Taking care and Storing Accessories Properly

I’ve accumulated a sizable number of accessories last week and most of them are necklaces with multi-layered chains and bibs with multiple hooks, danglers, and embellishments. I’ve carelessly stored everything in my jewelry box and they ended up entangled with each other, and most of the hooks and danglers fell off! My jewelry box has never looked this chaotic!

The solution to this mess? Mesh Pouches.

 I got these Mesh Pouches from Accessorize it! at Market! Market! Bonifacio Global City. The small ones are at P7.00 and the medium- sized ones are at P15.00. It comes in various colors, textures, and sizes by the way. I chose Purple and Hot Pink because I wanted them to complement the color of my room. (I’m OC, I know)

 The best way to store fancy accessories and costume jewelry is by storing them in individual pouches. This keeps them from getting tangled up with each other, and the mesh material acts as a barrier to moist, the main reason why accessories would deteriorate easily. Add to that, this way of storage lets me pick up the accessory I prefer easily, and my jewelry box has looked neat finally!

How about you? How do you organize and take care of your accessories?

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. GREAT idea Ms. Martha! galing! :)

    My accessories are stored in a box that has dividers.. Bought at Daiso..


  2. Nice idea! I store mine in transparent boxes :)

  3. this is interesting...i got a lot of those pouches too but never came into this idea...i should now do it i guess.^_^

  4. i just hang them, i want easy access >.< but they always get tangled but its okay :p maybe i will do this in my bangles :)

  5. I also saw this pouch in Landmark. I just did not look at the price ; p

    Nice tip!


  6. Good Idea!:) I store my accessories in a small tub.. Always nagbubuhol buhol! haha!!:)) Thanks for sharing Ms. M!:)

  7. I store mine in clear ziploc bags so that they're airtight and don't oxidize quickly.:)

  8. wow! this is a nice set of tips from you.


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