Lather Up in Cheer with Lush Holiday+The Making of Lush's Iconic Bath Ballistics

 My Lush Addiction story: Sometime in the early 2000's, I recall, I was strolling in a mall then all of a sudden, I caught a whiff of a strong yet invigorating aroma: it was a blend of various citrus fruits then after a few seconds, it changed into something a little deeper, somewhat ambery and vanillic in appeal. Being a perfume- obsessed gal, I followed the inviting trail and it led me to this ultra colorful store called "LUSH". I was so immersed in the beauty of the fragrance that it took me a while to realize that it was a bath and body store, not a fantasy world in the middle of a mall. When I set foot inside it, the beautiful aroma got a little stronger and more fragrant notes joined in the composition: There was bubblegum, cinnamon, honey, milk, Jasmine, mint, chocolate, cake, and a whole lot more. Together, these notes have fused and created a rhapsody of fragrances, and have totally enticed my senses. At every turn, I would see blocks of soap and bottles of bath products, each having their own appeal, fragrance, and story. As I held onto the products, most especially the soaps, I was caught up in so many raptures that I ended up spending P5,000.00 in my first visit. Since then, Lush had become one of my most favorite brands not only because their stores are eye candies and seeing one always makes me feel happy and alive, but because they offer unique and high quality bath products that are free of synthetics and animal- testing as well. No wonder it has become a favorite of A-listers such as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow.

 When I was invited to their exclusive event yesterday, I have put away everything just to attend it because 'twas a way for me to be closer to one of the brands that holds a special place in my heart. I actually shopped for a couple of Lush products last Saturday, and got some more from this event. I am madly in love with Lush!

It's that time of the year again when Lush releases their best- selling, limited edition holiday soaps, shower gels, bath ballistics, and more bath paraphernalia.

Let's go around the store!

 The blocks o' soaps! I can't stop sniffing them! My classic favorites are Honey I Washed The Kids, Karma, and Rockstar. Care to share yours? :)

 If you can't take all that holiday rush, then here are some gift suggestions courtesy of Lush! Lush had packaged some of their best- selling classics together with the limited edition holiday products to curate gift sets that will surely send your loved ones singing in the shower! There are tons of sets to choose from!

Here are some of the fantastic Christmas products from the brand:

 One of the limited edition holiday gift sets: Mr. and Mrs. Frosty, a set of bath ballistics wrapped in a cute, reusable cloth. This is a great gift for couples!

 SNOWCAKE! My most favorite LE holiday soap from Lush. Check out my review HERE. :) I bought 300g of it last Saturday because it only comes out once every year!

 Limited edition Snow Fairy shower gels. It has a vibrant, sparkling fruity bubblegum fragrance. It's perfect if you want to smell sweet and scrumptious this holiday season!

Lush also had a cool activity for their guests called Make your Own Bath Ballistics. Click READ MORE and know how the brand makes this iconic bath fizz!

 Okay before we proceed to the making of the Bath Ballistics, here's a rather odd yet cute facial soap called Aqua Marina Cleansing Roll. By the way, it comes in other variants such as Herbalism and Dark Angel. The peeps at Lush said that this product is as fresh as fresh can get, hence its moist look and soft texture. How does it look like to you? It looks like meatloaf to me!

Where were we? Oh, the Bath Ballistics!

FYI, Lush's Bath Ballistics was invented in 1987 by Mo Constantine OBE, who's also a former Olympic torch bearer. (Awesome!) It is often replicated, but never duplicated. The Bath Ballistics are used in bathtub rituals: Drop it in a tub of warm, running water and it will start to effervesce. These bath balls are comprised of essential oils that will give you a very pleasurable and moisturizing bath, and it is such an iconic product and a Lush best- seller, at that. Fans of the Bath Ballistics include Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Helen Christensen, Angelina Jolie, and Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kylie Minogue to name a few.

Let's start making the Bath Ballistic!

 Regina Belmonte creating her own Bath Ballistics.

 The Bath Ballistics are made from two kinds of powder products only: The base, (green powder) which is comprised of the essential oils and the natural hardener, (white powder) which is made from Citric Acid. No synthetic binders to be found here!

Here's the right ratio to create the Bath Ballistic: 3 tablespoons of the base is to 6 tablespoons of the hardener. The stuff you see in the powder mixture are paper cutouts which I have used to decorate the Bath Ballistic. It would add more fun in the bath tub too!

 Mash, mash, mash to mix the powders and paper cutouts thoroughly.

 Afterwards, I was given two plastic molds, the thing they use to cure the powder mixture.

 I have filled in the two molds with the powder mixture, and made sure they were filled to the brim, as instructed by the peeps at Lush.

 I have pressed the two molds together, and twisted it left and right to get rid of any excess powder. We are almost there!

 My Am-I-Doing-It-Correctly face. LOL!

 Voila! When the two molds are finally together, I have sealed it with a scotch tape and was instructed to leave it for 24 hours to harden. It only took me 15 minutes to create a Bath Ballistic!

 The best part was, I got to take it home! I'm so excited to use it!

 Thank you so much guys for having me in one of your events. Looking forward to more! Oh, and I hope you can hold your next events in your stores again because I really like smelling your stuff! LOL! :D

 Thanks for the Christmas gift, team Lush! :)

I took home some of their limited edition holiday products: Ponche Shower Gel, Crackersnap Bath Ballistic, Bubble Beard Bubble Bar Wand, and Midnight Massage Bar.

Check out the complete list+prices of Lush's holiday gift sets and products HERE! :)

Don't forget to check out these stuff by visiting a Lush store near you!

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  1. I love your dress and necklace! Very pretty. Lush sounds like a good brand to try. Too bad I don't know where to find any of their products here in Cebu City.

  2. i really love the soap scents whenever I passed by their store,but since i get hooked up on it. It never disappear on my shopping once in awhile...they're really lovely soaps.^_^

  3. haha that was my first impression to lush too, their very invigorating smell is so irresistible not to make a visit!
    wow you do great! its your own creation :) i knew wyou will love it to bits :)

  4. I bet that was a really super fun experience, to make stuff at Lush! Ang galing naman na they let you make your own. And how nice na walang synthetic binders.

  5. one thing I can say besides the fact that I'm excited about the one you made... I LOVE YOUR DRESS AND NECKLACE!! you look so pretty!! ;))

  6. I actually passed by their store when I was in MOA once. I wanted to enter the store but I got afraid. Hahahaha. I thought their products were too expensive. O_O Silly me. I should have bought something back then.

  7. I envy you ms. martha!hahaha I might also learned that...:)

  8. Nice! Looks like a fun thing to make!!! Plus you get to enjoy your masterpiece afterwards! ^__^


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