Review: K-Palette Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow Pens

Here's a review on K-Palette Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow Pens in Chocolate Brown and Honey Brown

PRICE: P1,095.00 each
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Beauty Bar outlets nationwide


So here's my take on K-Palette's new eyebrow product. I love it. That's it. I cannot overemphasize. But I still threw in a lil' detailed review for everyone. I also loaded this review with swatches. :)

What it does

I'd like to call this the travel- friendly eyebrow pencil because I get to bring two products in one handy pen. Sometimes, I use the liquid liner as a regular eyeliner too!

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Here's the applicator of the brow powder. It's a rubber sponge with a semi- pointy tip. Texture of the powder is semi- creamy and blends easily.

While here's the liquid eyeliner. Check out the super precise brush applicator. It's impossible to encounter errors with this. If you still do mistakes with this product, then you really must practice! LOL! :D

The great thing about this product is you can build it up to your desired color payoff-- you can sport semi- invisible to strong brows. It also yields a translucent finish for a very natural- looking brow. It sets quickly too!

Check out the swatches:

Honey Brown Swatches

1. A layer of liquid liner
2. 3 layers of liquid liner
4. A stroke of brow powder

Usually, I only use the liquid liner to map my brows.

Then I use brow powder to deepen the color of my brows and to fill in gaps. I don't know, but I keep on getting that white cast on my brows whenever I'm using this product. Perhaps it's reacting with my concealer/eye primer?

Honey Brown is a taupe shade. It works well on ladies with ash brown/blonde hair. It's also a softer alternative to black eyeliners. I recommend this to girls with jet black hair.

Chocolate Brown Swatches

1. A layer of liquid liner
2. 3 layers of liquid liner
4. A stroke of brow powder

Chocolate Brown suits me more because I have golden brown hair. I just add a touch of color to it with my Majolica Majorca Lash and Brow Colorist.

What I love about it is it's SUPERBLY waterproof. I gave Chocolate Brown to my mom and she said it can withstand water! She used it during her Subic trip, and she said not even saltwater can remove this thing! Therefore, I recommend it to people who still wear eyebrow products when swimming! :)

It lasts long, but it removes easily with soap, water, and light rubbing. I recommend it to everyone, especially those with oily skin. It's also great to use in photo shoots, tapings, and any event that requires prolonged makeup wear. :)

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  1. "not even saltwater can remove this thing..." OMG!!! that caught my heart.. <3

    Honey brown looks natural, and I guess if it builds up it can even amount to a good looking scouse brow..

  2. oooh.. every time you review something. you make me want to buy it!!! hehe


  3. wow! the eyeliner! parang ang daling gamitin...

    too expensive lang for me.. :(

    perfect brow Ms.M.. <3

  4. The brush applicator of the eye liner is so thin! I <3 .^_^.

  5. your brows are shaped so perfectly, do you shape them yourself po? can you do a tutorial on how to shape and fill in your brow?

  6. naku, I am tempted to buy this na! looks really natural :)

  7. This looks very interesting. :) It is actually my first time to read about liquid brow liner. Hahaha. :D The only liquid that I know of that goes to the brows is the gel. Hmm.. That's not even liquid. Hehe.. Thanks for the review!

  8. Ilang months po bago maubos yung product? how often nyo po ginagamit?


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