K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner Micro in Jet Black

Here's a review on K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner Micro in Jet Black

Price: Around P900.00+
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Exclusively available in all Beauty Bar Outlets


I thought that I already saw the finest eyeliner in the world until I've experienced K-Palette's micro eyeliner. It's so fine, (literally and figuratively) that it can even line the smallest and chinkiest eyes naturally. It can even create almost invisible lines!


Click READ MORE, most especially if you have hooded lids, and chinky or small eyes because this may be the only eyeliner you'll ever need!


Packaging is the same as the first Real Lasting Eyeliner products, but this one is a bit smaller and thinner, in terms of size. If you have big hands, you might have a problem gripping this properly though. I think it only comes in one shade at the moment.

Here's the applicator. Dang, it's the slimmest and tiniest applicator I've ever seen. It still looks pretty big here but in actual, it's really small. It's great for those who don't like having obvious black lines on their eyes. I have chinky- eyed girlfriends who are looking for an eyeliner with a spot on brush applicator, and I think they will love this! In terms of quality and consistency, it's the same as the first K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliners.

Here's a comparison between K-Palette Micro and Regular Eyeliners. Apart from regular eyelining, the Micro liner can also be used for drawing stuff around the eyes, especially in avant garde makeup, to create a precise, edgy eyeliner look, and for filling in gaps on and extending short eyebrows.


See how precise this thing is? Sometimes, I use the regular K-Palette eyeliner to line my entire lash line, and then I use K-Palette micro to draw the winged tip. This way, the wing looks more natural and discreet.

It creates mighty fine lines, I sometimes couldn't believe that I'm actually wearing an eyeliner!

If you're also having a problem with creating straight eye lines, this is good for you because the mini brush helps you create less obvious mistakes! :D

I love it because it's very innovative and most especially, friendly to Asian eye shapes! However, if you have deep set eyes or prominent creases, then the regular K- Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner should be good enough for you. :)


For more information about this new product, please visit K-PALETTE PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like the classified rating table you've been putting in your recent reviews.

    Because there are times when you don't care for some aspects of a product. eg not caring if the packaging is flimsy as long as quality is great.

  2. I can swear on that product! really worth the price its the best liquid eyeliner i got so far.

  3. ong ang galing mo mageyeliner! k palette products are really good. i hot mine from hk two years ago at ok pa xa til now! grabe ma m ang galing ha. id like to try that nga lets see if its anywhere near how u did it


  4. Wow! I've been a fan of K Palette 24 hr eyeliners as in I'm using it everyday its better than my gel eyeliners IMHO

  5. ooh eyeliners!I most love in cosmetics..I wanted to try this..thanks for the tip:)

  6. ive been seeing this in bloggers, mukhang maganda nga.
    does this dry matte? or the usual shiny?
    naguluhan aq sa pics ng sa comparison and then the eye pic XD

  7. Rae: hi there! glad you liked it! Want to diversify my audience and improve my reviews kasi eh. :)

    Mis Eloise: LOL! Thanks for the comment. Practice lang yan dear. :)

    Jenny: It's a little shiny when it's finally dry. :)

    Ohms: Welcome! :)

    Jaja: Same here! My gel liners went on a hiatus when I've started using it!

    Yanny: ditto! :D

  8. Rae: Hi Rae, just wondering, were you able to receive your commenter of the month prize? Item was shipped via Fastrack.ph.


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