Sumptuous Sundays: Sebastian's Cold Comfort

I rarely go to SM Mall of Asia but if I'm there, I make it a point to drop by Sebastian's Cold Comfort which, for me, serves the best ice cream recipes in town.

PRICE RANGE: P100-P250.00

Sebastian's menu on the wall where you can spot their current specialties

I love this place so much because they have the most adventurous ice cream recipes ever. Their special ice creams are aptly called Artisan Ice Cream. When I went there yesterday, their current specialties are Bibingka Espesyal, Green Mango and Bagoong, and Cookie Dough. Mind you, their special ice creams don't just remind you of the real thing...they taste EXACTLY like the real thing! The artisan ice creams are a little pricey at 100php per scoop, but you won't regret it because the serving is pretty huge and the ice creams are downright tasty!

For those with an adventurous and curious palate, try Once in a Blue Moon Ice cream, a blue cheese flavored ice cream topped with honey and walnuts, or go for Green Mango and Bagoong, Green Mango flavored ice cream topped with warm bagoong. If you want something that tastes interesting, go for Bibingka Espesyal, Champorado, and Maple and Bacon Ice Cream!

For those who prefer simplicity, take your pick from their delectable classic favorites such as Vanilla, Mango, Chocolate, and the likes.

Confession: I finished these two cups. :p

 Click READ MORE and see what me and my BF have ordered!

Chocolate Covered Leche Flan Ice Cream

- One of Sebastian's famous Dive Bars. Err...This is more of a Chocolate Ice Cream topped with Leche Flan because the whole thing is just chocolate- covered ice cream with a small slice of leche flan on top.  I think they have to change its name.

 Butter Pecan Ice Cream

- My ultimate favorite. Buttery, Vanilla ice cream with a hint of Caramel and huge chunks of Pecan nuts. This is heaven!

Red Velvet Ice Cream

- Red Velvet is all the rage nowadays and every dessert place is coming up with their own Red Velvet recipe. Sebastian's version is quite yummy: Vanilla ice cream with cream cheese and cake chunks. It's very light, and it's the perfect ending to any flavorful meal.

I hope they open a branch somewhere in Makati or The Fort soon!

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow i dnt like. taste of blue cheese tbh parang amag i wonder how it fares bilang ice cream flavor, d other variants look yummy though

  2. the only ice cream parlor i always go to is dq, maybe i need to try something new :)
    it all looks very palatable!

  3. I love ice cream after taking out my braces..I celebrated with loads of ice cream!...the leche flan ice cream thing is bago!...would love to try that..yummm!...

  4. whoa! it seems so yummy nga coz you've finished two cups! my boyfie loves ice cream so much, I must recommend this when we drop at moa :) ♥

  5. i would like to try the Red Velvet ice cream! looks yummy :)

  6. Hi girls! I really recommend this place because it doesn't disappoint! :)

  7. I always want to try Sebastians its just that thier branches are so far away! Hoping that they'll have a branch near The Fort soon (crossing fingers) ;P

    ~Jaja of Beauty Colada

  8. wow!I so love ice cream, ooh red velvet!thanks for the info!:)


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