Review: Elie Saab Le Parfum EDP

Here's a review of Elie Saab Le Parfum EDP

PRICE: Around P4,000.00+ (For 50ml
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Rustan's Malls


Of all the fragrances for women that try to market themselves as the "Elixir of Femininity," nothing has nailed it quite like Le Parfum. It is not like any ordinary floral fragrance that only captures a tiny aspect of Femininity and much worse, is only made to please the younger female market who will buy on a whim using their parents' hard-earned money. Le Parfum is as dazzling, alluring, and multifaceted like a woman. It is femininity in itself, so to speak.

 COMPOSITION: Le Parfum is classified as a Spicy Oriental fragrance. It opens up to a sunny accord of Jasmine and Mandarin Blossom. The top notes evoke the exotic paradise of the Mediterranean, a place so significant to the childhood of Elie Saab. The deep tones of the heart notes composed of Orange Blossom, Patchouli, and Gardenia lend a very warm appeal to the fragrance. Finally, the floral woodsy fragrance is tamed down by the base notes comprised of Vetiver, Honey, and a kick of Rose. The fragrance stays linear (golden and warm to be exact) all throughout, yet has a bit of surprises in between.

As I've said in my October Favorites post, it has a sharp-delicate-warm appeal and it is not only perfect for the holidays, but for any very formal or extra special evening events that require you to smell divine.

The golden orange elixir is housed in a simple flacon, reminiscent of a crystal stone. It is a symbol of understated elegance.

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I've been using Le Parfum for quite some time now and I've just realized that Cate Blanchett's screen persona, Lady Galadriel from The Lord of The Rings, is the perfect human incarnate of Le Parfum: Ethereal, wise, beautiful, pure, graceful, and regal--a true symbol of classic femininity.

Overall, it is one of the best feminine fragrances I have ever owned: It is attractive without being vulgar, and delicate without smelling anything like baby powder (Which is sometimes the sad fate of some warm floral fragrances)-- just like the perfect woman. It will definitely suit any modern woman with a distinct taste for class and elegance.

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  1. i lovehow the bottle looks! oh i miss commenting here! been out of the loop lately. i have a lot of blogs to catch up to!

  2. i really admire those kind of bottle so classy :)

  3. oh, i love the way you described it! makes me curious about this perfume. :)

  4. I smelt this perfume in a sample in a magazine and fell in love with it. It's on my Christmas list and I really hope someone gets it for me! x

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  5. I love how you describe the scent!:) attractive without being vulgar: Yes, I agree, most of the scents that makes you do the "2nd glance" some kinda vulgar. This is intriguing.. Will check this scent pag napadaan ako sa mall.. :)

  6. did they also give this one to you for free? whoa! this perfume looks so sophisticated(packaging) so i think it might also smell that good

  7. I was looking for Jo Malone's orange blossom but instead I stumbled upon this. I just bought this fragrance and at first sniff, it was almost a little too flowery for me but the drydown was really gorgeous. I love the honey and orange blossom notes.


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