Please Help Our Beauty Blogger Friend, Donnarence of My Lucid Intervals

It's funny how we'd always tell ourselves that we should be thankful for every little blessing that we receive, yet we don't really take it to heart, no? After I read Donnarence of My Lucid Intervals' Christmas Tragedy, I felt really bad and brattish for pouting over a measly bowl of Palabok and plate of Christmas Ham during my family and I's Noche Buena. And once again, I am reminded of how lucky and utterly blessed I am. It's so clichè, but it's a life lesson that I never took seriously and now, I definitely will.

 Friends, Donnarence's house was burned down to ashes last Christmas day. They weren't able to save a lot, except themselves and a few stuff like her camera, the clothes on their bodies, diplomas, and a few family photos. It's so heartbreaking to know that a very happy, kind- hearted, and positive person like Donnarence should experience this tragedy. But then again, we don't know our fate yet in the end, I still believe that it's all good. Donnarence, the biggest blessing here is that you and your family are safe. That's what matters now. I truly believe you can get through this, with a steadfast faith in God and the determination to rise up from your fall. Just hang on, sister!

So I am asking each and every one of you to please make this blog post viral. Let's try to get all the help we can get for our dear Donnarence so she could continue providing us beautiful product reviews and beauty advice and above all, so she and her family could bring their normal life back in the quickest time possible.

I was never asked by Donnarence to do this--I wholeheartedly offered her help through my blog and with whatever money I can donate. If you want to donate, please do. Or if you can't afford to, sharing this post would mean a lot as well so those who might be willing to help would know about it too.

If you've been meaning to do a good deed for the holidays, then hopefully, you consider helping Donnarence.

You may contact Donnarence at: 0915 128 1232

For money donations, please deposit it to:

Donnarence M. Masilungan
BPI N. Domingo Branch
Account no: 3889 1200 52

You may also send her heartwarming messages via She may not be able to get back to you quickly as she has lost her laptop in the fire as well. (I think) But I'm pretty sure that once her life goes back to normal, she will reply to all of you.

God bless everyone! And stay safe!

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. oh my. that's heartbreaking. the last time i had contact with her was at etude playhouse. thanks martha for sharing this post. will do my best to help.

  2. i was about to mention these to you ladies earlier kaso i decided not to and just talk to you in private. good thing you posted this na. will post this on my blog too.

    let's help donna.

  3. sabi nga nila mas okay na manakawan kaysa masunugan. pero mas okay kung wala pareng nangyare, happy happy lng.
    kalungkot naman na nangyare yan sa kanya, then last yr nasa hosp sila with her lolo.
    hope makarecover sila ng mabilis,
    god bless us all.

  4. such a nice friend u are mis m. ill repost this tom.

  5. Thank you girls! Anything you can do to help is very much appreciated. Will let Donnarence know about this. :)

  6. I was trying to reach her number from my friend to give it to you sa groups. Buti nalang you were able to find it agad. I found about it from her friends from law school and even if she didn't ask for help, her friends from UST wanted to do it for her so I asked for permission if i can post it in our groups to inform others.. You have a big heart martha.. You use your voice for good things to help out others. Lalong lumaki yung resepect ko for you. As for donna, let's keep her and her family in our prayers and help in any way that we can girls. I am merely an avid reader of her blog and I do not know her personally, but I am sure that she deserves na matulungan natin if we can.

  7. Thanks for sharing this. Will repost.

  8. Thanks Ms. M. Will be sharing this post in Facebook. God bless you more!

  9. We also lost our house and all our belongings to a big fire on January 1, 2001, and it is one of the most difficult challenges our family went through. I want to help Donna in any way I can. Thanks for posting this Martha, will definitely help spread the word.

  10. It's so nice of you to post an entry like this. The other day, I read Donna's blog about the tragedy and I've been thinking how I could help -aside from prayers, of course. Thanks again! God bless us all

  11. Oh no. Good to hear that Donnarence and her family are all safe. Will post this and try my best to be of help.

  12. Thanks for taking the initiative on this Martha. :) Took note of Donnarence's bank details and will send some help!

  13. Thanks for taking the initiative on this Martha. :) Took note of Donnarence's bank details and will send some help!

  14. Hi girls! thank you! I may not be able to pay back all your efforts but definitely, God will. God bless everybody!

  15. Oh my! how is she and her family now?


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