Review: The Body Shop All In One Concealer 2

Here's a review on The Body Shop All-In-One Concealer in 2

PRICE: Around P1,000.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all The Body Shop stores


So The Body Shop has just released a new line called All-In-One, a line of makeup+skin care benefits. The Body Shop says:

This easy-to-blend concealer effectively covers imperfections and dark shadows. The lightweight but high-coverage formula stays in place for hours. With ingredients including vitamin E and marula oil, it’s make-up and skincare in one. High coverage Easy to blend Lightweight.

 A lot of people really liked this product and like them, I like it too. Click READ MORE and check out my detailed review.

 The highlight of this concealer is its core filled with Marula Oil, a very moisturizing extract from the kernels of the Marula Tree, which makes it good for people suffering from dry skin around the eyes.

 The line has around 4-5 shades but locally, we only have three. The shade I got is 2, a medium beige shade with yellow undertones. I think this particular shade will pretty much fit a variety of skin tones ranging from medium to tan.

Texture is very smooth, creamy and blendable. The Marula Oil extract does not really affect the overall quality of the concealer. I don't know people who have oily under eyes so I think it will suit almost everybody, unless you have a rare case of oily under eyes. However, this is not the best concealer to use on oily lids as it will come off and create streaks. How did I know? Well, I have oily lids.

 Bare under eye.

Two layers of All-In-One concealer # 2

Coverage is Medium. I find that it is not high coverage as advertised because I know a lot of concealers with fuller coverage than this one. It's pretty lightweight despite its oil content. It's best for people with little under eye problems such as semi- dark circles. It doesn't dry up easily because texture is kinda' slippery but when finally topped with powder, it stays put. It's not the best thing to use for facial concealing because coverage is average, and the creamy texture will eventually come off when you start rubbing powder brushes on it. It lasts all day with minimal fading.

It's a decent product and great for everyday use, although a bit expensive. I could find another multitasking concealer with the amount I'll pay for this product. But if you have dry skin around the eyes, you will benefit from this. It's also good for people who fancy makeup+skin care products, and for people who are always in a hurry because it's quicker to use than using an eye cream and a concealer afterwards.

For more information about the All-In-One makeup range, please visit THE BODY SHOP PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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  1. I've seen a concealer like this.. I just can't remember what local drugstore brand it is..

    Thanks for the review.. ;))

  2. nice....its really an interesting concealer.^_^

  3. I love The Body Shop products but they're really pricey. Thanks for this review

  4. It brightens your undereye area :) Expensive nga lang :(

  5. Cheaper by a few hundred bucks than the Erase Paste, but I have sort-of sworn allegiance to Benefit when it comes to concealers, haha. :)

  6. I heard this is one of the famous products from Body Shop. At first glance, I thought it was a lipstick but then reading on, it's a concealer. One question though, does it emit a distinct smell? I noticed some TBS products have a certain kind of smell. Although not at all irritating but sometimes, it's disturbing. Just saying.

  7. Marjorie: You're welcome. :)

    Chamee: Hi there! Good query. As far as I know, nope, it doesn't have any scent, except for little mild scent that I can't really describe, which I think is coming from marula oil. But it's not at all disturbing. :)

    Czjai: Hey! :) me naman I have a sworn allegiance to Bobbi Brown :)

    Trizh: Welcome :)

    Kath: true! same issue with the price :)

    Yette: Yup! This is actually great but yah, a bit expensive :)

    Purple and Jenny: Thank you for your thoughts! :)

  8. it looks ok but there are cheaper and better products out there :)


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