Review: Royal Effem Magnific Mascara

Here's a review on Royal Effem H20 Magnific Mascara in Black

PRICE: P950.00
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The holiday season is perhaps the busiest time of the year and I always find that my schedule goes along with it. This year is no exception. I even think that this is my busiest holiday season to date! For the past two months, I have relied on some of my quick and easy to use makeups that deliver an impressive finish with the least amount of time and effort. Royal Effem's Magnific mascara is one of them.

 Ingredients. FYI, for Paraben-sensitive people out there, Royal Effem's products are proudly Paraben-free.

 Here's the wand: It lengthens, separates, and volumizes my lashes at the same time. The mascara has a semi- smooth consistency, and it clings onto my lashes easily and without the nasty clumps. It dries up pretty quickly too: No waiting time needed before I apply another layer.

Click READ MORE and see how it fared on my lashes!

 Bare lashes

 First coat- My lashes became fuller and longer

 Second coat- My lashes have become significantly lush, and its length has improved as well.

 Third coat- Vavoom! LOL!

What I like about this mascara is it doesn't need any effort to look decent at all. It's a swipe-and-go kind of product, and it really fits any woman who has a very busy lifestyle. Not only that, it also stays put all day without feathering, yet it comes off easily with any makeup remover. What a benevolent product, this is.

It's quite expensive at P950.00 but if I would splurge on a mascara, I'd definitely splurge on this one. It has everything my lashes need, and its mild and non-sting formula is a lovely bonus too!

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  1. Great review!:) Love your lashes!:)

  2. Angelamhiere: True! :)

    Mitchie: Thank you! :)

  3. wow!! I was amazed on how it looks on your lashes!! I see no clumping nor spider legs!! loved it!! thanks for sharing~ It's a bit expensive but if they gave such nice results, I am so going to T-R-Y~ (I, now waved goodbye to a portion of my 13th month pay, lolz)~

  4. Haha truelalu vavoom! I'm addicted nowadays to mascaras! I feel more beautiful with this even without blush on :D

  5. talagang Vavoom! love it! medyo pricey nga lang for a mascara :)


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