Review: ArtDeco Camouflage Cream in 9

Here’s a review on ArtDeco Camouflage Cream in 9

PRICE: P450.00
BOUGHT FROM: Beauty Bar, The Fort High Street
OTHER LOCATIONS: Exclusively available in all Beauty Bar branches


If you’re going to ask me what’s the best product of ArtDeco, I would say this: Camouflage Cream. So far, it is the best facial concealer I have ever tried. For the nth time, I will say that I have been dealing with post-acne marks and this product just makes me forget that I have them!

The Camouflage Cream comes in 3 or 4 shades. The one I have is a Peach shade, the perfect shade for concealing dark marks.

Most of ArtDeco’s products come in refill form—a characteristic of most PRO makeup brands. In my opinion, ArtDeco is somewhere between a PRO and Everyday makeup line because the products are light enough to be used for everyday, yet the overall pigmentation of the products is amazing, and they perform like heavy duty cosmetics.

Going back to this product, it is in a small square pan with a magnet at the bottom. Why? Because most of ArtDeco’s products are meant to be stored in the Beauty Box—more like the brand’s version of the Z-Palette.

Click READ MORE especially if you have facial discolorations because you need this in your life! :D

 Here’s a swatch of the product: 9 is a midtone Peach shade with a yellow undertone. It’s just so perfect for my skin tone because it covers marks perfectly and looks natural on my skin at the same time. Unlike other Peach correctors, especially the dark ones, this one is easier and quicker to use because I don’t need to use it with other concealers to adjust the shade to my skin tone. I just use it on its own and I’m good to go!

Camouflage Cream is a semi- hard type of cream with a sheer texture and a semi-matte finish. It is also an intelligent product because in spite of its opaque coverage, it feels so lightweight and looks sheer when applied. You can build up the coverage without the cakey look! However, this is not the best thing for undereyes.

WORK IT: Warm up the product by rubbing a finger or concealer brush on it. Dab some on your marks and build the product according to your desired coverage. When you’re finally satisfied with the coverage, run a concealer brush or a clean finger on the surface of the concealer to remove any excess. Let it set for 2 minutes then continue with your makeup as usual.

THE BEAUTY JUNKEE’S PERSONAL TIP: I store the product in a cool, dry place because I like it better if the texture is drier and harder: It sets easily on my skin, and I have a hunch that the cool temperature improves the pigmentation and overall quality of the product. It’s okay in places with normal temperature, but don’t store it in a hot and warm area because the heat causes the oil ingredients to rise from the product, giving it a slippery texture.

 To put it to the test, I’ve used it on a reddish mark. In my experience, the hardest discoloration to conceal is the reddish one because it requires a combination of concealers, and there’s even no guarantee that it will be completely concealed! By the way, say hello to my red zit!

With two layers of ArtDeco Camouflage Cream

Where did all the redness go?!!? Please take note that I’ve only used Camouflage Cream on it: No green corrector or tinted underbase. Look at how the product has greatly minimized the appearance of the zit and its redness! Swell! Another awesome thing about the product is when it finally sets on your skin, it doesn’t come off even if you run your brushes (gently, of course!) on it, or if you apply another type of makeup on top of it. Lasting power is pretty good.

I use it everyday because it is so reliable, easy to use, works so well under any kind of makeup, and looks natural even under light makeup. For something so affordable, it works like a pricey product: I can compare this with Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer in terms of staying power, texture, and overall performance. That said, I dub thee, A FABULOUS BARGAIN!

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  1. I'm going to put this on my list! thank you martha! :) I saw this on your October favorites :)

  2. I need this! I need to hide my blemishes too haha! Great post Martha =)

  3. I have this in shade 9, too! :) I agree that red marks are the most difficult to conceal (I have tons of them) but this works like a charm. Will try storing it in a cool, dry place as you suggested. :)

  4. Great review Ms.Martha! I will surely try this one..

  5. I need this in my life!!!! =D

    Thanks, Ms. Martha! ^__^

  6. yup sure it is dealing with those acne marks really makes me insane,this maybe could work for my skin.^_^

  7. Wow! It works! I want to try it too! :D

  8. Too bad it's not that good for under eyes. I'm currently on the look for a great concealer to cover up my dark periorbital area! hehe.. But would love to try it on my blemishes. Based on your review, it was indeed a fabulous bargain!:) Thanks for sharing Ms. M!:)


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