I Am Officially Part of Guinness World Records!

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Every 90's kid grew up reading the Guinness Book of World Records. In fact, it even had a T.V. show then. I loved the Guinness book and series so much that I dreamed of being part of it ever since I was little. 

I had a huge Barbie Doll collection when I was younger: 80 Barbie dolls all in all. I had amassed this much dolls because I loved Barbie and I wanted my collection to be part of Guinness but alas, I gave up on it. I just got tired of collecting and I outgrew Barbie dolls, I guess. But deep inside, I still wanted to be part of Guinness and thank heavens, one of my dreams came true last week. I was invited to be part of Ayala Malls' record- breaking event that showcased the 'MOST NUMBER OF PEOPLE ON A RUNWAY.'

For the record, Istanbul, Turkey was the record holder: 1,967 models on a runway in one fashion show. And guess what peeps? We've beaten that record!

So here' s little documentation of my journey to becoming part of the Guinness World Records.

 Estee Lauder had agreed to do the makeups of some of the blogger participants. The brands under Estee Lauder are Clinique, MAC, Estee Lauder, and Bobbi Brown. I had my makeup done at Bobbi Brown, my most favorite makeup brand.

 Click READ MORE and see my exciting journey!

 Shen of Shen's Addiction was also part of this momentous event. In here, she's posing with Jill Baysa, Marketing Executive for Bobbi Brown.

 This time, I'm with Jerome, one of the good makeup artists at Bobbi Brown, Rustan's Makati Counter.



Owen decided to give me a sultry smokey eye and finished it off with Bobbi Brown's newest Creamy Matte Lipstick. I am so loving the look!

 Thank you Jerome, Jill, and Bobbi Brown Philippines for making me runway- worthy! :D

I also took snapshots of some of my blogger friends:

 Jheng of I Am Brigitte opted to go to M.A.C for her makeup.

 Kira of Elegantly Wasted went to Clinique, while Krissy of Krissyfied went to Estee Lauder. Gorgeous ladies!

Ferretti, one of the rising local shoe brands has invited me to strut the catwalk while wearing their shoes, of course.

 I wore this gorgeous pair of suede black pumps with neon orange heels and detailing. I even took this baby home! Hurrah for new shoes! :)

Photo Credits: earthlingorgeous.com

I wasn't able to take any pics because I had to stay at the backstage and wait for my turn to walk the runway, and I left all my stuff in Ferretti for safekeeping. Whew! I am no stranger to ramp modeling as I've had a few experiences way back in college but that time, I felt a little nervous because a representative from Guinness was there to record the event! The representative had to make sure that every single person who walked the runway was qualified.

Photo credits: ava.ph

The Philippines is now the record- holder for having the 'Most Number of People on the Runway.' with 2,255 models. Congratulations, Philippines!

It was such a great experience. Definitely one for the books! Thank you Estee Lauder, Ferretti, and Ayala Malls for taking one dream off my bucket list!

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  1. omg you look fabulous martha!
    ive seen first your look in shens blog and all i think you are so beautiful!
    congrats on being part of the record!

  2. Love your dress, you look so hot in that bodycon dress..Congratulations to you and all the models!..a Guiness Record!

  3. congrats Martha!!! too sad can't able to make it that day to watch all the fave.bloggers.^_^

  4. Fab as always Martha! I saw you near stage 3 pero wasn't able to approach you kasi ang daming tao and masikip yung way papunta sa place mo. Ang ganda ng shoes, is it comfy to walk?

  5. wish I was there. lol. you looked gorgeous :)


  6. Whoa! love the shoes Martha! are you giving those away? hehehe...

  7. Whoa, love those pair of shoes... are you giving those babies away? hehehe... Congrats to everyone who are part of the new world record!

  8. ang susyal! u and beigitte look so lovely!!! u broke a leg! heheh break a leg gud job ure ao pretty

  9. wow!congrats!i like the way your make up done!so fierce!

  10. congrats Miss Martha! you're gorgeous! :)

  11. you're totally model material girl! ^_^



  12. Heeeeey.... Sexy Laydeh~!

    Congrats, Ms. Martha!!! ^__^


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