Sumptuous Sundays: Yakitori Nanbantei of Tokyo

Sometime around last week, I was strolling along The Fort High Street then suddenly, a mad craving for Japanese food had struck me. Like a caveman fresh from hibernation, I foraged the concrete jungle to look for any Japanese restaurant and here's what I found: Yakitori Nanbantei of Tokyo.

PRICE RANGE: P200.00-P800.00

It's a pretty neat Jap resto with a Zen- inspired modern interior. I read Yakitori at their lighted signboard, and Yakitori is a Japanese term that loosely translates to grilled skewered meat in English. Errr--I was looking for the usual Japanese meals that time but heck, I tried it anyway because I figured it's impossible that they don't have the usual Japanese favorites.

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On-the-house veggie sticks with a peanut- infused salty Japanese sauce. My favorite snack!

Tuna Sashimi- Here's a fact: I used to not eat sashimi when I was younger thinking that I'll get Salmonella from them 'coz it's raw food. Well, good thing I've outgrown that belief or otherwise, I would die not knowing how tasty this dish is! It has even become a staple food in my Low Carb days.

Yakitori Pork Tenderloin and Beef- The pork is quite yummy: it has a soft texture and smoky flavor. However, the beef is quite gummy and a little bland.

Unagi- My brother's order. I don't really know what it tastes like because I don't like Unagi teehee!

Folks, if you're looking to satisfy your serious Japanese cravings, this is not the place to be as they mainly serve Yakitori dishes. Well, they have a couple of Japanese meals but they're too insignificant for me to remember. But if you want to drink with your buddies and enjoy some nice, healthy pulutan, then I would recommend this place. Oh well, so much for my Japanese food craving!

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love japanese food! and this post makes me want to go out and eat to one! jhahah
    i hope you score your review in restaurant too!

  2. Yakitori actually means grilled chicken with yaki - meaning grill and tori meaning bird. The general term for grilled meat is yakiniku.

    Strange that they have a dish called yakitori pork and beef... grilled chicken pork beef?

    I would doubt the authenticity of the place if they can't even get the nomenclature right.

  3. Jenny: Noted! Thank you!

    Joyce: Hi Joyce! Happy New Year! Yeah, I just researched about that too and you're right, Yakitori means grilled skewered Chicken. I guess they just used Yakitori instead because it's more familiar to Filipinos, and Filipinos have a tendency to attribute one word to everything. :)

  4. hindi lang po pala make up ang binablog niyo pati rin po pala foods :) i love foods :) hehehe!


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