Review: VMV Hypoallergenics Skintangible Faint-ation Non-Makeup

Here's a review on VMV Hypoallergenics Skintangible Faint-ation Skin Refining Non-Makeup

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My skin is looking and feeling so good now: Breakouts have become completely rare-to a point where I can say I'm having none at all-, and my post- acne marks are starting to fade. It still has a long way to go, but I am so happy to know that my skin is continuously healing. Finally, I can use my light and dewy makeups--they've had a long hiatus because I found that they weren't the best thing to use if you have scarred and patchy skin.

One of these makeups I'm talking about is VMV Hypoallergenics' Skintangible BBBB (BB But Better) Cream. It didn't explicitly say that it's a BB Cream but according to the kind peeps at VMV Hypoallergenics, it is.

 It's also quite a big claim to say that it's better than the BB creams out there in the market, so let's see if it lives up to its promise.

 Skintangible is a very light alternative to foundation (or even BB Cream) hence the name "Faint-ation"--It just yields a very sheer, glowing finish with a hint of color. It has SPF 30 and beneficial extracts that fix your skin during wear.

I like the way VMV presents its ingredients in a tongue-in-cheek manner!

Click READ MORE if you want a product that will give you that 'My Skin But Better' finish!

 Packaging is the same as the Skin Savvy SPF 60 Foundation of the same brand.

 Here's the product: It only comes in one shade, and methinks it will perfectly suit ladies with medium to dark skin tone, specifically Asian skins because it has a yellow undertone. On the other hand, fair skinned ladies can use this as a primer underneath makeup because it doesn't really make a huge difference on the tone of the skin. Needless to say, it won't affect the shades of your makeup.

 Consistency is pretty thick yet it's kinda' watery, melts perfectly on the skin, and doesn't feel heavy. It is unscented too. It feels a little sticky upon initial application but when it starts to set, its texture becomes moist and more bearable. To me, it's just like tinted sunblock but the difference is, it doesn't yield any white cast despite the fact that it has SPF 30.

 Skintangible+ArtDeco Camouflage Cream+Zero Kuma Concealer

I am quite impressed with how it gives my skin a delicate, 'barely there' glow. It can't really cover any skin discoloration, but I find that it's a very good product to use if you just want to unify your skin tone and make it look more healthy. If you also want to look as if you didn't put any makeup on, I recommend this too!

Staying power is great: Upon blending, it quickly sets onto my skin, and the product doesn't slip around in spite of its watery texture. It only needs minor retouching, and stays intact the whole day. I think it's good for oily and dry- skinned people.

In my opinion, it's not really the BB Cream to beat, but I find that it's a very interesting and good product because it has the benefits of a BB Cream, yet it doesn't yield that fake pink tone and nasty white cast. Add to that, it also looks more natural than most BB creams out there.


1. Makeup primer
2. Weekend face base to let your skin rest from all that heavy makeup
3. Your little skin booster, most especially if you have nearly perfect skin

APPLICATION TIPS: Use a traditional foundation or stippling brush. Apply the product by layers, then let dry for 3 minutes before setting with powder.

Skintangible+Setting Powder

As a matter of fact, this product has been sitting in my stash for a long time now. Had I reviewed it earlier when my skin was still in a very bad state, I wouldn't be able to say anything positive about it. Good thing I gave it a chance because after all, it is a very good product! It's good for everyday use, and perfect for those days when I want to look anything but too made up. However, it's not for scarred skin because it doesn't have superb concealing powers. But if your skin has nothing to hide, project it by using light makeup such as this!

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. glad your skin is healing from acne scars :)
    i lvoe the glow it brings to your face~ it makes your face looks younger and well nourished :)

  2. ilove being d fest to get ur daily scoop on beauty items. lioks great on u! ma m can u do a review of revlon whipped foundation? i think its quite similar to dis

  3. Thanks for this review. You look so pretty Ms.Martha! :) I think this looks very promising but it is quite expensive for its price...

  4. you said it's okay in oily skinned people,is it lasts long?

  5. Isn't this more of a tinted moisturizer? I love the way you look in that picture -- pretty and ready for anything! :)

    Please do tell your secret or skin regimen in achieving a clear skin to start with.

    Thanks Ms.Martha!

  6. I love the coverage and it blends so well on your thinks I have to get it for that barely there glow!ethereal beautiful tan skin!

  7. I'm actually kind of interested in VMV products.. thanks for the review, I might use this as a primer! :)

  8. eloise: Hi there! Thanks! nope, Revlon is thicker. :) I have that and will review that soon :)

    Chrissy: Hi there! :) You're welcome and thanks for dropping by :)

    Dappletheworld:Thank you! :)

    Ohms: Yes, it is :)

    Iza: hi there! Nope, this is even sheerer than tinted moisturizers. Will write about my regimen when I've finally achieved my then skin. :)

    Jenny: Thank you my sweet! :)

  9. what if i still have acne scars? what product can you recommend to cover the scars??

  10. what if i still have acne scars? what product can you recommend to cover the scars??


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