Review: Snoe HyperFunction Foundation+Serum in Golden Caramel

Here's a review on Snoe Hyperfunction Foundation in Golden Caramel

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Happy Wednesday lovelies! Most of you are back to work and I know that it sucks for a bit because we still all got that holiday hangover but don't y'all worry, before you know it, it's already the weekend, and 2013 is already here! You'll all be fired up once again to start the year right and become better and better at whatever you're doing--just the right attitude and feeling you need to continue with work! :D

So I'm reviewing today Snoe's first- ever liquid makeup, Hyperfunction Foundation+Serum 

Hyperfunction is an all- around makeup: It improves skin's tone, texture, and appearance, while healing skin with its three star ingredients. (As listed above) So what can these power three do to your skin?

Escargot- aka, Snail Extract. It is prominently used in Korean BB Cream products due to its potent reparative and regenerative properties.
Broccoli- Has high amounts of Vitamin C, a known antioxidant. Not only does it protect skin from Free Radicals, it also lightens skin and remedy skin signs such as wrinkles.
Acai Berry- One of the super fruits; Contains high levels of antioxidants, higher than Vitamin C and other common citrus fruits.

It also has SPF 20, a decent level of sunblock for everyday use.


Click READ MORE if you're looking for a good everyday foundation!

Packaging: It's made from plastic. It's lightweight and sturdy, albeit not too impressive in my opinion. I like my foundation products in glass thankyouverymuch.

It comes with a pump, and I like how it would dispense small amounts at every pump. That way, my usage is being controlled every time. 

Golden Caramel is the darkest shade. The other shades are: 

Perfect Beige- Medium w/ Beige Undertones
Vanilla Creme- Light with Neutral Undertones
Warm Almond- Medium w/ Pink Beige Undertones

I just wish Snoe would replace their undertones with yellow ones instead because it's more universal, and I rarely know any Filipina who has a Beige or Pink undertone.


Here's the product, fresh from the bottle. When it's like this, it seems that it will fit my skin tone. By the way, I've also noticed that it has small, obvious white particles contained within the liquid. I don't know what that is, but it seems like beads to me. Encapsulated serum, I guess?

Going back, when it's finally spread, the foundation starts to lighten up and reveals its true shade. Indeed, it's for ladies with medium skin tone. (NC35-NC40, based on MAC's shade system) It seems to me that there is a discrepancy in the appearance of the shade in the two photos. Anyway, I'm an NC42, and this is a shade lighter on me so I always use it along with a shade matching or darker setting powder.

Consistency is semi- thick yet spreadable and lightweight--it's not messy to use at all. It has a light floral scent, and I love how it would dry into a semi-matte finish a few seconds after application.

In comparison with other foundation products: I've compared HyperFunction with two other foundation brands that have the closest shades to the former. If you've noticed, in terms of pigmentation, Snoe's foundation is a little paler if compared with the two other foundation brands. In fact, it even looks paler here in the swatch as compared to what is in the bottle. (Oh please, disregard The Body Shop's BB Cream. I don't even know why it's there haha!)

If we are going to take into consideration the discrepancy in the shade aforementioned plus the paleness of the foundation, methinks the SPF content outweighs the pigments in the product, hence the inconsistencies.


Bare skin with Zero Kuma Concealer+ArtDeco Camouflage Cream

With two layers of HyperFunction Foundation+Serum

Honestly, it looks light on me. But I like the way it smoothens and improves my skin's texture. It also fills in facial dips and scars, leaving you with a more even skin surface. Coverage is medium and it can only cover very light facial discolorations.

Staying power is very good: I get oily on my T-Zone area after 4 hours of wear, but it's not the slick and nasty type of oiliness. The foundation stays intact with minimal fading at the end of the day. It gives my skin this dewy look too.

I was just a little nitpicky at the top part of this post but this foundation is 80% good because its texture and quality is comparable to some good international foundation brands I've tried. To be more specific, I can compare the quality of this foundation with Yves Rocher, but it's more accessible than the latter. In all honesty, it's a little expensive but if Snoe would expand the shade selections (with yellow undertones please!) and add more pigments in the foundation, it would be worth the thousand bucks. Nevertheless, it's a good everyday foundation for oily and dry- skinned gals because it is moisturizing yet never oily, comfortable to wear, and can withstand humid conditions. Add to that, it has skin care extracts that are very beneficial to your skin.


For more information about this product, please visit SNOE BEAUTY on Facebook.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Martha! You sent me a sample-sized version of that when I won your giveaway! :D I haven't used it yet because, I'm unsure of how to use it. Does it work like a BB Cream? or just like a base?


  2. Wow this looks promising! I have a sampler of this. I'll give it a try! :D Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Hi Martha, I have combination to oily skin (depending on the weather). Would you advise skipping moisturizer when using this? Thanks!

  4. I have a sample of this too. I''m not sure if my skin likes it. staying power is so so for me unlike the parallel cc cream. thanks for sharing and the table/graph you made is very helpful :D

  5. nice review i think mahal siya pero id love to test it.

  6. Bakit walang yellow undertones? This is disappointing. Snoe should know by now that most Filipinos have warm undertones.

  7. yeah, for the price, it should've been in a glass container. It looks nice on your skin though :)

  8. You had me guessing what the Body Shop BB was for haha! Snoe keeps on getting better and better! hope they'll add more pigments for that consistent shade

  9. i agree na d siya true to its color kahit ung mga bbcreams nila ganun~ i got the darkest shade pero ang light paren dahil nga siguro sa spf~
    hope you do review on their lashes and glue :)

  10. Angel: Hi there! It's liquid foundation. You can use it on its own or on top of primer or bb cream then set it with powder afterwards. :)

    Jenny: I already did. :) Please go to the Snoe section in my archives. :)

    Jaja: Guess I was groggy when I did that swatch haha! Same thoughts on snoe! :D

    Harmony: Thank you! :D

    Aviva: True. I have the same sentiments too. :p

    Kath: you're welcome! :D

    Lee: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Since I have oily skin. yes, I skip moisturizer when I'm using liquid face bases so the latter would stay intact longer. :)

    Gen-Zel: Go ahead dear! Let me know how you love/hate it. :)


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