Strip's Sumptuous English Gingerbread Cookie Wax+V-Blush Treatment

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! Strip Manila introduces the new limited edition English Gingerbread cookie wax, the jolliest way to remove unwanted hair this holiday season! 

I paid Strip, Serendra a visit for my monthly Brazilian and of course, I tried this brand new wax! Look at this cute candy cane mini pillow. I want to take it home!

English Gingerbread Cookie has a fragrant, milky smell with a touch of cinnamon. It definitely reminds me of Snickerdoodles! Texture is comparable to their New York Vanilla Cupcake wax, but this one has a warmer, softer, and faint fragrance. If you want something that won't impart a strong fragrance to your body, then this wax would best suit you.

 For the holiday season, Strip Manila has tied up with Party Perfect, a local party solutions company that offers themed dessert buffets, edible centerpieces, party souvenirs and treats, etc. to create the salon's featured Gingerbread Man cookies.

Click READ MORE and get to know more about the V-Blush treatment!

 So what's this new treatment by Strip called 'V-BLUSH'? In a nutshell, V-Blush is a non- invasive treatment that makes use of a more comfortable type of Intense Pulse Laser (IPL), wherein it uses gradually- increasing doses of energy on the treated area for painless results. The treatment breaks down melanin formation for whiter skin, and the heat from the laser induces collagen production for tighter skin. According to Strip, most customers have observed a little difference on the treated part after the first session, some have achieved significant results in as little as three sessions, while the others at six sessions. Ideally, you should continuously have at least 8- 10 sessions to fully achieve the benefits of the treatment, and have one booster session every 2 months to maintain the effect.

I got to try one session of the V-Blush treatment on my underarm area and here's a mini documentation of my experience:


1. I like the fact that they practice SAFETY FIRST in treatments that involve the use of lasers. Prior to the treatment, two clean sheets of facial tissue were used to cover my eyes, plus a pair of sanitized shades to boot.
2. I also like how my aesthetician would caution me about the products that she had to put on my skin. This way, any first- timer is prepared for anything that the treatment requires, and is thoroughly guided until the end. Here are examples of what I'm talking about:

 - She advised me that the Ultrasound gel (a protective barrier that she had put on my skin to protect it from the laser) is very, very cold.
- Every time she'll use the laser, she'd inform me as well.
- She asked me if I'd like to use their underarm moisturizer, which is needed to prevent the underarm area from turning dry after the treatment.

3. I've experienced a mild, stinging sensation on my underarms as the aesthetician ran the laser on the area. She told me that it's probably caused by the bumps on my underarms. Don't worry, on a scale of 1-10, the pain is just at 3. If you can tolerate waxing, you definitely can tolerate this treatment.

4. Treatment is done in 15 minutes flat!


After the treatment, I've already noticed a little difference on my underarm area. I apologize, I wasn't able to take any photos because my camera ran out of juice right after taking pics in the waxing room!

- Some small lines have become less prominent because the machine has tightened the skin on my underarm area for just a bit.
- Underarms felt a little tighter after the treatment
- Underarms felt a little smoother
- Some bumps have been opened, ergo it was easier for me to remove any ingrown hair. No bleeding involved!
- My underarms became more even-toned

To sum it up, I think this treatment is worth checking out because I am quite impressed with the initial results. For me, the whitening promise is caused by the tightening effect of the treatment-If your skin is tighter and smoother, its tone looks more even and lighter. The V-Blush treatment is recommended to ladies with sagging skin on the underarms and vajay. 

Don't forget to grab your complimentary Gingerbread Cookies at the cashier! For the holidays, all Strip customers will get a complimentary Gingerbread Man cookie courtesy of Party Perfect. For Party Perfect clients, get a 30% discount on Gingerbread Brazilian All Off for a minimum purchase of P900.00

Please visit STRIP MANILA on Facebook for more details about their new wax, V-Blush treatment, and the Party Perfect promo.

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  1. really excited to try strip! I love the fact that they have different kinds of waxes! very creative <3

  2. ive never try strip before~ i hope they have a branch in sm north edsa :(
    lay bare is the only waxing salon ive tried and tested no pain at all~
    i wish i have a courage to that brazilian~ its still a private part for me XD
    im curious on that vblush :)

  3. pretty amazing,i've tried it last two weeks ago and i must say i really love the smell too.^_^

  4. Raych: And the waxes smell delish too! :)

    Eloisa: Wow! :D Glad you loved it! :D I'm sure you'll go back for more. :)

    Jenny: Opening new branches in the north area is one of their plans, I think. :)

  5. they never ran out of new exciting services :)


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