Time to do a round- up of the top products that have rocked my 2012! Here's a sum of the most wonderful products I've seen and experienced this 2012. Definitely, I'll be using them once again in my beauty adventures this 2013!

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Reasons to love: Has a lot of handy neutral shades; the entire palette goes well with any outfit, mood, and taste; quality of the eyeshadows is superb

Reasons to love: contains a good amount of true pastel shades; packaging is love, love, love; brand is cruelty- free; texture of the eyeshadows is easy to work with; colors are very unique

Reasons to love: affordable; works like a pro; soothes the under eye area; has great concealing abilities; contains serum properties; long lasting; skin care and makeup all rolled into one product!

Reasons to love: Smoothens the lid area and preps it for breezy eyeshadow application; makes eyeshadows last all day; color does not affect the eyeshadows at all

Reasons to love: Gives you dramatic, volumized lashes without the clump; lasts all day; lengthens and curls at the same time

Reasons to love: lasts all day; has no- clump and stingless formulation; gives lashes a naturally full appearance; Paraben- free (for Paraben- sensitive ladies out there)

Reasons to love: has volumizing, lengthening, and curling properties; the best mascara of Majolica Majorca to date; swim- proof

Reasons to love: color is selection is very good, making them good to use on their own; does not feel sticky or oily; can be used as a base for eyeshadows or as a regular eye primer

Reasons to love: tidies brows without the stiff feeling; a good alternative to semi- permanent brow dyes

Reasons to love: stays intact unless you remove it; the precise tip makes it very easy to use; swim- proof

Reasons to love: a very handy pen that has two brow products; liquid liner can be used on the lash line as well; swim- proof, which makes it good for ladies who can't forego coloring their brows in any situation; easy to use


Reasons to love: a true classical red lipstick; the overall product looks and feels elegant; it's Chanel! :D

Reasons to love: Affordable; non- drying; highly pigmented; stays put; color doesn't look cheap; a good daytime fuchsia for medium to dark skin tones

Reasons to love: Non- drying; a very unique Fuchsia lipstick that flatters all skin tones

Reasons to love: affordable; has beneficial extracts that repair lips during wear; color doesn't look cheap; a good MLBB shade

Reasons to love: very affordable; non- drying; pigmentation is very good; a universal blue- based midtone pink lip color that's good for daytime wear

 Reasons to love: very moisturizing; lipstick, lipbalm, and lip gloss in one; the shade gives you a very pretty and fresh appearance

Reasons to love: packaging is very cute; it's lipgloss, but has the staying power of a lipstick; a unique ruby red shade; you gotta love the chunky crimson glitters in it!


Reasons to love: pan is huge; overall quality is very good; shade compliments warm skin tones

Reasons to love: Again, it's Chanel :D; gives your cheeks a very natural- looking glow; most of the time, it makes you look as if you're not wearing blush; staying power is very good; has a lovely, elegant Rose fragrance

Reasons to love: Nars' best- selling product; the perfect orange blush for medium and dark skin tones

Reasons to love: great alternative to foundation for people with generally good skin; very light and comfortable on the skin; has good staying power; has SPF; makes skin look dewy and healthy; improves skin texture without making you look as if you're wearing makeup

Reasons to love: has a like- skin finish; My HG foundation right now--need I say more?

Reasons to love: a tolerable alternative to silicone primers; can act like moisturizer; has SPF; color correcting; makes makeup last for a very long time

Reasons to love: stays put the entire day; good for ladies with oily skin due to its semi- matte finish; requires minimal effort when blending

Reasons to love: foundation that feels like tinted moisturizer; has anti-aging properties; gives skin a very natural coverage

Reasons to love: Conceals any kind of discoloration so well; long- wearing; doesn't come off easily

Reasons to love: very affordable; one of the good affordable setting powders in the market; has antioxidants and SPF

Reasons to love: Innovative packaging; light enough to be worn under makeup; can be used on its own; has skin illuminating properties that project through makeup, no matter how thick or sheer it is.


Reasons to love: gold packaging looks very luxurious; the scent evokes power and success

31. Chloe EDT
Reasons to love: An iconic Chloe perfume; a classic feminine fragrance

Reasons to love: A chic, playful, and youthful fragrance; made by possibly the best perfume house in the world, Guerlain

Reasons to love: an alluring and sexy fragrance; Bottle is gorg!

Reasons to love: a pretty successful fruity floral fragrance; smells light, fun, and vibrant

Reasons to love: An ethereal and sophisticated fragrance; a very affordable Francis Kurkdjian creation

Reasons to love: bottle is very travel- friendly; staying power is very good; a very wearable sweet perfume; A wonderful product that is unexpected of Laura Mercier, since she has been known traditionally for her makeup

Reasons to love: Affordable; accessible; strong enough to eliminate any odor; don't smell cheap

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  1. hi martha! what is item #37? is that a zen zest product? i never knew they have a fragrance line. been lemming for all your post especially on the fragrance part.

  2. Anonymous: Hi there! Thank you for pointing it out. I forgot about it! That's one of their home fragrances. :) Happy holidays!

  3. this is great martha! and you really specify what you love on each product!

  4. awww i think the only things i could afford are zen zest, snoe poudre phenomenon

  5. love this list! It's like a guide :)

  6. I hope you include their prices on your next list i know it's tedious i know;but then again it'll be more helpful for us readers and potential buyers of those products :)

  7. hi martha! im glad i read this on your site! i learned a lot of new products and im excited to try them :) Happy new year!!

    The Bargain Doll

  8. happy new year! my mom wears lady million, and i love it on her. she's 66 and in our family she's really one with power and success.

  9. Hi girls! Thank you and Happy new year!

    Nana: Hi! Nice to hear that! It's so nice to know that I made the right interpretation for Paco Lady Million. Hope to have you around TBJ! :D


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