Gifts+Hauls+Lady Satin Pillowcases for the ultimate beauty sleep

Just went Christmas shopping for my relatives, family, and friends yesterday, and threw in little somethings for a myself. :)

 I don't what it is with basic tees, but I find myself attracted to them. I picked up this cheerful red basic spandex+cotton tee from Promod, The Fort High Street Central last night. I'm loving how the shade compliments my hair and skintone!

 Went to the annual Karl Edward Bazaar last night and spotted these fab necklaces. The emerald necklace is gorgeous but the clamp is broken, unfortunately. Good thing I know a thing or two about accessory making!

 My impulse buy last night at the Karl Edwards Bazaar, The Fort. I've been seeing this powder everywhere for a long time now, (when I say long time, that means years already) and I know that a lot of people-young and old- love this product. I chanced on this in a stall that sells second hand luxury hand bags, and finally bought it to see what the rave is all about. Please keep on checking my blog for the review. :)

I picked up these gorgeous babies in Makati just this afternoon. It's from the Autumn/Winter Collection of Shiseido. Thank you for the lovely Christmas gift! :)

Finally, here's a rather interesting package that came in the mail last weekend:

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Jemm Wong of Lady Satin, a local brand that offers pillowcases made from high quality satin material, sent me a duo of Plain Charmeuse pillowcases in Violet.

It's not the luxurious 300-thread count and Egyptian combed cotton pillowcases used in premium hotels, but these satin cases are equally smooth and luxurious too. It's weird to see a pillowcase review in a beauty blog but in case you didn't know, Satin pillowcases have hair and skin benefits: Frizzy hair and dry skin are due to the friction caused by regular cotton pillowcases. Satin pillowcases minimize static in your hair, and the smooth texture does not scrub your face as you sleep. That's one interesting fact for everyone today! :)

Lady Satin offers printed and plain pillowcases to match your room and style. Please visit their official website at

Have a great Monday, folks!

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love satin on pillows :) it will make your hair silky too :)
    yay cant wait for the review on the rpessed powder :)
    nice haul :)

  2. I have read that satin/ silk pillows reduce the chances of getting wrinkles or fine lines. I know they are expensive, but hey,, reducing early signs of aging! one can put a price tag on that!

  3. I've always wanted to get one of those satin pillowcases. They say it helps prevent wrinkles because you don't wake up with a crease on your face.

  4. i'll go check by that pillow case,i've never knew that. And now i know that the friction might really damaged on my skin.thanks for this post martha.^_^

  5. omg, u got the shiseido foundation! weee!

  6. Jheng: Yes mare! :D Excited to use it too! :)

    Anne: Yes! That's why I got it! :) Welcome to my blog! :D

    Eloisa: Glad to know you've learned something from this post. :)

    Rae: Hi there! Yes, according to the Internet (LOL!), that is true. :)

    Dappletheworld: True! At least you know that your pillowcase is not putting all your night creams to waste. :D

    Jenny: Oh you have satin pillowcases too? :) Share us your experience! :)


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