A Makeover Before The Holidays at Jing Monis Salon

There's really no better way to treat yourself at the end of each year than a makeover--It could be a total spa package, a luxurious facial, or a head to toe salon makeover. As for me, I like it simple by just having a hair color treatment. I've gotten fond of coloring my hair because I like the way it gives my look a 360-degree turn: It gives me a whole new appearance and on a different level, it never fails to remind me that I can always start anew and change may be risky but in the end, it is always good.

 Anyway! Where did I have my color treatment? At Jing Monis Salon, Greenbelt 1. Jing Monis has been doing hair and makeup for over 15 years. In Malcolm Gladwell's book, Outliers, he propagated the idea of the "10,000-hour rule" wherein a person can only become an expert at something if he/she's been doing the same thing for over 10,000 hours. In the case of Jing Monis, I guess it's reasonable to say that he is already an expert in the art of makeup and hairdressing.

FYI: Judy Ann Santos only lets Jing Monis touch her locks.

 Funny thing was, I tried checking in on the venue via Foursquare but the app kept on detecting Propaganda Salon in its radar. When I've asked one of my stylists about it, he said that this place used to be Propaganda Salon, one of the pioneering salons in the country. FYI, this place has been here for more than 13 years already!

Okay enough of the blabbering. Click READ MORE and check out my new hair color!

 So this was my previous hair color: It's golden brown, and has gold highlights. As you can see, the base color has faded already, and it has blended with the highlights.

While waiting for the base color to settle onto my locks

My stylist for the day was Aureo, one of the head hairdressers in the salon. I've also observed that prior to coloring my hair, he did a mini check- up: He examined the condition of my hair, scalp, and my previous hair color. Why is this important? Because this helps the hairdresser choose the perfect shade of hair color for your hair--one that will not be altered, let alone affected by your previous color. It also gives them an idea of what post- treatment to recommend you, based on the condition of your scalp. These just goes to show how they take hair coloring (and you) seriously.

Base color done, highlights, next!

 After everything, I was given a post- treatment using Macadamia Natural Oil, one of the newest professional brands for the hair to hit the country. If you've read my 10 On-The-Go Products for the On-The-Go Girl blog post, you'll know that I am currently loving the brand's Flawless product. I will talk about Flawless in a separate review.

Anyway, for my post- color treatment, a representative from Macadamia Natural Oil Philippines gave me the brand's Deep Repair Masque, with a dollop of Healing Oil Treatment. My hair felt a little stiff after the color treatment (which is natural), and the combination of Macadamia Natural Oil's products have truly softened my hair--as in! The softness even lasted up to the next day!

 Tadah! my new hair color!

 My new hair color is a honeyed kind of brown, with gold highlights. It's a little deeper as compared to my previous hair color. Here's a comparison:

With Joana Ballesteros, PR and Marketing Manager for Jing Monis Salon. Thank you for this wonderful makeover! I am so ready for 2013!

If you live somewhere in Makati or near Greenbelt, please try Jing Monis salon for your makeover needs. The place is pretty private, the staff are very friendly and alert, and they offer quality service. Overall, I had a pleasurable experience!

Jing Monis Salon is located at the 3rd fl. of Greenbelt 1, Makati City. Other branches are in Bellevue, Alabang and Jing Monis Velvet at Maxim's hotel, Pasay City.

Please visit THE JING MONIS SALON on Facebook for your inquiries.

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  1. Love the new color! Your hair looks healthier, too. :)

  2. i like ur hair n ur sheer kimono! fab as always. parang familiar un before pic

  3. wow, i love your new haircolor!

  4. wow!mas maganda yung hair mo ngayon,Jing Monis indeed!:)

  5. wow i love it! yung highlights lumabas talaga ganda ng hair!
    i want that macadamia!

  6. Wow! Love your new hair color Ms. M! :D

  7. wow! your hair looks so healthy! really suits you:)

  8. i love yer new hair color! it suits you ^_^

  9. I had my hair done by them too. I think it was 5 months ago? And I still love my hair now. Will probably return by January.

  10. Hello girls! Thank you for the nice compliment!

    Elilea: Hi and welcome to TBJ! Thanks for sharing! :) I might go there for a haircut soon :)

  11. Hi, i'm planning to have my hair colored this May. if you don't mind me asking, how much did the whole thing cost you? Just so I'll have an idea on how much.. thanks!


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