Review: Kerastase Elixir Ultime

Here’s a review on Kerastase Elixir Ultime in Classic and The Imperial

PRICE: P2,260.00/each
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading salons


I’ve tried a couple of leave on products in the past-creams, gels, oils name it-I’ve already tried it. They promise different effects yet they only have these things in common: they’re all sticky, heavy, and not long lasting. I’ve had the same impression with these hair oils from Kerastase. As I went through the ingredients, I thought to myself that these would definitely be greasy because they’re all made from pure oil extracts. Definitely not the best products for someone who has an oily scalp like me! But I’ve had a fairly good experience with Kerastase’s products so I still decided to give them a try anyway. And like all other Kerastase products, they are fantastic.

Kerastase’s Elixir Ultime has been my hair’s defender against dryness, frizziness, and dullness. Ever since I started using it, I got hooked. My day’s never complete without slathering it on my locks!

I have two variants: Elixir Ultime Classic and Elixir Ultime+The Imperial. Click READ MORE and know how this product can put an end to boring hair! :D


The mother of all hair oils in my opinion. It is a precious mixture of the finest oils such as Maize, Argan, Pracaxi, and Camellia. It suits any hair type. FYI, it is a legendary hair product: Every day, a bottle of Kerastase Elixir Ultime Classic is sold in the world every 1.2 seconds!

Comes in a thick yet lightweight plastic bottle with a pump.

 Here’s Elixir Ultime Classic. It is a yellow- gold liquid. I find that in spite of its pure oil mixture, its texture is quite watery and it spreads easily across my hair. It has a floral oriental scent. It reeks of a strong perfume- like fragrance upon application, but dries down to a very faint floral scent. It’s never overwhelming and leaves your locks smelling pretty all day long. It dries up quickly too!


It’s still patterned after the original formulation of Elixir Ultime but this time, it has Imperial Tea extracts. It is good for color- treated hair as the Imperial Tea extracts help prolong vibrance.

 Comes in the same kind of bottle as Elixir Ultime Classic, but this one doesn’t have a cap. Instead, the pump has a close-open option.

 Here’s Elixir Ultime+The Imperial. It has a clear color and semi- thick consistency. It’s less runny than Elixir Ultime classic, but I find that it is still spreadable and dries up quickly as well. Kerastase says it's best for any hair type, but I think it will suit thick and kinky hair more. It has a lovely fragrance inspired by one of my favorite perfumes, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Just like Elixir Ultime Classic, the scent goes away after a few seconds too.

Both oils feel absolutely weightless on my hair.


During bath: Use as an alternative to hair conditioner
On wet hair: Apply on towel- dried hair before combing. The oil will help untangle hair knots
Pre- blow dry: Apply on locks, leave to settle for 5 minutes, then blow dry hair as usual
On dry hair: Use it as a leave on product


1. 2-3 pumps are enough to cover your hair
2. Apply the product on the mid-section and roots of the hair. No need to apply on the scalp because it will produce its own oil to nourish the top part of your hair.

Witness the silkening, smoothening, and beautifying prowess of Elixir Ultime:


Check out the texture of my hair. It looks rough and frizzy. The uneven ends are sticking out like a sore thumb. :p


My hair looks more even because the product has tamed down the frizzy ends, and it has smoothened its texture.

 I love how the product would give my hair an outstanding shine that practically lasts all day. I’ve been using it for a month now and it has amazingly kept my highlights vibrant. Awesome!

 The product has done so well in keeping my dry ends nourished! It’s been over a month since I had my last haircut and normally, my fringes would get dry and wavy if I don't have it cut within a month. Ever since I started using Kerastase, I don’t experience that anymore.


 Frizzies are still tamed.

 The oil had dried up completely and it didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy, thick, and separated unlike other leave on products. Whenever I have Elixir Ultime on, my hair has this unbelievable softness!

Between the two, I prefer Elixir Ultime Classic more because the scent is just so divine, and it feels lighter than Elixir The Imperial.

I am so happy for having this product in my life. My hair has greatly improved ever since I started using it: It has become more manageable and healthier- looking. Even if I don't use this, my hair still feels soft and remains frizz- free. That goes to show that its results are not temporary! I know, I just kept on vomiting too much superlative adjectives here but that's what's coming out from me, and the results speak for themselves. These hair oils are the bomb and if you don't believe it, try it for yourself. :)

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  1. And also, your haircut is AHmazing. It super flatters your face. Is that the work of juro salon?

  2. wow!! speaks with the price! yah right Ms. Martha kitang kita ang difference sayo. ♥

  3. love the effect though.i hope its all worth the cents to shell out with this product.looks fabulous.^_^

  4. I love how you do a super detailed review Ms M!:) The before and after photo gives justice on how awesome this product is. How I wish I can try this too.. It's expensive! haha!


  5. Ang gondo nga sa hair sis. Kaya lang gano naman kaya katagal maubos yung isang bottle? Pricey kasi :(

  6. i dont know why but when i look at the product and the word 'elixir' i immediately think of the rich people way back in the ancient times. hahaha! i love how it makes your hair glow. ^_^

  7. omg. I really need this. my dry hair is killing me. think it's time to save haha! it's so pricey :( but its kerastase anyway ;)

  8. bakit ba ang pricey ng kerastase >.<
    look stunning as always martha <3


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