Going Away For The New Year?

If you love celebrating New Year's eve in a different place, then make sure you don't leave your skin essentials at home. Yesiree, the New Year is no excuse to skip your skin routine!

I know, I know--bulk sucks. And VMV Hypoallergenics has taken care of that! Every yuletide season, they release travel- sized versions of their hit products so you can stash your skin care must- haves even in the tightest and smallest of pockets. You can buy them individually, or choose from any of their curated skin care and makeup travel sets for men and women.

What I got is a bath and body set containing the following:

Elation Conditioner and Hair/Body Shampoo- Traveling to another place includes a lot of walking and exploring, so I make sure to take a bath before hitting the sack-because I don't want to smell bad in my dreams LOL! 

The Elation cleansing line has a fresh, minty fragrance that doesn't only get rid of body odor, but also relaxes my senses at the same time. Its in an easy-to-open bottle too!

Superskin Creammmy- Rich Intensive Moisture Milk- This easy-to-squeeze bottle contains an emollient, fast- absorbing lotion that acts as a very effective humectant regardless of what temperature I'm in. I love its unscented base for it does not clash with my perfumes!

ID Soap- a mini version of their best- selling gentle scrubber soap. It cleans without overdrying the skin, and gets rid of back pimples as well.

Here are more skin care travel sets from VMV Hypoallergenics. Take your pick!

That's it! I hope wherever you will go for the New Year, you're safe and happy! Have a great time! :D

For more information about the travel- sized products, please visit VMV HYPOALLERGENICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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