchy!

  3. wow, Majolica's newest collection is a must have. The packaging and all are really presentable.nice post!^_^

  4. Love the box!:) Will watch out for your reviews!:)

  5. wee martha perfect for oily skin?..parang eto ata un nakita ko kanina akla ko polish haha! so i dint bother to check haha


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