10 On-The-Go Products for the On-The-Go Girl

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Being on the go doesn't mean you have to look as if you just got out of bed! All you need are multi-tasking, versatile, and intelligent products that can do a lot of things for you, but don't require a good amount of time to use at all! Being an on-the-go girl myself, I've already tested a lot of products and found the best batch that never fails to keep me looking primp and polished in the shortest time possible. I'm gladly sharing my picks in this post with everyone. If you're always on-the-go, or you simply prefer to look pretty and decent without spending more than an hour in front of the mirror, then you will find my list handy. :)

Estimated Time of Usage: 3 minutes

- This is one of my marvelous newfound discoveries. It's an ultra rich and mega fabulous hair cleanser, conditioner, and treatment in one product. Whenever I am using this product, I don't have to use any leave- on treatment anymore because it is enough to keep my hair manageable all throughout the day. It rinses out easily, and cuts blow drying time in half. This product is so quick and easy to use, that I'm having a hard time keeping up with it! Whew!

Estimate Time of Usage: 3 minutes

- I think we all know that lip and cheek tints are some of the world's best multi-taskers, but in particular, I'd recommend Benefit because their tints are so pigmented (That means no reapplication needed to make the color come out) and they practically last all day! (That means no retouching for you)

Estimated Time of Usage: 2 minutes

- Any variant you choose-whether it's Sheer Mattifying, Perfect Smoothing, or White Lucent-you're sure that you will get the best coverage and finish in every swipe. As I've said, it's one of my miracle products for the face!

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Estimate Time of Usage: 2 minutes
Absorption time: 2-3 minutes

- It's my favorite slather-and-go lotion because its light texture gets absorbed easily, yet its moisturizing effect practically lasts all day. It smells nice, and doesn't require a ton of rubbing to let it set on your skin.

Estimated Time of Usage: 3-4 minutes, depending on how nice you want your beauty arches to look like.

- This baby stays true to its claim: Impeccably gorgeous brows in a few strokes. Using this product, I can map and color my brows in one go, and a few swipes of a spoolie to soften the color and I'm good to go!

Estimated Time of Usage: 3 minutes
Drying Time: 1-2 minutes

- If you forgot to get a manicure, conceal the nasty flakes and roughness temporarily with a layer of polish. Wet N' Wild's Fast Dry polish is a God- given gift to the busy woman: Its formula is very easy to work with, and it's touch- dry in one minute flat!

Estimated Time of Usage: 3 minutes

- One of the easy and quick to use mascaras out there. It clings onto your lashes easily, doesn't clump, dries up pretty fast, and its wand never fails to give me an even finish in just one stroke!

Estimated Time of Usage: 1 1/2 minutes

- Even if you use this eyeshadow alone, you're still sure that you'll look polished and pretty because I find that the shades are good enough to be used on their own. Other cream eyeshadows require blending and drying time but this one doesn't!

Estimated Time of Usage: 2 minutes

- This cream-silicone concealer glides on easily and doesn't settle into fine lines. A little amount goes a long way, and it doesn't need a whole bunch of rubbing and warming to make it set!

Estimated Time of Usage: 3 minutes

- K-Palette's eyeliner is the fastest way to define your eyes. Glide it carefully and closely onto your lash lines and you're all set. Absolutely no drying time needed.

There goes my top 10. Hope you find this list helpful! Oh, don't forget to share me your fave on-the-go products!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Really needed advice on what to bring on trips!..;-)

  2. Great for travelling,thanks for including the time frame of usage...quick and easy!

  3. u have the best beauty arsenal! im intrigued s macadamia natural flawless n yan. where is that available in?

  4. nice list you have here Ms. Martha :)


  5. wow thankyou for sharing this~
    my fave is the hhn tinted lip balm :) and snoe perfume :) you need to be good smelling all the time! and snoe never fails me on that~
    i always forgot to buy that cheek tint!

  6. i agree! K Palette is super easy and fuss free to use. :)

    ~Jaja of Beauty Colada
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  7. nice list! thanks for sharing your on the go products! :)

  8. Where can the products be bought?

  9. I love Missha's Perfect Concealer! Been my savior for almost a month now. :)

    - Rizza

  10. Thank you girls! :D

    Rizza: Hi there! :D I love it too! :D


    Shiseido: Available in all shiseido boutiques and counters in department stores

    Flawless: Jing Monis or Piandre salons

    Benefit tints: Benefit gb 5, rustan's makati and shangri-la

    Bobbi brown: Powerplant mall, rustan's shangri-la, rustan's makati, mall of asia

    nivea: all supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores

    mac: mac trinoma, new eastwood mall, glorietta 3, rustan's shangri-la, mall of asia, powerplant mall, ayala center cebu

    wet n wild: all leading department stores

    royal effem: jessie mendez salons (soon), royal effem philippines facebook

    k-palette: beauty bar stores

    missha: sm hypermart pasig

  11. hi! where did you purchase your macadamia product?


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