David Beckham Homme: A New Fragrance

Underneath all that athletic-and most of the time rugged-image is David Beckham's dapper personality. In his new fragrance, Homme by David Beckham, he wishes to communicate his personal style, one that is seldom seen by public: Elegant, timeless, and ultra masculine.

Watch the TVC for the fragrance here:

Homme is a spicy woody scent, a classic fragrance composition that suggests maturity, manliness, and sophistication. Top notes are composed of a citrusy melange of Ginger, Szechuan Pepper--suggestive of David Beckham's natural charisma that won women over. The heart notes are composed of leather, Rosemary, and Cashmere, giving the fragrance an oozing sensuality. Finally, the base notes are composed of with an unforgettable trail of Patchouli, Mahogany, and Musk. Handsome is the perfect word to describe this fragrance-definitely the type that will complement a guy in a well- tailored suit.

Homme expands into a a shower gel and deodorant spray. It is available in all leading malls nationwide. Gift yourself with David Beckham--Err, I mean, gift the special guy in your life with David Beckham Homme this Christmas! :D

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3 Lovely Thoughts

  1. nice beckham fragrance...i hope it surely will mirror who is beckam is..sometimes i intend to used guys fragrance with their simplicity of the smell.^_^

  2. yay @purple ako din naalala ko ren ung gingmet kong pabango from oxygen d q maalala ung name..hehe

  3. I'd love to buy this one, but I already have lots of perfumes from my father. :-)


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